Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Random swatches from the past week and Valentine's Day colours

G'morning.  How is the world?  My bf took another day off work - hehe.  I like it when he's home :)

I'm so excited, you guys... I just placed my first Transdesign order!  w000000t....  I ordered a whole lot of Color Club polishes, as well as part of the China Glaze Up & Away collection, a couple Essies and Misa Love Bite.  Originally I was intending on ordering the entire Up & Away collection, but I ended up passing on Lemon Fizz (too much like OPI Banana Bandanna, which I own), Grape Pop (Another royal purple.  I'd rather the shimmery purple of China Glaze's Coconut Kiss, which I'm gonna pick up from SN&BS), High Hopes (another corally guava colour), Heli-yum (bright raspberry) and Sugar High (straight up bright medium pink).  I was also finally going to order the China Glaze specialty glitters I'd been eyeing since Christmas, but they'll have to wait, except for Atlantis, Solar Flare and Cloud Nine.  I also got the Van D'Go shade from the new Essie spring collection, because it was the one I wanted most from that collection,  And I had been waiting for Color Club's polishes to become available, so when I saw they finally were today I ordered the shades from the Rebel Debutante collection that interested me, as well as the PopTastic 7-pack, and a few randoms that I wanted.  I even ordered three polishes - Peppermint Twist, Psychedelic Scene, and Jackie Oh! - without seeing swatches or even examples of the colour!  I have no idea what colour Psychedelic scene is, I'm assuming Peppermint Twist is another mint green (I hope), and Jackie Oh! is a pink glitter of some kind, I think...?  I couldn't find swatches, or even mentions of the first two online.  They seem very new.  Oh well, it's like a Color Club grab bag  :)  I'm so excited.  The only thing I'm worried about is I hope I paid the correct shipping - I thought you had to calculate it yourself  for international orders, and the total shipping price they ended up giving me on Paypal was a lot less than they stated on their site... I asked to ship by medium flat rate box, which is $57 US, but they only ended up charging me $25... I don't want to say anything, but i also don't want to take any chances with my order...   Ah well.  Onto some swatchery.
Thumb to pinky: CND Gold Chrome, China Glaze Yell-O-Neil, CND Blueberry Whip (love it), China Glaze Heaven, and OPI Kyoto Pearl.  I like Blueberry Whip the best of these - it goes on like a dream, and the colour really reminds me of blueberry fro-yo.  I really don't know why I bought Heaven - it's nice, but I never wear sheers like this.  Kyoto Pearl is pretty much exactly what I expected it to be.  Yell-O-Neil is a nice sunny yellow, with bits of shimmer in it.  However, like all non-creme yellows (and most cremes, too), you really gotta layer it on to get it to look even remotely opaque.
Close up of Yell-O-Neil (on my sister's thumb).  See?  This is about four coats, no topcoat. 

While my sister was here I forced her to volunteer her hand for some more swatches:

Thumb: NYX Dancing Queen.  Index finger: Finger Paints Easel Come, Easel Go.  I dunno about you but these look identical to me.  ECEG was a tiny bit brighter and shinier on the nail, but you couldn't tell unless you stared at it really closely.  Bah.  I don't like owning dupes.

And now, the Valentine's Day Polish contenders:

Thumb to pinky: OPI And This Little Piggy..., China Glaze Rio, China Glaze Her Fabulousness, China Glaze Sexy Silhouette, China Glaze Red Essence.
Close-up of And This Little Piggy... Really pretty and sparkly.  A tad too sheer.  Maybe after four coats it'd be more noticeable.

Close-up of Red Essence.  I had the hardest time photographing this, as you can tell from my crap blurry pic.  My apologies and I hope you'll please excuse it.  This is almost a metallic warm red, with red and gold shimmer.  I'm kind of in awe of it.  I like bright fiery colours, and I like my reds to be anything but boring.

Close-up of Rio.  Very sheer, but really pretty, purple-blue-green duochrome shimmer.  Very similar to China Glaze Afterglow, but a touch deeper.  I would also like to do a comparison with Sally Hansen Fiery Skipper, since the reason I bought it was to replace that crappy drugstore polish.  I don't wear colours like this very often, but I will wear this one day- it's vewy pwitty :p  I bet this would absolutely glow against tanned skin  :)  This is only two coats - it's fabulous with four.

Close-ups of Her Fabulousness....

....and Sexy Silhouette.  Sorry for the blurriness, but you get the idea.  These certainly look similar, but are so not, with SS beeing deeper, more magenta and more shimmery.  It almost looks metallic as well.

Side-by-side comparison of Sexy Silhouette (ring) and Her Fabulousness (middle).  As you can see, similar but not.  I don't know which if these I'm going to choose for my V-Day polish... Sexy Silhouette to me just screams Valentine's, but I do also like And This Little Piggy...  I'm going to layer one of Nicole's or Claire's heart glitter polishes over it, ultimately, so I dunno... I will undoubtedly post about it, though.

And so, I am going to leave you with a pic I took (out the side window while I was driving - idiot) of the Olympics tents being set up:

And of my cat spooning my dog:

Don't they look like Yin and Yang?  Hehe.  I have more swatches to show you - last weeks NOTD- but I'm going to take a break for a bit until I feel like blogging some more.  'Till later.

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