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Haul 02/04/10 - OPI's Hong Kong Collection, China Glaze, Sun Glaze (!), Color Club and more

Omigod, you guys, I am so disgustingly excited about my lastest haul... I found the OPI Hong Kong collection at Trade Secret in the mall yesterday!  I stopped by to go to Sephora, to check out the new Modern Flowers collection... which my crappy Sephora didn't have.  Of course.  There's one colour called Go With The Flow-er that I really like... But I did pick up this little gem that I'd been wanting for a while:
Sephora brand polish in Blue Sapphire.  Wanted this ever since I first saw it on a blog somewhere.  Sephora is so bloody expensive - seven bucks for a 5 mL bottle?  But this colour is just absolutely gorgeous - dark blue jelly with dark blue and silver glitter.  It's like looking at a night sky.  Reminds me of Essie's Starry Starry Night, but not... man I want that polish... hardest-to-find polish, ever....

Anyway, I saw the sign for the HK collection outside Trade Secret, so I made my boyfriend stop and go inside.  I only allowed myself to purchase two, because they were 10 bucks each and I can get them much cheaper at a beauty supply.  I chose Jade Is The New Black and Bling Dynasty.  And today, at the beauty supply store, I also picked up Pearl Of Wisdom and Meet Me On The Star Ferry.  I meant to get Hot N' Spicy as well but forgot to put it in my basket. 

L-R: Jade Is The New Black (muted medium green creme), Bling Dynasty (gold), Pearl Of Wisdom (shimmery pink duochrome pearl), Meet Me On The Star Ferry (shimmery gold-toned mauve).  I thought Bling Dynasty looked very similar to another discontinued OPI gold I have called 18K Ginza Gold.  Here's a bottle comparison....

Left, Bling Dynasty.  Right, 18K Ginza Gold.

....and a nail comparison:

18KGG on the left, Bling Dynasty on the right.  18K is much warmer and orangey than BD, which is more of a metallic, "true" gold.  18KGG probably flatters me more, though...

L-R: Sephora Blue Sapphire (drool!  SO pretty!), OPI Bling Dynasty, OPI Jade Is The New Black, OPI 18K Ginza Gold.

Overall, this collection is nicer than the last couple from OPI.  Not terribly exciting, but nice.  Jade Is The New Black seems to be the most popular, and it is very unique.  It actually looks like the colour of jade, like all the billions of little carved jade statues they sell in souvenier shops along Water and Robson Streets.  This is what jade looks like, unlike another polish of the same name.  The other names are kind of dumb, though.  There was a red called A Good Man-Darin Is Hard To Find.  Don't they speak Cantonese in Hong Kong?  Yeah, anyway...

Other stuff I got:

OPI in Bubble Bath (sheer pink creme) and Significant Other Color (sheer shimmery light gold-tone mauve pink).  I saw both of these on blogs - SOC being layered over another OPI polish... I can't remember which...  Like My Limousine?  Something like that?  It made me want them. 

A bunch of China Glazes, as usual:

L-R: China Glaze Frostbite (shimmery cobalt blue - great Canucks colour :), Spontaneous (lavender creme - similar to Finger Paints' Lavender Highlight.  Much more purple and less pink than in this pic), Fairy Dust (sparkly silver holo glitter - silver, not gold like in this stupid pic) and Rodeo Fanatic (shimmery teal with blue and purple duochrome - doesn't show up in this pic AT ALL).  These are horrible pics - even more so than normal.  The colours just would NOT show up on my camera.

L-R: Cowgirl Up (shimmery burgundy - much more purple-ish and less red than in this pic), Rainbow (white with pink duochrome - not at all pink in the bottle like in this pic), Coconut Kiss (shimmery, slightly metallic royal purple - more blue and less rosy than in pic) and Eyes Like Sapphires (shimmery cobalt with dark blue microglitter).

I know - eight China Glazes?  Really? Bit much?  I have a total China Glaze addiction.  I can't get enough of these polishes.  By far my fave brand.  It just seems like every colour is so gorgeous and I just have to own it...

And look what else I found...

China Glaze Sun Glaze polishes!  I mentioned these before, and like I said, I have NO idea how old they are.  But what a cool concept!  They change color in the sun?  Really?  I'll have to see about that.  Most of them were all separated and unsalvageable but I managed to pick out some that still looked okay.  I tried to pick the ones that sounded like they had the most dramatic color change.  L-R:  Light Blue to Lavender, Light Peach to Golden Yellow, Raspberry to Plum Ice, and Abalone to Shimmering Blue.  I can't wait to try these in the summer  :)

And then I got a bunch of stuff from Color Club:

The Femme Fatale collection!  I told you I'd get it!  Hehehe... The bad news is, though, I saw the Dance To The Musique collection there as well, and now I want it too... I was limiting myself to one Color Club collection, as they are $19, but next time I'm there I'm getting the Dance Musique collection...  I'm loving these collections.  Revvvolution looks awesome, and they didn't have it on the shelves... I'm not going back to the beauty supply, or buying any polishes for that matter, until my Transdesign order has come in (supposed to be next Friday).  Ohhh, I'm so excited about the Color Club polishes in that order.. and everything else, for that matter :D

Master Of Disguise minis.  L-R:  Ghost Of A Chance, Abracadabra, TaBoo! and Witchy Women(box)/Master Of Disguise (bottle).  I'm gonna call it Witchy Woman, since that seems more appropriate and Master Of Disguise just makes me think of that horrible movie with Dana Carvey.  These came out last Halloween I believe.  I wanted Abracadabra for a while, and it's completely out of season now, but oh well...

Color Club in Emerald Depths (aqua blue with green shimmer) and Blue Light (light blue creme).  Yeah, blue is definitely my favorite colour of nail polish... the bloggers all love green, and I love green too, but blue is definitely the colour I'm most drawn to... Emerald Depths reminds me of a shimmering tropical ocean (sigh).

Let's see, what else...
More CND Effects top coats.  Left, Gold Shimmer.  Right, Raspberry Sparkle.  These are gorgeous, and I totally underestimated the Gold Sparkle one I already had.  I can't wait to try the Raspberry or Gold Sparkle over a bright neon pink creme, like Orly Swizzle Stick...

More random stuff:

China Glaze Base Coat.  My bottle of OPI Natural Nails Base Coat broke, cuz I dropped it trying to carry too many things at once from the bedroom to the living room  :S so I needed a new base coat.  The MUA review boards were disappointing, as I couldn't find a base coat that was really recommended, so I just went with whatever.  I want Orly Bonder Base Coat, which I know they have at Sallys for the rip-off price of like eleven bucks :( but I'll make do with this for now.  I was gonna get Seche base coat, but it didn't seem worth it.

Nail wheels!  So I can swatch ALL of my polishes!  Wheee!  The ENTIRE collection!  They were a bit pricier than I thought, but whoo-hoo!

And then on the way home I had to stop into the drugstore to get my boyfriend his Valentine's Day present, and these caught my eye:

Nicole by OPI in Imagine If... and You're A Star.  I wanted these for a while, but after I bought them I remembered I'd bought China Glaze's Fairy Dust, and I think its pretty close to Imagine If...  I'm really into the layering concept lately though, so maybe they're different enough for me.  I got my boyfriend a bottle of D&G Light Blue and matching shower gel, too, in case you care...

Also, this was my NOTD when I went to the beauty supply:

Orly Plum Noir.  Very pretty dark berry purple creme.  Gets more plum and less raspberry the more layers you apply.  This is just two coats.  Great opacity.  Add a coat of Seche and your nails are like shiny berry plum patent leather.  Orly polish is great.  I want more.

Then, after I got home, I was so taken with my haul that I just had to use one of the polishes.  But I didn't want to take off Plum Noir just yet.  So I tried layering two of my new polishes - one hand with CND Raspberry Sparkle, and the other with Color Club Femme Fatale.  I thought they looked the same in the bottle, but the differences were obvious once I layered them over Plum Noir:

Orly Plum Noir with one coat of CND Raspberry Sparkle.

Orly Plum Noir with one coat of Color Club Femme Fatale.  As you can see, the glitter is much larger and more obvious in Raspberry Sparkle.  It's much sparklier.  Femme Fatale is more subtle, with a much milkier base that kind of dulled the "patent" look I had achieved with Plum Noir and Seche Vite.  It has much more of an obvious gold shimmer to it, as well.  It would be nicer over black or white or something you wanted to have a pearly finish.  Man I want to play around with these CND Effects, though... I'm very impressed with CND polish so far.  Seems great quality.  It is a bit pricey but not bad at the beauty supply.  These are $6, $6.90 for the Effects, whereas OPIs are $5 and China Glazes and Color Clubs are $4... affordable, especially for the great quality.  They have a vibrant pink called Raspberry Plunge that I like... No!  No!  No more polishes for a while!  Bad!

Yeah, so that's it for now.  I have a billion swatches from the past two weeks I need to post, and I'm on a no-buy until after the Transdesign stuff comes, so hopefully I'll be able to curb my cravings!

Also I signed up for a free makeover when I was at the drugstore from... Lise Watier?  Is that a good makeup brand?  I think its one of the more expensive drugstore brands... I do need my makeup shades reassessed though - I don't wear makeup very often anymore.  I actually wore more makeup when I was a teenager.

Okay, I have to go all of a sudden... my boyfriend is at this moment trying to drag me to the casino...?  I don't know.  Maybe we'll win some money and I can say bye to my no-buy  :p  Later.

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