Thursday, February 25, 2010

HAUL!!! A Rainbow of Glittahs! Transdesign order - China Glaze Specialty Glitters! and metallics!

Yep, my order came in yesterday  :)  I was so excited, and then busy watching the hockey game, so I didn't have time to post it, but I'm not that late  :p  My boyfriend happened to be home at the time of delivery (d'oh!  hate that!  If I want to spend an hour inspecting my new polishes, holding each one up to the light, photographing it and then swatching it on my nail wheel, or hell even putting all my new polishes in a pile and rolling around in them while laughing maniacally - I reserve the right to do so without any snide comments about how I'm losing it  :p)  Thankfully, he spared me any disparaging looks or comments (this time!), and instead was just like, "Why is there more polish??....  so whadja get?"  :)

He did laugh at the free OPI puppy slippers I got with my order  :p  They're pretty cute but they do look kinda stupid - which is all the more reason I'm going to wear them all the time  :)  Plus, they're not really slippers - they're more like socks with sticky dots on the bottoms and stuffed dogs sewn on the top  :p  Whatever, sometimes I like being a walking resource for ridicule by my bf  :p  Besides, my cat has taken exception to them and attacks them whenever I walk by.  He's already pulled off a paw.  Yeah, if anyone is gonna spend a whole shiteload of money on Transdesign, like I did, and you're intrigued by the free OPI puppy slippers - sure, get them cuz they're free, but you get what you pay for - they're made like crap.

Hhhhokay, so now I have a whole whack o'haul to show you, but also a lot of swatches.  So I think I'm gonna do them in two seperate posts, since they both contain tons of photos and I don't have enough patience to wait for blogger to upload them all in one go :p  My swatches post will be after this.

Whooo-hooo!  GlittAH!  I love glitter.  I loooooove glitter.  Glittery nail polish is what MADE ME start buying nail polish.  That and blue.  Do you think I would ever be this into nail polish if all they made were pinks and reds, like back when I was a little kid?  HELLZ no! 

So when I first saw China Glaze's long list of "specialty" polishes they released (I think) last year, they pretty much all immediately went on my lemming list.  And now, zey are mine!  :)  No stores around here have any of these (obvious.  If they did I woulda had them LONG ago) and I kind of put off on ordering them because glitters a.) while pretty, are not practical and b.) are a BETCH to remove, as I'm sure we all know.  But I got over the first problem after drooling over some of lextard's swatches (not affil.  just share her name and taste in polish, and she takes way better photos than me), and I solved the second problem!  Well, someone else did for me.  I'll get to that after the photos.  Which I have a whole LOT of, so bear with me.

China Glaze Specialty Glitters:

L-R: Cleopatra, Treasure Chest and Solar Flare.  Solar Flare I had from a previous order, but it was in the photo, so too bad  :p

L-R: Glam, Bad Kitty (okay, I admit, I got this for the name as much as the polish), and Carnival Lights.

L-R: Moulin Rouge, Dynasty, Dreamsicle and Sunshine.  I thought Moulin Rouge and Dynasty were going to be more similar, based on swatches, but they so are not.  They both have hex glitter, but Moulin Rouge has more of a red-pink jelly base, while Dynasty's is a dusty red with silver microglitter.

L-R: Sour Apple, Atlantis (also had this from before), Blue Hawaiian and Meteor Shower.  Meteor Shower is one of my faves so far.  Dark blue glitter?  SOLD!

L-R: Luna, Cloud Nine (okay, this is the last one I'm including that I had from before, I promise!), Nova, Snow Globe and Glacier.  Luna seems unique among these glitters, as its the only one with a metallic (silvery-blue) base.  Snow Globe is like a larger version of Glacier (the hex glitter pieces, that is).

Okay, that's it for the glitters.  China Glaze's specialty collection includes 50 polishes.  I have 20  :p  Do I feel accomplished, or something?  Maybe.

I also got some non-glitter China Glaze goodness:

Emerald Sparkle and Heli-Yum.  I wonder if this is the "good" Emerald Sparkle or the "bad" Emerald Sparkle.  I'm pretty sure its the bad.  Which I was expecting, and I'll live with.  I want the good, older formula one, tho :(   And Heli-Yum is the only one of the U&A collection I regretted not getting.  Grape Pop, High Hopes, Sugar High - meh, still not interested in you.....

And some metallics:

From the Romantique collection.  L-R: Emotion, Harmony, Adore, Cherish and Magical.  Someone, I think Scrangie, said on their blog that these names are so meaningless and interchangeable, like the OPI DS names.  They don't relate to the colour of the polish at all, they all sound the same, and they're hard to remember.  It kind of bugs me.  It seems sometimes - rarely, but sometimes - China Glaze gets lazy with their names.  Maybe they should just number their polishes.  Oh wait, they already did  :p  Anyway, I wonder how these differ from the Khrome polishes.  I heard they do, but I'll have to see for myself.

And the Khrome collection.  L-R: Millenium, Metallic Muse, Sci-Fi, Robotika, 2030 and Hi-Tek.  I heard these are awesome for Konad, which I plan on using them for, along with the Romantiques above.  I hope - no, intend - to own a Konad system in the near future  :)   Plus I thought maybe with these I can fool someone into thinking I'm wearing Minx next time I go out.... you never know, it could happen, right?  Right?.... Shut up.

And the only non-China-Glazes:

OPI DS Sapphire and Extravagence.  I'm kind of ticked at Extravagence, cuz for forever it was sooo impossible to find, and then of course after I order it I see it in a clearance bin at a salon for less than I paid for it from TD with shipping and all, blah blah blah... plus I could've gotten a different DS, or two more China Glazes.... bah.  Oh well.

Well, that's what I got.  Yes, it was a bit expensive shipping all that to Canada, but do I care?  Nope.  In fact, I intend to get more (bwah ha ha!)  Do I have a problem/addiction?  Yup.  Is it the best, most fun problem/addiction in the world?  Yup.  =)

On another awesome note, Canada kicked Russia's arses in the hockey game last night.  I did a mani for that too, which I'm going to try to keep on till the end of the Olympics.  I'll post that later in my swatches one as well.  I'm an effin artiste!  :)  Go Canada Go!  =)

OH! OH!  Right!  Before I go, I have discovered something that's changed my LIFE.  That's right.  It's amazing!  Do you find glitters require a sort of... irritating... commitment, almost?  Do you have a fear of glitters caused by the incredibly annoying, long, difficult and damaging process of removing them, and thus avoid wearing them?  Who wants to have to be stuck wearing the same polish for a week because it's hard to get off, when you have a stash of hundreds all calling to you and competing for your nail beds?  You all feel me on this one?  Well NO MORE!!!

I present to you (well, LacquerLaine presents to you) THE TINFOIL METHOD!!!

You're gonna have to clicky-click to find out exactly what to do, but it involves wrapping your tips in tinfoil with a cotton ball soaked in remover underneath... it makes glitter come off your nails in one clean swoop!  With no rubbing or hassle!  I have used my own version of this method, using cotton pads and scotch tape (:p I had no tinfoil), and I'm pleased to report it removed Atlantis with beautiful ease.  Beautiful, people!  I am now unafraid of trying ALL these glitters one after the other!  I am set!  =)

So what do you think of my glitters?  Do you have any?  Which is your fave?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Icing Has Nice Polishes?

I know I said I'd post a haul, but first I have to say this:

I don't think I'd ever been in an Icing store before last week... I'd been in Claire's plenty of times - it was my go-to spot for necklaces and accessories when I was a tween and teen, and they didn't have Icing back then.  It was just Claire's and Reflections/Afterthoughts.  Any Canadians remember Afterthoughts? hehehe...

Anyway, some of my very favorite, and first, polishes came from Claire's and Afterthoughts, and since a lot of the trendy np makers of my youth (Hard Candy and Urban Decay) have resurfaced, I thought I'd see if Claire's still had anything to offer.  Or more specifically, Icing, since I'd seen its name being mentioned on my beloved and trusted MUA Nail board  :)

Since it was embarrassing enough for me to even go into the store, I was pleasantly suprised to see that it was worth swallowing my pride.  Icing has some awesomeness!  There were a bunch of polishes that caught my eye.  I actually had to limit myself!  I picked up two of the Limited Edition sets, and four polishes.  I did this without consulting MUA first for favorites from the brand, and just went by what I thought looked good.  whoo, I'm bold!  :p

This below is one of the LE sets.  I just refer to it as "Brights".  The green drew me in, the purple in the middle held my interest, and the gold shimmer in the turquoise sold me  =p  Just like the Claire's polish sets, none of these "minis" have names, which I hate.  I could come up with some kickass names, but i'm no pro and i didn't want to start getting too cute, so for clarity's sake I've dubbed them Green, Turquoise, Violet, Neon Purple and Black  :p

And this one I've dubbed "Pastels".  L-R: Peach, Pink, Mint Green, Blue and White Iridescent.  I know, my creativity boggles the mind.  Maybe when I'm reeeeally bored one day I'll give them all names like Tequila Sunrise and Poison Ivy, but for now, TT  :p

My cat keeps grinding his teeth, and its driving me crazy.  Anyone ever have a cat that did this?  Why?  Is he insane?  On drugs?  ....Anyway, these are the full-size polishes:

L-R: Paparazzi, Peacock, Manic Monday and Mint 2 Be.  Yes, I now own SEVEN mint polishes (Re-Fresh Mint, MCA, little Claire's pastel set mini, the Mint from the previous Icing set, an unnamed japanese Daiso-brand polish, Rebel Debutante x 2 and this.  Although I don't really consider RD a mint....)  Anywho, these polishes are AWESOMESAUCE!!!  I'm loving both the full-sizers I bought AND the minis!  I think I've heard people complain about Icing's brush, but I find it pretty wide and I love it.

I was bored and these were pretty. So I swatched the two LE sets, one on each hand:

This is the Brights collection (taken indoors), with Peacock on the thumb, and Violet, Neon purple, Turquoise and Green from pinky to index.  I didn't swatch the black, cuz, well, it's black, so I have no idea about that one, but who's gonna buy this set for the black, anyhow?

And in natural lighting.

The green one I LOVE, and will talk more about below.  The Violet on my pinky is true to its real life colour in the first pic, and is also very pretty - a royal blueish purple, or blurple.  I'm very into this shade lately.  The Neon Purple I'm kind of "meh" on, since I'm getting sick of purples in general and this just reminded me of my ChG Flying Dragon/CC Power Play/Sinful Dream On, and all those other neon purples.  it was the only one that dried matte, too - which I remedied with some Seche.  I'm so over matte.  Blah.  And the turquoise is nice too, but the gold shimmer is a little more subtle than I'd hoped for.  

These are the pastels indoors.

And in natural lighting.  Aren't they preeeeetty?  Mint green and peach are two other colours I'm really into for spring, so I had to get this set too.  I honestly couldn't decide between this and the brights.  So they both came home with me!  =)  The blue is also very pretty, and the iridescent has enough power to stand on its own, but methinks it'd be a great layering polish too... its base has a slight blueish tint, and it shimmers gold and pink.  None of which you can tell by these pics  :(  Oh well, I'm telling you - if you like spring-y pastels, this is a nice set.  Take my word for it.  Get it.

I've only really tried on two of the polishes, other than these swatches, but I've been pretty happy with them both:

Icing Unnamed Green from the brights set.  This looks soooo familiar!  I'm going to have to consult the board on this one, but I swear this looks like a dupe to something, and I can't remember what...  It bubbled a bit on my index and ring fingers, but I think that was my fault from scratching the surface of my nail while removing  ChG Atlantis.  Then again, I had CND Ridge Out on underneath, which has been working pretty well so far.... hmmmph....

In sunlight.  Man, this is pretty though.  A bright, juicy, shimmery green, more yellow-based than blue.  I think it looks pretty good with my skintone.  But what is it a dupe to?.... this is going to bother me.....

And the other one I've tried:

Icing Peacock.  This is lovely, and its so sad that my camera refuses to capture the loveliness of it.  Its a pale jade green with PINK duochrome shimmer.  So unique, so awesome.  This also applied nicely and was opaque in two coats.

You can kinda see the pink in the sunbeam, here:

Well, sort of but not really.  On the thumb, anyway.  And in natural light:

I tried all kinds of settings and walked around my house to different spots for about twenty minutes trying to get a good pic of this polish.  I wonder if anyone else knows of its pink-iridescent goodness - I did a board search on Icing after I got back, and I read in a thread somewhere that this is a favorite, but I couldn't find anything else.  I hope it is a favorite - this is sooo much prettier and more unique than another stupid boring shimmery deep purple   =P  J/k.  Don't throw things at me. 

So these Icing polishes are intriguing.  They're not what I'd call cheap, at 5 bucks a pop, and the sets are downright pricey (pretty much 20 bucks each, which is how much I pay for Color Club sets).  But so far the quality is not half bad.  There are a bunch more I want to go back for, too - Blackout, Roger That, Laura's Fave and Blue Goose were all ones I looked at, but put back.  And there was a mini LE set with glitters in it too - they had a turquoise glitter in it that looked fab.  I curse Icing for being so close to me, which makes it pretty much inevitable thast eventually I will own every last polish in it that I even remotely like  :p

So that's all for right now.  I may or may not have to drive a close friend to Squamish (right through all the Olympic traffic, blarg) to pick up his forgotten wallet.  And I really dun wanna.  So I have to wrap up this post.  I would like to show you my ChG Atlantis mani - hopefully when I get back.

TD order with ChG glitters is almost here!!  :)  :)  :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A buncha swatchies.... OPIs and Sephora by OPI Modern Flowers collection, part one

Okay, so I haven't written much this week.  That thing called Life gets in the way, sometimes, unfortunately  :(

I still have a bunch of hauls I need to post about  :(  Man, I suck at this blog thing.  I'm surprised anyone tortures themselves with reading this  :p  The hauls I still need to post are from some random salon I found, where I bought FAR too many OPIs, three China Glazes, a couple CMs and some Princessas, and then Sephora (some $OPIs), Trade Secret (Essie Art Of Spring minis and OPI DS's) and Icing (a couple polishes and two sets).  I'm mainly listing these to remind myself later  :p  PLUS I have a TD order with China Glaze glitters coming in, PLUS I ordered some Zoyas off ebay.  So yeah, I think I'm good for a while  :p  Did I mention I bought a much-needed Melmer?

So yeah, anyway, here's some polishes I've rocked in the past week:
OPI Give Me The Moon.  This is a really light grey with blue iridescent shimmer.  It was opaque in 3 coats.  It looked like an icy blue on my nails.  Pretty, no?

Sephora by OPI Handpicked For Me.  This is part of the new Modern Flowers collection I've been lemming.  I thought it looked like garbage on me, but the nice girls on the nail board said it looked okay...

...meh... I don't know.  But it is a pretty color.  Shimmery pink, with silver microglitter.  A bit sheer - needs three or four coats.

Another from the Modern Flowers collection: Sephora by OPI Leaf Him At The Altar.  This is a gorgeous shimmery medium green.  I don't have anything else like it in my stash, although, given, I'm not as big of a green fanatic as most of the good bloggers are... it's probably my third or fourth favorite np colour.  But this, this I could see myself becoming very fond of...

Pic in indirect sunlight.  Looks good on my stubby little shorties.  Sorry for the blurry crappiness.  The other two I got from this collection were Go With The Flow-er, and Iris I Was Thinner  (yes, it's really called that.  I'll get into that next time....), both of which I will swatch very soon.  I also want It's Bouquet With Me, which is a purple-y pink glitter, so we'll see if I decide to get that... also, there's still some of the regular $OPIs I want, like Under my Trench Coat, Run With It, and Mermaid To Order.  Aaah!  These $OPIs - they're a curse!  I love them and hate them!

Next up, we have...
OPI DS Treasure.  Much deeper and more coral/reddish orange than in this pic.  This is so, so, so gorgeous - someone on the np board said it reminded them of a goldfish.  That's exactly it.  Brilliant orange with gold and red iridescent shimmer and microglitter.  I'm falling in love with all of the OPI DS.  Which sucks, because they're expensive.  But I got these for 50% off, and Treasure for 75% off!  :)  These were part of the Trade Secret haul I'm gonna post about soon.  Now if I could only find Glamour and Fantasy...  :p

And last, but not least, my current mani:

China Glaze Rodeo Fanatic - picked by the nail board, which I'm reading entirely too much lately  :p  I loooove Rodeo Fanatic - it's a deep shimmery blue with green and purple iridescence.  Depending on the light, it can look dark blue, purple-blue, dark teal or dark forest green.  Its part of the Rodeo Collection I picked up, and what an awesome collection!  I love the whole bloody thing!  RF and Wagon Train are probably my two faves from that collection, but then again, I haven't tried it all yet...

Okay, that's all I'm going to post right now.  I'll get you that haul post, and some more $OPI swatches, and some Icing sets swatches in the next post!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Mini Sephora Haul - 02/14-10 - Valentine's Shmalentine's... ahh who am I kidding - I had a great V-Day :p Also, V-Day Mani

Traditionally I hate this day, as I said in my last post.  But my boyfriend makes it all okay  ;)  I spent the day combing through the mall, which was actually his idea  :) after we met up with his mom and took her for brunch (because he always does something for his mom for Valentine's Day).  Then I came home, where we watched Canada win its first gold medal on home soil  :)  on the very hill where I learned to ski when I was six (I got goosebumps), and we surfed on our laptops side-by-side on the couch (I know, we're dorks, we do this all the time) him on Full Tilt Poker and YouTube, and I on MUA  :p  And now, I'm typing this post while he makes me a full Valentine's Day dinner - grilled rib-eyes, bacon-wrapped scallops, mashed potaotes and gravy, coleslaw, and mixed green salad, with a 2007 California merlot of some kind (I know ballz about wine, except that I like it).  I'm so spoiled.  I'm the type of girl that makes girls like me hate Valentine's Day  :p

These are the bear and mini roses he got me, along with some adorable little Lindt chocolates that look like miniature desserts  :)  Not shown is the two or three boxes of caramel chocolates he got me earlier in the week  :)  And yes, my cat has already attacked the roses.

So as I was combing the mall, I decided I hadn't been in Sephora in a long time (about two or three weeks - that's a long time) and ducked in.

Sephora is so bloody overpriced.  I'm still not over the $7 I paid  for the Blue Sapphire polish I got from there.  That said, they have so much friggin cute stuff...  :(  I'm conflicted.  I ended up caving and getting a couple of Sephora by OPI polishes:

(L-R): Ocean Love Potion, Go With The Flow-er, Metro Chic.  I got all hyper when I saw they had the Modern Flowers collection.  Then I deflated a little when I saw that they only had a couple of the shades.  Then I was happy again when I saw that they had one bottle of Go With The Flow-er left, since it was the one I wanted most from the collection.  I debated getting Leaf Him At the Altar, but I put it back in favor of OLP and MC.  $OPI polishes are so underwhelming most of the time - I was looking at Mermaid To Order also, but I remember reading that it's not nearly as impressive on the nail as it is in the bottle, so I put that back as well. 

I walked around the store, disppointed in the $OPI stock, itching to spend my money on something else.  I didn't have to look far.  Hello, what's this?

NARS Purple Rain.  I am now the proud owner of one of the most celebrated purples.  I  blame this article, mainly, among others.  This is such a gorgeous purple shimmer with red and blue glitter.  I can't wait to wear it.  Now if only i could find Mash, or Zulu, god help me  :p

Now, I got to go to bed, but some quick NOTDs for you first.  What's Been On My Nails These Past Few Days:

Color Club Pure Energy on the tips.  Loves it.  Looks good with my skin tone.

And excuse the gross toe pic but I need to show it:

China Glaze Ruby Pumps on ma toes... An awesome pedi colour.  Makes me feel like I can just click my heels three times to go home anywhere I want :p  I'm cheesy, I know.  Seriously, though, I fell in love with this polish at first sight.  Looks just like the ruby slippers.  The ultimate red glitter.

More TOTW (Tips of the Week):

China Glaze Her Fabulousness.  Pretty deep pink shimmer.  This was V-Day Mani week Day 3.. or was it 4..?

So pretty.  I didn't go with that for my actual V-Day mani, though.  I'll post that at the end.

This is OPI's Hot & Spicy.  Pretty orange creme - I'd call it "persimmon", sure, why not?  Looks to me like more of a mango, though, or a muted light coral.  This is the second of the HK Collection I've worn for a day, the other being Bling Dynasty for the Superbowl - so far, I liked them both...

Okay... it looks like I am at the end.  I didn't do any more pinks this week?  really?  Oh well.  I still don't have pink out of my system - it's such a pretty spring colour, especially in pastel - although I think I'm good on the reds for now :p  So expect to see a bunch more pinks in the next few weeks still.  Anyway.  So finally, this was my V-Day mani:

This is China Glaze Sexy Silhouette, and on the accent ring finger is China Glaze Something Sweet, Nicole Have A Heart and Claire's Love Struck, and a really old Sally Hansen glitter polish with no name.

Sophisticated?  No!  Tasteful?  No!  Tacky, overdone and juvenile?  Hell yes - its's a V-DAY MANI!  Muaaahahaha!  But seriously, I like this.  It's cute.  I showed it to my boyfriend, and it even made him smile  :)  I'll see how long I can go before I take it off and change my polish again like an addict. The little hearts are so cute.  I can't get enough of those heart polishes.  I want the new Nicole one, and the blue one with the stars!  So getting those this week  :p 

I need to go to bed now.  Goodnight  :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

TD HAUL: Holy Multicoloured, Free-flowing Fountain of AWESOME!!! :Q......

On to my haul  :)

First off, I got my first Misa polish, in Love Bite.  Dark vampy black-red creme.  I really like this, but I'm afraid its a dupe for my Essie Wicked.  I will do a comparison as soon as I can.  I want to order some more Misas so this one doesn't look so lonely in my drawer.  Any suggestions for colours?  I was going to order Blue Over A Boy, A Sunny Smile Makes Me Go Wild, and Bikini With A Martini, but I have so many neons now... any suggestions?  Anyone?  I'm limited to what TD has in stock...

Next, I got a whole bunch of Color Clubs:

The Poptastic Collection.  L-R: Almost Famous (medium yellow neon creme), Wham! Pow! (dark tangerine neon - like the colour of a safety vest), Poptastic (bright medium pink), Warhol (fuschia), Pucci-licious (blueish purple), Rebel Debutante (supposed to be Twiggie) and Chelsea Girl (bright ocean blue creme).  This is Color Club's spring 2010 neon contribution - the counterpart to China Glaze's Poolside collection.  Fortunately, the two are very different and contain no dupes.  Almost Famous looks similar to China Glaze Happy Go Lucky from the Up and Away collection, and Warhol, Poptastic and Chelsea Girl also look similar to polishes I already own, I think.... comps coming up later.

These are the ones I picked out from the Rebel Debutante collection.  The colours are absolutely mutant in this pic!  Nothin like real life.  Sorry!  L-R: High Society (light grey creme), Uptown Girl (light dusty purple creme), Best Dressed List (light fawn/chocolate brown creme - I thought this was nude from the picture on TD, oops :S ), and Rebel Debutante (neon mint green).  I passed on Gossip Column (too similar to too many blues I already own, nothing about it really stood out to me as being special), Ms. Socialite (I own enough purple cremes), She's Soo Glam (cuz...meh.  Another mod pink creme), Charity Ball (because, yuck!), and Who Are You Wearing (I don't know why!  I want it now... I hate no-buyer's remorse!)  I haven't tried any of these yet... and now I'm starting to wonder if maybe Gossip Column and She's Soo Glam are as similar to other polishes as I originally thought... blerg...  I might end up picking up the rest of the collection (except for Charity Ball).

More Color Club neons:

L-R: Jackie Oh!, Peppermint Twist (I thought this was going to be mint green, but oh well - its a cool, neon purpleish pink), Psychedelic Scene (This one I ordered without seeing the colour either.  Which I thought was kind of fun, but really is pretty dumb of me.  I thought this was new, but this looks familiar... I'm going to have to check my local beauty supply, I think they had this there.  This is a bright neon orange, like radioactive Kraft Dinner...), Pure Energy (neon blue with blue-green shimmer) and Electro Candy (medium neon pink with blue and purple shimmer).  I just swatched Pure Energy on one finger, and wow its gorgeous.. bright and neon but shimmery... I just picture what all these would look like on toes...

Color Club Take Me To Your Chateau.  Light blue creme.  Lighter and more white than CC's Blue Light.  This is the only one I ordered from Color Club's Pardon My French collection.  I don't know if all the others are sheers, but sheers aren't really my thing, so I passed.  I need to see swatches of this collection though...

Now, onto the China Glazes!  :)

My selection from the Up and Away collection! L-R: Something Sweet (very light pink creme), Peachy Keen (duh, peach creme), Happy Go Lucky (sunshine yellow creme), Re-Fresh Mint (minty green creme), Four Leaf Clover (medium green creme), Flyin High (dusty teal creme) and Light As Air (very light lavender creme).  Looking back, I wish I had picked up Heli-Yum, High Hopes and Sugar High as well  :p  I need help.  I'll consider ordering them with my next TD order... or at least Heli-Yum...

Some glitters.  L-R: Cloud Nine (white with mulit glitter), Solar Flare (large chunky gold hex glitter.  I love this - I used to have a L'Oreal polish like this when I was in tenth grade, and I used to layer it over dark red and forest green, and it looked freakin awesome... anyone recall what that L'Oreal polish would have been?  It was in a bottle shaped similar to the Maybelline bottles... it would have been out around 1998 or 99...) and Atlantis (teal blue jelly base with silver and multi holo glitter).  There are a lot more of these to come.  My next TD order, that I really ought to wait until next Wednesday to place but am having to stop myself from placing tonight, is going to be almost ALL ChG glitters... I am ashamed to say I want almost every single one of them.  I intend to order the ones I want the most next Wed (if not sooner  :p)  Most of these I want directly because of Lextard's Flickr page... man I love her Flickr, and taste in polish :)

And last but not least:
A couple Essies :) Van D'Go, Funky Limelight and Mint Candy Apple.  Wow, what a colour combo.  And Funky Limelight is not appearing very funky in this pic at all.  It looks like such a nice, soft, lemony yellow in this pic...  It is not.  It's a bright, screaming highlighter yellow  :)  Probably similar to China Glaze Celtic Sun, but I'll never get enough highlighter colours.  Also, I thought Van D'Go looked similar to Peachy Keen, and MCA to Re-Fresh Mint, so I swatched them and was pleased to discover I was wrong on both counts.
Index to pinky: Essie Van D'Go, ChG Peachy Keen (I smudged the tip- sorry), ChG Re-Fresh Mint, Essie Mint Candy Apple.  As you can see, Van D'Go is much lighter than PK - PK is more apricot, more orange than Van D'Go.  I prefer Van D'Go on me.  And MCA is more blue than R-FM, which is much more of a "true" mint green.

I also thought Color Club Almost Famous and China Glaze Happy Go Lucky looked alike.  So:

Don't even ask me how I took this pic.  It wasn't easy.  Also, I don't know why stupid effing Blogger is rotating all my photos, but I can't fix this one and its making me want to throw my laptop at the wall so I give up, I'm just going to leave it.  And I know the polish job is horrid.  You'll forgive me cuz you love me, right?.....right?... :p  Top is CC Almost Famous, bottom is ChG Happy Go Lucky.  As you can see, they are very, very similar, with AF being a *touch* more golden than HGL.  HGL also applied better, and was much less streaky, although they were both pretty good as far as yellows go.  They're both very opaque and even.  This is just two coats of each.

And now I leave you with some random skittles:

From pinky to index: Color Club Chelsea Girl, Pure Energy (oooh!), Rebel Debutante (sorry again for the polish job - I have a massive ugly dent in my right middle finger.  I probably just need to cut all my nails off.  Not to mention I actually am aware of how scary my cuticles look, and how badly I am in need of cuticle oil :p) and Pucci-licious.  I quite like Pucci-licious, even though I find myself getting bored of purples.  I own so many.  And I don't even really like purple that much.  But so many just look so good on the nail  :p  Rebel Debutante is also quite nice.  Not nearly as mint as I thought, or neon for that matter.  It's definitely a bright, thoughI wouldn't call it lime, though - maybe a bright pastel spring green?  Grass green?  Gahhhh.  My brain is turning to mush from polish fumes  :s

I'm going to decide which of these is going on my nails now.... I still have Color Club Power Play on my toes, too.  That's going to need an updating...  If I'm still awake, I'll try to post a pic.  If not, till tomorrow!  Oooh, the Olympics are starting tomorrow, right outside my door!  Exciting... I wonder how bad millions of people flooding into the city will make traffic?  :p