Sunday, April 25, 2010

Stuff I've Gotten Lately, Part One:

More stuff I've gotten lately.  Part of the never-ending haul that my life has become  :p

Pretty things...  I'm weak, what can I say?

Alright, it begins...

I got this stuff from TD:

Color Clubs in Wild And Willing, With Abandon, Love 'Em, Leave 'Em, and Wild At Heart.  WAH I got in a swap, but I wanted to include it here with its family.  These are the ones from the Wild At Heart collection that I was interested in - I passed on the two frosty jewel-tone shades. 

Misas in Confection Section, Ghetto Fabulous, Let's Go Green, A Sunny Smile Makes Me Go Wild, and Bikini With A Martini.  BWAM is a tad more fuchsia than red.  I have some more Misas coming in a swap, too - when they get here I'll photograph them all together  :)

Orly Sweet collection in Lollipop, Cotton Candy, Lemonade, Snowcone and Pixi Stix.  I have Gumdop coming in a swap as well :)  Only Pixi Stix came with its little lipgloss, even though they all should have since I ordered them seperately, but I'm guessing supply is running low since these have been out a while now.  Anyway, I don't care - I love the Pixi Stix one, and the only other one I would have worn is obviously Cotton Candy.  Which would have looked gross on me anyway.  I don't wear much lip stuff, including gloss, cuz I have giant lips and I think 99% of it looks worse on me than none at all.  It's sad.  Ahem.  Anyway, these are really pretty.  I haven't gotten around to wearing any yet, but my Orly lemming has quieted down for awhile - I've gone from owning four to around thirty!

A couple OPIs

OPI Merryberry Mauve and Maliblue.  Two dc'ed, kind of htf OPIs.  I didn't know TD had these - why are people charging $20 for Merryberry Mauve on ebay?  Huh.  Anyway, I now own the polish and the glitter topcoat! :)  I should try them together.

Amour Rain Glitter.  This was recommended to me on the NB and it's very rainbow-y and sparkly.  I need to try it.  Man, I have so many I need to try!  I wonder what colour I should use as the base...?

Then, I got a whole mess of China Glaze! <3

China Glaze Poolside!  L-R: Flip Flop Fantasty, Sun Worshiper, Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, Towel Boy Toy and Pool Party.  No Kiwi-Cool-Ada, since stupid TD was sold out of it at the time of my order (of course, they got it in the next day and have had it since).  I don't really mind, since it looks like a dupe for CC Limelight.  As a matter of fact, a lot of these seem dupey; if you ask me, SW = CC Explosive/Psychedelic Scene, YPDB = ChG Celtic Sun, Misa A Sunny Smile Makes Me Go Wild, TBT = CC Pure Energy, ChG Sky-High Top, and PP = one of the various CC pink neons.  I fully intend to do a comp post.

The only one of these I've worn - and absolutely LOVE - is Flip Flop Fantasy.  This is a gorgeous bright neon coral orangey pink.  It's screaming to be on my toes.  I will post pics!

China Glaze Bahama Blues collection.  L-R: Bahamian Escape, Carribean Blue, Blue Island Iced Tea, Bermuda Breakaway, Calypso Blue.  I love blue - it is by far my favorite polish colour, and this collection is all ranges of it.  Once again, there was a frosted shade that I passed on.  A lot of frosts just look dated to me lately.  Anyway, I owned a polish identical to Bahamian Escape when I was about twelve... I wish I could remember the brand.... it wasn't a well-known one.  Because of this, BE has been a long-time lemming of mine - I've wanted it ever since I first started looking at swatches of ChG back in December, when I didn't own any, and probably only owned about thirty nps in total.  Wow, I've come a long way.

Oh, and last, but not least - the free stuffed puppy that came with my TD order:
Cute?  I think I got one of the last ones - it's not on the page anymore.  I'm gonna end up owning ten thousand pairs of those Holiday Puppy Slippers, though  :p

Now, other stuff.  These are the long-awaited Reveries from

L-R: Adina, Lana, Happi, Reece, Laney, Gwin.  I'm obviously very late to the party on these, and everyone else and their monkey has reviewed them already.  So I'll spare you.

Some swap haul:

Orly Rage and Luxe.  Shiny things!  More pedi potential!

And some Zoyas: Casey, Emme and Astra.  I have Astra on my toes right now, and it's such super-sparkly goodness! 

I'll be back with part two tomorrow, most likely....  how's your weekend going? 

My Super-Late Easter Mani. Why Am I Bothering? I Don't Know....

I don't even know why I'm posting this.  Because I said a billion times I would.  I know no one cares, and it's so late it's not even relevant anymore.  I'm lame.  I'm sorry.

Anyway, my Easter mani.  These are some of the polishes I used, and some more that I didn't:

This is what it started out looking like. 

Left hand, thumb to pinky: OPI Do You Lilac It?, China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint, China Glaze Happy-Go-Lucky, China Glaze Peachy Keen, China Glaze Something Sweet.

Right hand, pinky to thumb: China Glaze Light As Air, China Glaze Secret Peri-Wink-Le, China Glaze For Audrey, China Glaze Happy-Go-Lucky, Color Club Vintage Couture.

Then I added dots.  This is the left:

And the right:

I used various Color Club Art Club pens for the dots.  I don't remember which ones, but most were from the pastel set.  It looks kind of crappy anyway, so who cares.

So that was my Easter mani.  It was cute, if kind of sloppy.

I suck so bad  :p

This post is like a used tissue, discarded amongst the more relevant and useful trash.

Friday, April 23, 2010

A Bit More Shrek: Ogre-The-Top Blue and Rumple's Wiggin'

So I have some real quick swatches of two more of the Shrek collection for you: Ogre-The-Top Blue and Rumple's Wiggin'.  I wasn't gonna buy Rumple's Wiggin', particularly because it didn't look very good in the swatches I saw of it.  Kind of deathly and pale, like it would look just horrible on me.  But I bought it and tried it cuz I was in the mood for light lavender, and I'm so glad I did :)

First of all, though, here's Ogre-The-Top Blue:
 Outdoors and indoors.  No flash, cuz the flash on my stupid crap camera is broken.  My camera is slowly, slowly dying.  Don't ever buy a Sony camera, folks.  I'm sticking to Canon from now on.  Anyway, the colour is pretty true here - medium bright blue creme.  It did stain my fingers a bit upon removal, but it was nothing an extra swipe of remover couldn't handle.

And this is Rumple's Wiggin':
Do you see why I'm glad I bought it?  It's so pretty! You can still see some Ogre-The-Top Blue around my cuticles though.  Hmm... maybe that extra swipe of remover wasn't as effective as I thought.  It's a very cool-toned lavender, very blue, which in all reality probably means it should look like death on me.  I don't think it does.  In fact, I quite like it.  To me, this does look somewhat similar to China Glaze Light As Air and Essie Lilacism, but I think LAA is more pale, whited-out and less blue, while Lilacism is a bit deeper of a colour.  I don't know, though, don't quote me on that - I haven't compared yet, although I will.

I have a haul post coming up.  :)  You wanna see what I got from TD, don'tcha?  Well, too bad, you're gonna!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

HOLD THE PHONE!!! I found OPI Shrek at the mall!!!

So I know I promised to post pics of my Easter mani, but I have something I absolutely HAVE to show you first!


Ska-weeeee!  The OPI Shrek Forever After collection!!!  I was walking around my local mall on Sunday - the one two minutes from my house - bored.  I walked past the salon that I've had my hair cut at once, and did a double take - they had the Shrek collection sitting in its display up at the counter!  I told my boyfriend we were going back, and he said something along the lines of, "You don't need more nail polish."  Eff that!  The second he left my side in the bookstore I beelined it back to the salon and bought as fast as I could!

Rumple's Wiggin' and Funkey Dunkey.

Fiercely Fiona and Who The Shrek Are You?

What's With The Cattitude and Ogre-The-Top Blue. 

These are awesome.  I just realized the other day that cremes look much more adult on me than frosty or shimmery finishes do, so I'm going to try to acquire more cremes, since most of the time I look about ten years younger than I am anyway  >:p  That said, these are bright yellow-green and blue polishes I bought with this resolution in mind.  Yes, I make no sense.

Also, I think Michelle over at ALU said these looked to her like they belong in matching pairs for mani/pedi, the lighter shade going to your tips and the darker on your toes, and now I can't get this idea out of my head, so I photographed them as such  :)

This is how they looked the day I brought them home.  I passed on Fiecely Fiona at first.  I don't know why.  Initially when I saw swatches of these I was intending to pass on Rumple's Wiggin, but I suppose something came over me and FORCED me to purchase every shade in the collection (as often happens with new collections :S  Whatever, it's only six shades, and there's not a red, pink or sheer in sight  :)  Anyway, I went back and bought Fiercely Fiona yesterday.  The girl working at the salon asked me, "Was it you who called about these??" which I had not.  Guess the word is out, lol!  I wish I knew every fanatic in my dinky little town - I would've gladly sent out a PSA letting everyone know about this!  I know I was way more excited than I should've been  :D

I've heard things about a couple of these colours being somewhat dupey, so as soon as I got home I had to go comb through my stash and look for matches.  Sorry, all I have for you are bottle comparisons, which kind of suck, I know - if I have time, I'll do some actual nail ones.  The first one I looked at was Ogre-The-Top Blue - I wondered how it compared to No Room For The Blues and Suzi Says Feng Shui:
L-R: NRFTB, OTTB, SSFS.  As you can see, NRFTB is much lighter, and SSFS is much dustier and more muted.  Okay, that was kind of a lame comparison - these are obviously nothing alike.  I'm still looking for other possible dupes though.  I'm planning on playing with these for the next few days as I wait for my TD order to arrive (more on that below), so I'll do a few comps.  I want to compare Funkey Dunkey to my Orly Charged Up, WTSAY to my NYX Lime, and Rumple's Wiggin to ChG Light As Air, among others.  I was gonna do Fiercely Fiona and Banana Bandanna, but FF is way more green, and I really can't think of a single dupe for it.  There have been comps of this whole collection done on lots of other blogs, but I can't remember which right now, so just google it  :p

Also, I intend to swatch all the colours for you later today, but the first one I wanted to wear was Who The Shrek Are You?, since it seemed so unique:

Indoor light.  I thought I'd hate it, but to echo someone else's exact sentence on the NB, I'm inexplicably drawn to it....

Outdoor/natural light.  Do you think it looks like baby barf/snot/pea soup vomit from the Exorcist?  I don't know, maybe, but alls I know is I loves it!  I even think it looks kind of spring-y!  I wore this last night to watch the hockey game, and I'm suprised I didn't get any snarky boy comments - colours like this are usually loved by only me, while everyone around me thinks they're fug as hell.   I wonder what my sister would say: "Ohmygod Lex, why would you want puke-green nails???"

Yep.  Nope - don't care.  Love.  My camera wouldn't capture the colour accurately, either - it's more yellow than it's appearing here.

So yay!  I am the proud owner of the entire Shrek collection!  Almost two weeks before it's released by etailers!  Do I feel special?  Damn right I do!  :)  The most important question here is: Which one should I wear next??  I'm thinking Cattitude....

I have more new stuff to show you too.  Lots more swap haul (I am going to stop swapping for a while.  It's so awesome and fun, but it's not cheap, and starting to get out of hand!), a small beauty supply haul, and my Zoya Reveries finally came!  Whoohoo!  'Bout time, spaboutique!  And I'm expecting a TD order with ChG Poolside, Orly Sweet and a bunch of other good stuff sometime this week as well!  So I gotta be done playing with these by then  :)

Also, if I may whine and feel sorry for myself for a second,  no one commented on my last mega-spam post. I haz a sad :( Obviously, no one is required to comment, ever, and I really don't ever expect anyone to, cuz I know my pictures and posts suck for the most part, so I don't even know why I'm surprised. It just makes me feel like such a dorky-ass loser :p Which I am for even having this blog, so I hear :p

So I have pics of all that, plus another NOTD backlog, which I'm just going to do as a giant spam post.  PLUS, my super-belated-why's-she-bothering-to-post-this-its-almost-a-month-late-wow-you-suck Easter mani!  All coming up very soon!  So stay tuned!  (stay tuned? did I really just say that? what is this, 1956? no wonder I get no comments)

PS: I gotta say it: Happy 4/20!  ;)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lots Of Random Swatches

Hello.  I have a backlog of NOTD's that I've been meaning to show you, but I've been too busy posting about hauls  :p  Nonetheless, I'm trying to watch a movie right now and I'm half paying attention, so my descriptions may suck a little.  Let's get on with it, shall we?

Okay, I apologize and don't blame you if you're offended by the serious frazzle.  I had major chipping issues with this (this is after 24 hours wear) but the colour's so pretty I don't even care.  This is Maybelline Sweetie Pie.  This was recieved in a swap from ohhdonny, along with Goody Plum Drop  :)  This is absolutely gorgeous.  I love it.  I might even like it more than Minty.  Sky blue creme, not quite light enough to be powder blue.  This has gotta go on my toes.

This is LA Girls Rockstar.  I threw this on at the last second - there's no topcoat in this pic.  Or the next.  Actually, the application on all these pics is absolutely horrible - I'm sorry  :(  But you can get an idea of the colour, at least.  This is a dark dark purple with gold microglitter, but in most lights it just looks black.  This is in direct sunlight and it still just looks black.  Perhaps some Seche would help, or maybe it just needs a glitter topcoat.  Or maybe I was just spoiled by OPI DS Mystery - I don't know.

This is LA Girls Punk.  Oh God, I love this.  Blue with blue and purple microglitter.  I was trying to capture the purple shimmer....

Can you see it?  Ignore the creepy reflection.

Okay, next we have OPI Blue Moon Lagoon.  I don't know if this is particularly HTF, but I do know they charge way too much for it on ebay.  I got this off of a lady on Craigslist, in a big lot of random OPIs for $40 (which I was very happy about  :) - go figure  :p  Oh wait, I think I told you that already.  Anyway, this is a blue shimmery holo with a slight seafoam tint to it.  I don't think I need to describe how gorgeous this is.  I only wore it for a few hours, cuz I smudged it when I was out and couldn't stand looking at a less-than-perfect mani of this.  I couldn't stop staring at my hands while I was driving.  This polish is potentially hazardous  :p 

Next, we have what I have on right now :) Color Club Wham! Pow! This is an appropriate name, since that's pretty much what this colour does to your eyeballs. This is actually a bright bright medium neon orange, like the colour of a pylon or a safety vest. Of course my crummy camera isn't picking up how BRIGHT this is... 

Like I said, it's the exact colour of a pylon:
That's almost exactly what the colour looks like - much, much more neon and slightly more red-tinted in real life than its appearing here.....

See? The colour's so loud it woke up Sid :)

Anyway, enough bad puns.  Was that even a pun?  Moving on....

A really crappy no-topcoat picture of Icing Laura's Fave.  This is a pretty turquoise with blue and purple shimmer.  Which of course I could not pick up at all.  It looks so flat and dull here but the subtle shimmer effect is very pretty IRL.  Another Icing must-have, IMO.

Next,this is Sally Hansen CSM Thinking Of Blue.  Gorgeous, gorgeous deep blue creme.  Buttery application.  Great wear.  This is one of the SH CSMs you should pick up, along with Fairy Teal and Gray By Gray.  If you like blues, that is.  Which I do.  A lot. 

Next, some flakie action!  I don't know if I showed you this already, but here's Nfu-Oh 52 over SH Thinking Of Blue.  There's not a whole lot I can say about this that hasn't been said, so I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves:
:Q....... (wipes mouth.)  Next....

Some sparklies!  This is China Glaze Moulin Rouge with a coat of Cleopatra overtop.

See how the glitter reflects different colours?  I love these China Glaze glitters, especially Cleopatra and Medallion so far.  Moulin Rouge by itself is pretty, a jelly cherry-red that looks more pinkish unless you really pile on the layers, but it just wasn't blingy enough for me that day.

Next, this is Zoya Zara.  This is a gorgeous lilac with very noticeable gold shimmer, but I just hated the way it looked on me...
Natural light.
Flash.  And you guys know I'm not one to shun a polish just because it isn't particularly flattering on me.  I usually don't care what it looks like on me - as long as the polish itself is pretty, I'll wear it.  But this looked gross and too pale on me.  You're probably wondering wth I'm talking about, cuz it does look okay in these pics, but irl it was icky... I don't know if I care though - this polish really is gorgeous.  I'll proabably keep it anyway - I can see myself really regretting swapping it...

And last, we have the pink polish from the unnamed Claire's mini shimmers set.  In case you forgot, this is what the set looked like:
Pardon the flash reflection.  This is the pink one, fourth from the left, that I'm wearing here:

I really loved this polish, and it gave me high hopes for the whole set.  This is an almost metallic pink, with tiny bits of.... silver shimmer?  Glass fleck?  I can't tell... it's not quite glitter and not quite shimmer, and like I said, it gives it an almost metallic effect.  This polish is very, very shimmery and glowy.  It glows on your nails.  I don't know if it's this finish or the colour that made my hands look so good, but this seemed to look really good on me... or so I thought, anyway.  I can't wait to try the blue one next.

Okay, so that's all for right now.  I will do a seperate post on my Easter mani coming up.... as well as my BS haul from yesterday  :p  Yes, I made one last haul... and now I'm on a serious low-buy until after my TD order and backed-up Zoya order arrive.  I have sooooo many polishes to play with.  I need to do something other than haul posts for a while - that's all this blog has turned into, hauls and random backlogged NOTDs  :p  Maybe I'll do a comparison post, or a collection post, or show you my stash, or maybe I'll actually sit down and (gasp!) swatch for once.  I don't know.  I'll try.  But next up, one last haul and my late Easter mani  :)  See you then.