Friday, April 23, 2010

A Bit More Shrek: Ogre-The-Top Blue and Rumple's Wiggin'

So I have some real quick swatches of two more of the Shrek collection for you: Ogre-The-Top Blue and Rumple's Wiggin'.  I wasn't gonna buy Rumple's Wiggin', particularly because it didn't look very good in the swatches I saw of it.  Kind of deathly and pale, like it would look just horrible on me.  But I bought it and tried it cuz I was in the mood for light lavender, and I'm so glad I did :)

First of all, though, here's Ogre-The-Top Blue:
 Outdoors and indoors.  No flash, cuz the flash on my stupid crap camera is broken.  My camera is slowly, slowly dying.  Don't ever buy a Sony camera, folks.  I'm sticking to Canon from now on.  Anyway, the colour is pretty true here - medium bright blue creme.  It did stain my fingers a bit upon removal, but it was nothing an extra swipe of remover couldn't handle.

And this is Rumple's Wiggin':
Do you see why I'm glad I bought it?  It's so pretty! You can still see some Ogre-The-Top Blue around my cuticles though.  Hmm... maybe that extra swipe of remover wasn't as effective as I thought.  It's a very cool-toned lavender, very blue, which in all reality probably means it should look like death on me.  I don't think it does.  In fact, I quite like it.  To me, this does look somewhat similar to China Glaze Light As Air and Essie Lilacism, but I think LAA is more pale, whited-out and less blue, while Lilacism is a bit deeper of a colour.  I don't know, though, don't quote me on that - I haven't compared yet, although I will.

I have a haul post coming up.  :)  You wanna see what I got from TD, don'tcha?  Well, too bad, you're gonna!

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  1. those both look good on you!! I guess I need to go get them, huh?