Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lots Of Random Swatches

Hello.  I have a backlog of NOTD's that I've been meaning to show you, but I've been too busy posting about hauls  :p  Nonetheless, I'm trying to watch a movie right now and I'm half paying attention, so my descriptions may suck a little.  Let's get on with it, shall we?

Okay, I apologize and don't blame you if you're offended by the serious frazzle.  I had major chipping issues with this (this is after 24 hours wear) but the colour's so pretty I don't even care.  This is Maybelline Sweetie Pie.  This was recieved in a swap from ohhdonny, along with Goody Plum Drop  :)  This is absolutely gorgeous.  I love it.  I might even like it more than Minty.  Sky blue creme, not quite light enough to be powder blue.  This has gotta go on my toes.

This is LA Girls Rockstar.  I threw this on at the last second - there's no topcoat in this pic.  Or the next.  Actually, the application on all these pics is absolutely horrible - I'm sorry  :(  But you can get an idea of the colour, at least.  This is a dark dark purple with gold microglitter, but in most lights it just looks black.  This is in direct sunlight and it still just looks black.  Perhaps some Seche would help, or maybe it just needs a glitter topcoat.  Or maybe I was just spoiled by OPI DS Mystery - I don't know.

This is LA Girls Punk.  Oh God, I love this.  Blue with blue and purple microglitter.  I was trying to capture the purple shimmer....

Can you see it?  Ignore the creepy reflection.

Okay, next we have OPI Blue Moon Lagoon.  I don't know if this is particularly HTF, but I do know they charge way too much for it on ebay.  I got this off of a lady on Craigslist, in a big lot of random OPIs for $40 (which I was very happy about  :) - go figure  :p  Oh wait, I think I told you that already.  Anyway, this is a blue shimmery holo with a slight seafoam tint to it.  I don't think I need to describe how gorgeous this is.  I only wore it for a few hours, cuz I smudged it when I was out and couldn't stand looking at a less-than-perfect mani of this.  I couldn't stop staring at my hands while I was driving.  This polish is potentially hazardous  :p 

Next, we have what I have on right now :) Color Club Wham! Pow! This is an appropriate name, since that's pretty much what this colour does to your eyeballs. This is actually a bright bright medium neon orange, like the colour of a pylon or a safety vest. Of course my crummy camera isn't picking up how BRIGHT this is... 

Like I said, it's the exact colour of a pylon:
That's almost exactly what the colour looks like - much, much more neon and slightly more red-tinted in real life than its appearing here.....

See? The colour's so loud it woke up Sid :)

Anyway, enough bad puns.  Was that even a pun?  Moving on....

A really crappy no-topcoat picture of Icing Laura's Fave.  This is a pretty turquoise with blue and purple shimmer.  Which of course I could not pick up at all.  It looks so flat and dull here but the subtle shimmer effect is very pretty IRL.  Another Icing must-have, IMO.

Next,this is Sally Hansen CSM Thinking Of Blue.  Gorgeous, gorgeous deep blue creme.  Buttery application.  Great wear.  This is one of the SH CSMs you should pick up, along with Fairy Teal and Gray By Gray.  If you like blues, that is.  Which I do.  A lot. 

Next, some flakie action!  I don't know if I showed you this already, but here's Nfu-Oh 52 over SH Thinking Of Blue.  There's not a whole lot I can say about this that hasn't been said, so I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves:
:Q....... (wipes mouth.)  Next....

Some sparklies!  This is China Glaze Moulin Rouge with a coat of Cleopatra overtop.

See how the glitter reflects different colours?  I love these China Glaze glitters, especially Cleopatra and Medallion so far.  Moulin Rouge by itself is pretty, a jelly cherry-red that looks more pinkish unless you really pile on the layers, but it just wasn't blingy enough for me that day.

Next, this is Zoya Zara.  This is a gorgeous lilac with very noticeable gold shimmer, but I just hated the way it looked on me...
Natural light.
Flash.  And you guys know I'm not one to shun a polish just because it isn't particularly flattering on me.  I usually don't care what it looks like on me - as long as the polish itself is pretty, I'll wear it.  But this looked gross and too pale on me.  You're probably wondering wth I'm talking about, cuz it does look okay in these pics, but irl it was icky... I don't know if I care though - this polish really is gorgeous.  I'll proabably keep it anyway - I can see myself really regretting swapping it...

And last, we have the pink polish from the unnamed Claire's mini shimmers set.  In case you forgot, this is what the set looked like:
Pardon the flash reflection.  This is the pink one, fourth from the left, that I'm wearing here:

I really loved this polish, and it gave me high hopes for the whole set.  This is an almost metallic pink, with tiny bits of.... silver shimmer?  Glass fleck?  I can't tell... it's not quite glitter and not quite shimmer, and like I said, it gives it an almost metallic effect.  This polish is very, very shimmery and glowy.  It glows on your nails.  I don't know if it's this finish or the colour that made my hands look so good, but this seemed to look really good on me... or so I thought, anyway.  I can't wait to try the blue one next.

Okay, so that's all for right now.  I will do a seperate post on my Easter mani coming up.... as well as my BS haul from yesterday  :p  Yes, I made one last haul... and now I'm on a serious low-buy until after my TD order and backed-up Zoya order arrive.  I have sooooo many polishes to play with.  I need to do something other than haul posts for a while - that's all this blog has turned into, hauls and random backlogged NOTDs  :p  Maybe I'll do a comparison post, or a collection post, or show you my stash, or maybe I'll actually sit down and (gasp!) swatch for once.  I don't know.  I'll try.  But next up, one last haul and my late Easter mani  :)  See you then.

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