Thursday, May 19, 2011

Late For Theme Week Part Two: My Misa Stash

This is the last obnoxiously late Theme Week post I'm doing, I promise!  The lameness will subside.  Also I have to make this quick.... was up all night and now I'm falling asleep :S  It's really not that long, though.... cuz my Misa stash isn't all that big :|  But it's still really nice!  (TWSS?)

I will say this about Misa - they are awesome and I love them and there's about a billion more I want, but they have some of the longest, most annoying-to-type-out names out there :p
I love Misa's bottles.  They're so square and... sturdy-looking?

Here's a closer, more personal look at my fledgling collection:
Bikini With A Martini, Cherry Topping, Love Bite, Lather Rinse Repeat.

A Sunny Smile Makes Me Go Wild, Let's Go Green, The Grass Is Greener On My Side, Blue Over A Boy, Pour Me Something Tall and Strong.

Throw Me Something Purple Please, Decadent Drifter, Fountain Of Youth, Whimsical Wish.

Dance Fever, Confection Section, Ghetto Fabulous, Toxic Seduction.

Aaaaaand that's pretty much it.

And how about some of the only Misa swatches I have?  Yes, my Misa stash is largely untried *hangs head in shame*.  I've never even tried Decadent Drifter - can you believe that?? I want to try that, TMSPP and perhaps BWaM on my toes...

Here were my two picks from the Spring 2011 Wishes collection.  First up, Whimsical Wish:

...which I love. I screwed up the middle finger, sorry - pls to ignore. I thought these were going to be frosty and sheer, but they're acutally very opaque with a pretty, glowy shimmer to them!
Usually pale colours like this on me give me corpse hands, but I like this one! It's a pale cream colour with peach and gold shimmer - it winds up looking like a very very pale, creamy peach.  This is a great Boring Office Neutral for me - just enough shimmer to make it really interesting and pretty :)

And here's my other pick, Fountain Of Youth:

Again, I really, really liked this so much more than I thought I was going to.
Again it's a very pale, shimmery mint green with a blue/green iridescent flash. Again, opaque in 2 coats :) I think I might do a full mani of this - I like it so much better than I thought I would!  The shimmer is very fine, but there's enough interesting stuff going on that it doesn't look frosty and horrible.  I love the slight teal iridescence - these seem to me like a modern update on the classic pale shimmer.  A way to wear light, airy colours with a shimmery finish without lookin like your Grandma!  Sure!

And finally, we have Pour Me Something Tall And Strong:

This came out a couple summers back - Summer 2009, I believe...  and it's a meduim squishy blue jelly.
BLUE JELLY, people!  I think from those two words alone you can surmise how I feel about it :p  But it also applied really nicely - this is 3 coats - and it's one of the best blue jellies out there.  If you like jellies, you absolutely 100% need this!  It's darker and more unique than most blue tones out there, but it's still so bright and vibrant!  I ended up topping it with two different coloured flakies, and... wow... I might show you one day... if I ever get my act together  :-/

So before I dismiss you for the May Long Weekend (in Canada) (for some people... I know others just have Monday off), I have two questions for you (yes, again):

1. Am I missing any must-haves Misas?? I've been hesitant to purchase the much-revered Dirty Sexy Money, cuz I own $OPI Ocean Love Potion and it's a dead-on dupe.... but any others? (I already want a bunch of the d/c'ed duochrome ones - Decadent Drifter is the only one I have, but I will get more, muahaha...)

and 2.) Any of these you'd like to see pics of?  It's embarrassing that I have so many untrieds from such a great brand.  I need to work my way through my Misas.  Anyone?

Okay, this post took a lot longer than I thought it would.  I'll be back with some OPI stuff for OPI week, though, I promise!

Oh, yeah, one last little thing....

GO CANUCKS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Late for Theme Week: My Nicole Stash!

Okay, so you all know the Nail Board is doing theme weeks now, yes?  Well, they are.  And yes, yes, as most of you know, last week was Nicole by OPI's week... but I had stuff to do, and I got sick :(  As I really don't want to have taken all these pics for nothing, and I'm the boss of me, I'm posting it late.  Sorry for being so lame.

Here's a breakdown of the Theme Weeks from nbthemeweek's notepad:
WEEK 1 (OVER): Sally Hansen
WEEK 2 (OVER): Nars, Zoya, Revlon, Etude, Model's Own, Ulta3, New York Summer
WEEK 3 (OVER): Dupe Week!
WEEK 4 (OVER): Dior, Misa, L'oreal, Face Shop, Barry M, BYS, Wet N Wild, Milani, Nicole By OPI
WEEK 5 (May 16) : OPI
WEEK 6 (May 23) : Frankens, Finger Paints, American Apparel, Sephora By OPI, Accessorize, TINS, Joe Fresh, Chi Chi, Mavala, Lancome
WEEK 7 (May 30) : Urban Decay, Island Girl, Confetti, Ulta, Toma, Essence, Diamond Cosmetics, Glitter Gal, Canmake
WEEK 8 (June 6) : China Glaze
WEEK 9 (June 13) : Lippmann, Color Club, BBC, Nails Inc, Chelsea, Pa, Australis, Golden Rose, Anna Sui
WEEK 10: Spa Ritual, Rimmel, IsaDora, Goldies, H&M's, MAC, Boot's No. 7, NYC, LA Colors, LA Girls
WEEK 11 (June 27): Illamasqua, Collistar, Nfu Oh, Borghese, Maybelline, Ozotic
WEEK 12 (July 4) : Chanel, Rescue Beauty Lounge, Nubar, Cover Girl, Gosh, Elantro, Koh, Icing, Claires, Hot Topic, Bloom
WEEK 13 (July 11) : Random Week- Any brands you have not included in the other weeks!
WEEK 14 (July 18) : Essie
WEEK 15 (July 25) : Orly
WEEK 16 (August 1) : Creative Nail Design (CND), Pro10, Hard Candy, Pure Ice, MNY, P2, Catrice, Skin Food

So as you can see, I missed out on Sally Ho and Zoya already :(  Which, boo.  But I also have a large collection of Nicoles, so I have to post this late!  And I like my Misas, too, so I'm gonna do a seperate post about them.  It'll be much smaller - I have way more Nicoles than Misas, unfortunately.

So enough ado... Oh, and some of these photos are watermarked wrong.  They're my photos, I assure you (like I'd steal such crappy photos XD), so just ignore that, mmm'kay?

As I said before, I have an embarrassing amount of Nicoles. Way too many. I don't know how I ended up with so many. Well, okay, I do, but it's like I blinked and they bred and multiplied on their stand or something...

See? This is just some of them o___O I have to keep them in a stand because it p!sses me off to no end trying to stuff them in a drawer. They take up so much space and don't fit nicely into anything - aargh! Has there ever been as colossal a FAIL as the NOPI bottle? If only they had designed a decent bottle! Imagine how differently we'd look at the line!
I don't want to own so many - I hate that fugly effin bottle as much as any of you - but they've just put so many awesome colours out in the past year or two and I am WEAK when it comes to awesome colours :p Honestly though, out of the bajillion Nicoles I own, I don't think there's a single one I would get rid of... at least I think there isn't :S What do you guys think - could I stand to lose any of these here? Any of them have lots of dupes, or anyone just not like one for any particular reason? If anyone has any suggestions for purging, I'm more than open to them! :)
Here's they all are - I'mma do my best to name them all for you:

Nail Ya Azalea, Mango Maven, Traffic Cone, You're An Angel, Yellow It's Me, Lemon-Lime Twist.

Hint Of Mint, Make Mine Lime, Diva Into The Pool, Iceburg Lotus, Fell From The Tree.

A New Kind Of Blue, Sky's The Limit, Virtuous Violet, Di-Vine Is Divine, Black Cat-Cha Later, I'm A Pool For Love (which probably belongs with the blackened glitters below, but you'll ignore that, won't you?)

Razzle Dazzler Matte (the only matte one I own - I didn't like the rest of them), Wink Of Twink, Imagine If... (okay, these two look like dupes to me - I could probably get rid of one of them, no?), Glitz and Glisten, Gone Wishin' (is this a dupe for Sinful Frenzy or $OPI Too Good For Him? anyone know?), You're A Star.

The four Gossip Girl polishes: Party In The Penthouse, Scandal Secrets & Sparkle, Too Rich For You, Nicole...Spotted!, and a random Oy Oy Oyster.

It's kind of hard to tell these apart here - sorry for the crappy pic. Blues In The Night, Party At 3am!, Midnight Madness, Drama In The Dark, Turn Out The Lights. I love Nicole's blackened glitters :)

Let's Get Star-ted, Honey-Dew You Love Me, Have A Heart, Spring Romance, Step 2 The Beat of My ?. I love shaped glitter too :)

Some Biebers (I think they're Biebers..) Count On Me (this is so pretty for layering), Brilliant Idea, Nicole's Nickel, Me + Blue. I had a purple glitter one but I swapped it away... and I think I want it back :S

And these are my favorites:

Season's Gray-tings (my favorite Nicole!), Sensational Scarlet, Such A Go-Glitter (my second-favorite Nicole!), Spark My Mistletoe, Bring On The Tinsel, Pitch-Black Glimmer. The last holiday collection was awesome... I was told they were LE Target exclusives, so I went crazy trying to aquire them before they went OOS... only to have them show up in Shopper's Drug Mart four months later >__< They still have them, too.

Let's just look at Season's Gray-tings one last time....

Gorgeous.  Look at that holo.  Would you believe this is untried?  Yes, my favorite Nicole is untried *ducks to avoid flying garbage*.

But before I end this late, mostly pointless post, I do have some pics of Nicoles I have actually worn...

Yellow It's Me.  A yellow with noticeable pink shimmer - now how many of those can you say you own?

Bring On The Tinsel (over Orly Wandering Vine), from last Christmas.  Red, yellow, blue, green and silver glitter.  
Really crappy swatch of Glitz and Glisten.  This was only available in Canada in a 2-pack with some eggplant creme colour...  I was not amused.  You're probably not amused by this pic. or else you are.  Either way, I'm sorry :(

Too Rich For You.  Blackened blue shimmer.  I love blackened blues.
You're An Angel.  Pink with rosy gold (glass fleck?)shimmer.

Such A Go-Glitter.  Deep blue, full-coverage glitter, with the occasional fleck of gold.  Okay, this is a really blurry, horrible pic, but OMG LOVE!  Reminds me a bit of Nubar Night Sparkle.

Lemon-Lime Twist.  Kind of a chartreuse shimmer.

Iceburg Lotus.  Stupid name, but I'll forgive it because it's a teal with pink and purple shimmer!  How awesome is that?! Nicole is really on to something here with the contrasting shimmers :)

I'm a Pool For Love.  Again, the name is beyond idiotic (pool?...uh... it's a blackened glitter...) but this has duochromatic glitter in a black base, so again, I don't care.  The glitter shifts from blue to purple depending on the light.  Not the best pic, as usual, but trust me when I say if you like blackened glitters like I do, it'll be worth it to pick this one up.

Okay, that's it for my Nicole post!  Like I said before, waaaaaaaayyyyy too many of the little saggy bewb bottles.  But Nicole has been killing it lately in my opinion - every collection they've put out since last summer (the collection with Traffic Cone, Nail Ya Azalea and A New Kind Of Blue - yeah, that collection and every one since) has been absolute love.  Which kind of sucks, because up here in Canada Nicoles are expensive - $11 regular price, and I'm not really wanting to acquire any more of them!  But if they keep putting out collections as spectacular as these, I might have to   >___<

Okay, as promised, I'll be back later with my Late Misa Post!  Oh yeah, and being as this week is OPI week, and even though I've already done a post with my OPI collection, I guess I'll do something to do with that too  :p  'Till later!