Tuesday, February 28, 2012

OPI Did It On 'Em

Did what? On who?

Also, I don't know why the Blogger app is sharting all these stupid HTML characters all over the title of this post, just because I want to use an apostrophe :( Hate this app. Hate.

Anywayyyyy, Did It On 'Em. At first I thought this was too similar to 2010's Who The Shrek Are You? so I initially passed on it until about a month ago... I'm glad I picked it up now! I have them both pictured at the end of this post - DIOE is on the left. They are very very, VERY similar polishes, but DIOE is a touch lighter, has a tiny bit more yellow and is actually a less saturated pea green than WTSAY... I'm not sure which I prefer, to be perfectly honest.

But I do like the colour. I'm all about brights for spring as well as pastels, and this is such a sunny, cheerful, vibrant chartreuse that it just lifts my spirit to have it on my nails. It's funky. It's different. I like it. And I like to think I'm fashionable enough to be able to pull it off and not look tacky (just humor me on this, will ya?). Seriously though, I think it looks amazing with a denim shirt - the green just pops. I really want to try this on my toes - and I'm dying to see what Super Bass Shatter looks like overtop!

Did you guys watch the Oscars? I need to see this Artist movie, apparently... What else is new with y'all? I've been having a really strong urge lately to just say f-k it and make the most obnoxiously annoying of all YouTube videos - the shopping haul :p. seriously. I really want to make a haul video. Do I know anything about making videos or fashion or vlogging? Hell no. Do I have a good camera, a good setup and decent lighting? No, no and no. Will it be terrible? Undoubtedly. Will I get crucified by trolls? Probably. Do I want to do it anyway? Yes! What the hell is wrong with me? More than you will ever know :p. okay, I promise you won't have to hear about that anymore.

I actually ended up really loving this whole Nikki Minaj collection! I like it better than the new Holland one, from which by the way, I have my selections to review. I'll have that up soon :). But yeah, definitely go check out this collection if you haven't already (but of course you have, because you're a polish-minded person like myself. You most likely wouldn't even be reading this blog if you hadn't ;p)

My blog is too wordy :p. bubye!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

NOTD: China Glaze Cling On

Real quick NOTD for you all. Have I been titling all my posts with "NOTD" lately..? I don't think I have. Blah. Deduct points for inconsistency.

I picked up all the China Glaze Magnetix polishes from my awesome local beauty supply last week (they had the Prismatix glitters in too! But no Hunger Games yet...) except for the brownish-beige one. May have to go back and get it :p. Anyway I found these polishes to be a bit trickier to apply than my Layla Magneffects. The magnet (which the SA gave me for free - I didn't know you had to purchase them. I thought they came with the polish, and apparently so did the SA!) isn't as strong as the Layla magnet, and I had trouble with the pattern on a couple of my fingies. I still love the effect, though.

Overall, I highly recommend these. Pick one up if you see them. I mean, come on. Magnetic polish. So cool. It's like this year's crack polish :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

China Glaze Some Like It Haute

This was from the Marilyn Monroe-themed Eye Candy collection that came out in Winter 2011. Scrangie listed this on her Favorites of 2011 post, which might as well be an extra sticker on the bottle saying OMGLEXBUYMENAO!!!

It's pure gorgeousness. Fine silver glitter in a charcoal base with larger holographic hex glitter. Kind of similar to Orly Rock Solid but the charcoal base is deeper.

This polish actually sort of has a story. I got this before Christmas, knocked it off my tv tray that I sometimes use to do my nails, and it broke. Sad face. And mind you I've knocked a billion bottles of polish, both China Glaze and otherwise, off my tv tray before (and much higher things for that matter, like my kitchen counter) and NEVER had one break on me before D: So I searched and searched, and just before I was about to buy on on EBay, I saw it in the local Chatters Salon at my mall. The last bottle left. So this is it :). Cool story bro.

So yeah, Some Like It Haute. Huh... Is "haute" really pronounced like "hot"? I usually pronounce it like "hote", as in rhymes with "oat". Whatever. This is why I blog and not vlog :p just get the polish. If you like dark polishes, greys or sparkly things, you'll like this.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

OPI Gettin Miss Piggy With It, and Other Subpar Pictures

Ok, I just found this post saved to my phone and I thought it had long ago been deleted ... This is the last post I made before I just got so frustrated I decided to stop blogging for a while :-/ I guess I might as well post it. I'll be trying to get back into the swing of things and posting again... Although I may just have to rename this blog Nails On The Go: The Crappy Cell Phone Swatches Blog! since I have yet to resolve my ongoing laptop/Picasa issues :(

If anyone has any idea what free software I can use to edit photos, or if you can tell me why Picasa will not longer work on my desktop, please let me know. For now, here's this ancient post from November sometime, iirc...

BlogPress on my phone just deleted this entire post :(

Okay, I really don't have the heart to type out everything I did before :( but I'll quickly restate that I don't know why I even have any followers left, and I appreciate wholeheartedly those of you that are bearing with me and my crap blog and pics right now.

So this is OPI Getting Miss Piggy With It.

I slathered on about four or five coats and it still wasn't dense enough for me.

Yeah. I thought this'd be my fave Muppet polish, but I think I'm gonna give it away and get the similar-looking China Glaze glitter from the Eye Candy collection instead.

More? You want more crappy pics? (says no one). Okay, okay, I must oblige...

I had to be understated this day, so I did Essie Cool-lots, but then tried to get away with some gold holo glitter on the tips - I used Color Club Jingle Jangle.

Blah. And they made me take it off anyway :(

This was the Kleancolor Metallic Mango that I couldn't wait to try...

...Metallic Fuchsia was more impressive :-/. Still very glowy as well, though. It's probably the brightest coppery bronze-y colour I own. The finish is like Orly Glitz and Glamour or OPI Rising Star, but much deeper and more orange-toned.

Gawd, these pictures.... :( (Okay, okay, I'm over it... deep breath...) This one I actually did like. It's OPI Gone Gonzo overtop of Zoya Ibiza. Man, I get angry at Zoya Ibiza for not flashing the sparse little tiny holo glitters at me on my nail like, ever... so it gets topped with one coat of Gone Gonzo :). The aqua colour of the glitter pops against the navy blue background. It's a good combo. Try it! Any deep navy blue will work... Go grab a $.99 Wet N Wild Blue Moon if you don't have a good navy yet.

Okay, that's all for now. If anyone could ever tell me a good free software program that lets me crop and lighten my pics (like Picasa, but one that will actually run on my computer) pleeeeeeeeeeease let me know? And then I could maybe post some half-decent pictures of my NoTDs once more?

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ozotic 507 - The Closest To Peridot We'll Probably Ever Come...

I apologize for the severely declined quality in both my posts and photos... I'm just kind of chucking whatever up here just to have some content. And all on my phone. Yeah. I know... Who blogs from their phone right??? Do they have a Shittiest Nail Blogs On The Web award? Someone send me the button o__O

Anyway, I hauled a small haul from Harlow & Co. recently (if you wanna see it, lemme know...), and it included three Ozotics, one of which was this. And while this is beautiful and gorgeous and stunning and all that... It just looks so damn similar to Chanel Peridot. With a less-strong duo chrome effect (which I mean, who wants that?? More, MOAR duochrome! Never less!!). And since I not only own Peridot but had to jump through hoops to get it, I don't want to wear anything that's like a watered-down version of it...

I'm making this polish out to sound not-that-great. Don't get me wrong. It's definitely great, especially if you don't own Chanel Peridot. If you missed Peridot, like the title says, this is The Closest You Will Ever Come. It's a gorgeous green-gold shimmer that flashes teal at angles, and it looks unbelievable in the bottle. I'm just kind of upset that i paid almost $20 (yeah, these Ozotics aren't cheap. It's the crushed fairies and unicorn DNA in the ingredients... jacks the price up, dontcha know...) for something I have a dupe of >___<. And what's worse, I have yet ANOTHER polish that looks similar to these two that I got from Harlow & Co as well (Model's Own Golden Green). I'll have to try that as well. I actually have the whole Beetle Juice collection to go through, so expect to see some of those, as well as my other goodies from H&C.

Alright, that's it for now. The other really annoying thing about these Ozotics is: although 3 different websites sell them now, their shipping is GAH! and none of the sites ever have all the polishes you want in stock at the same time xp

Monday, February 6, 2012

My Superbowl-Themed Nails

I don't like the Giants and I don't like the Patriots. But both teams have the same colours - red, blue and white - so I couldn't miss either way :). I don't even really like football, tbh - I like it more than baseball, which isn't saying much - but the game turned out to be way more exciting than I anticipated. I actually watched it. Now that's saying something :p

Sorry I haven't posted in forever. I'm aware of how lame this is. My computer still is having problems though and, well, YOU try blogging from your phone. It doesn't work very well. I'm using the Blogger app right now, because the BlogPress app - that I paid for :( - isn't letting me publish anything. It says "it seems like your network is not ready for posting.". Wtf. Why the hell not?

I hate this Blogger app. It sucks. I can't even post a picture in the middle of my post - it appears at the end. How shite is that?!? Truthfully I don't even know if this will publish. But you c here for nails, not bitching and moaning, so here it is.

The red nail is Zoya Sooki topped with OPI Crown Me Already. The blue is Essie Mesmerize topped with the same OPI, and the white nails are Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Whirlwind White topped with LA Girls Glitter Addict Animate and Jostle.

Hope you had a happy Superbowl weekend!