Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kleancolor City Never Sleeps... And A Small Haul

Okay, real quick, because I'm in the middle of playing Final Fantasy VIII and I have a town to explore (go ahead, judge...) - this is Kleancolor City Never Sleeps, one of the Kleancolors I bought the other day...

Ain't she purty?

I like. I knew I would when I bought it. I've always loved multicolored glitters. You guys know that. I admit I was too scared to wear it on its own, though, so I snuck two coats of LA Colors Morning Glory underneath, which is a deep purple jelly with blue shimmer.

City Never Sleeps is small blue and medium sized copper, gold and fuschia hex glitter in a sheer purple jelly base. I only did two coats of it overtop of Morning Glory, and while I'm pretty confident you could get away with layering this to density, I was afraid to :p having never used it before...

My sister was next to me as I was applying it, and she said, quote:"what smells like burning plastic??" Yay, Kleancolor. But i so don't care. This one is gorgeous and I love it, the last one I wore I loved, and I can't wait to wear the rest of them. And they were so inexpensive!

This has already taken a lot longer than I intended. I mean like, a lot. I was literally just going to put the name of the polish and one photo, and that was it :p. (Yeah right...). But I really want show you some stuff I got the other day... These are gonna be the worst, most horrible crappy photos in the world, you guys...

Color Club Beyond The Mistletoe set! I got these at Winners, not the beauty supply, so they have the cheap caps and no labels. I can't even begin to tell you how much that bugs me... According to the box, this is (l-r): Beyond The Mistletoe, Holiday Splendor, Sugarplum Fairy, Gingerbread, Candy Cane, Jingle Jangle.. and a boring clear topcoat that I left out of the photo.

Color Club Backstage Pass set. L-R: Take The Stage (not to be confused with the more orangey-gold OPI Take The Stage), Wish Upon A Rock Star, Backstage Pass, Platinum Record, It's A Hit!, and Fame And Fortune. This was in a clearance section and two of them are normal and have labels, but I still don't really know why I bought this. Look how much bigger the normal lids look - can you tell which two have labels? I will probably never wear any of them except for Wish Upon A Rock Star..

China Glaze Lorelei's Tiara, Some Like It Haute, and Marry A Millionaire, from the Marilyn Monroe-inspired Eye Candy collection. Love these. Want the red one.

Orly Androgynie and Fowl Play. Although I already own two Merry Midnights, I currently cannot find either of them :(. Again, found these at Winner's for the inflated price of 7 bucks each :-/

Essie Absolutely Shore and Butter SeattleLondon No More Waity, Katie. I feel the same way about NMWK as I do about Kate Middleton - I like it, but I feel I haven't really given it much of a chance yet. And AS I've just wanted and never been able to find elsewhere. I also put in an order for BL Wallis and Black Knight while I was there - "there" being Shifeon, in case anyone cares. If you live in Vancouver and you're a Robson St. regular, you've been here, and, well, you know how convincing their staff can be :p

Okay, that's it. Monsters and junction abilities are calling me. Again, make that face at me all you want, I don't care - I love Final Fantasy :p. I'd be all over a themed polish collection o' THAT :D

Location:A City That Does Sleep

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kleancolor Metallic Fuschia

So, I know that last post is an eyesore. There really ain't much I can do about it until I get my laptop fixed. Which I can't do until I get money, which means dragging my miserable arse downtown to my agency and collecting my cheques. (No, I don't mean welfare... cheeky... :p). Which I can't do until Friday. So we're just gonna have to live with these grating, posting-from-my-iPhone spewings until then, okay? Fml.

Anyway, I wore one of the badly-photographed Kleancolors from the previous post today, Metallic Fuschia. Fuchsia. Fucshia. What-freakin-ever. Not even one of the more exciting ones, but I ended up quite pleasantly surprised!

And it looks nothing even remotely like fuschia here. It's very pretty and glowy and a lot more red-toned than it looks here. Very metallic-looking. It looks like purple cellophane Christmas wrapping. It's freakin gorgeous and I absolutely love it.

Also, Seche Vite completely changed the look of this polish, and for the better.

Before Seche Vite.

After Seche Vite. See how much more liquid and glowy it looks? I dunno why this stupid BlogPress app is turning my pic sideways, but I can't figure out how to correct it :(. Again, picture it much pinker and less blue than it is here. I know that's not helpful. But just trust me, this polish is gorgeous. It's another "purple-version-of-Frostbite" title contender, although TBH I think I even like it better than China Glaze Coconut Kiss, and maybe even Sinful Let's Talk, although this is a lot pinker. I still think it's too purple to be called fuschia though. But you need it. Get it. Especially if you're in the U.S, where Kleancolors can be had for around a dollar in many states. Even if you're in Canada, pretend I didn't just tell you that and shell out the four(!) dollars they're gouging us for these at Urban Planet and Stitches stores (and I think maybe some Garage stores as well...?). At least get this one. I can't wait to try Metallic Mango now. Did KC have a whole collection of these "metallic" ones like the Chunky Holos and the Neons? *off to google

P.S Where do I insert tags on this stupid app...? Anyone else use the BlogPress app?

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I bought some polishes yesterday, for the first time in ages...

P.S - I'm trying out Blogger for iPhone. So far I think it SUCKS - can't post photos in between paragraphs!! So I guess the pics of my Kleancolors are all gonna be at the bottom of this post. Do not want. Don't download the free Blogger app, kids - I'm gonna see if I can avoid paying the three bucks for BlogPress and try to find a free alternative. Because while I will pay fifteen dollars for the right bottle of nail polish, I am exceedingly cheap in many other aspects of my life. Except for food and clothes :p. I invest in those.

Anyway, I got an assortment of them, as they were five for $10, and I don't have too many other than the Chubky Holos and a couple random neons...

Okay, yeah. This app sucks. I'll be back with a better one. Since I can't put this below the photo, the polishes are (L-R): Shooting Star, City Never Sleeps, My Valentine, Afternoon Picnic, Salsa Much, Metallic Mango, Metallic Fuchsia (how IS it that you spell fuchsia? I thought it was -cshia, but my iPhone insists its -chsia... Maybe it's. -schia? This is bothering me...), Military Green and Neon Fuschia. Spelled that way :p

I'll be back once I've downloaded a better blogging app :p

Monday, November 14, 2011

Oh and PS...

Two things.

One, OMG I AM SO EXCITED FOR A FREAKING CHINA GLAZE HUNGER GAMES COLLECTION I COULD SH*T!!!!!! Yes I meant to yell that :p My favorite brand doing a collection based on a book I thoroughly enjoyed! Does it get any better?

All Laquered Up has a great preview post on it. I'd link to it but I don't think I can on this Blogger IPhone app thingy. What app do you all use to blog on your phone? What's the best free one? But yeah, I want every single one. The one that's inspired by her dress (sorry, forgot the name... Flaming Gems or something like that?) looks like its gonna be a CC Covered In Diamonds-like flaky!! :D. I love flakies.

And the second thing, which has nothing to do with anything, but if you feel like laughing at someone:

You can't really see my makeup too well here, but I thought I made a kickass Black Swan :) Whatever. Yes, this is amateur hour - I am not, not do I claim to be proficient at applying eye makeup. But it was still fun to do :). However, I am now stuck with five different brands and formulas of silver eyeliner, shadow, and pigment that I'm pretty sure I'll never use :p. Anyone want a HC Eye Def glitter shadow in Robot? :p

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This Blog Is Not Dead

I just wanted to say really quickly - I know everyone must think I've died or lost my love for and interest in nail polish...


Honestly, you know what my problem has been? It's really pathetic - Picasa died on my PC. It just straight up will not work anymore. I can't open it, period. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling - nothing. The program just WILL NOT run on my computer anymore :(. Which has entirely screwed my clueless noob ass, as it's the only free photo-editing software I'm aware of :(

So of anyone can recommend a free program that's easy to use and lets me edit photos, I might be able to start my blog up again...

But I don't want to - CAN'T - let it just die, so for anyone who's still around to read this - you're going to be subjected to iPhone NOTD's. Until I can think of something better. I have a HUGE backlog of photos, but they look like shit and I can't edit them :( So I'm just going to give a giant middle finger to quality photos and content, and just vomit up whatever polish pics I can. And I thoroughly apologize for it :(

OPI Rainbow Connection, overtop of Essie Power Clutch. I highly recommend RC over any dark grey - it allows all the different-coloured glitters to show up and really shine :)

OPI Excuse Moi! I was gonna pass on this one, until Scrangie said it was her favorite :p. far be it for me to ignore the wisdom of Scrange The Wise.

I have more. Wanna see moar? .........really?

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