Monday, November 14, 2011

Oh and PS...

Two things.

One, OMG I AM SO EXCITED FOR A FREAKING CHINA GLAZE HUNGER GAMES COLLECTION I COULD SH*T!!!!!! Yes I meant to yell that :p My favorite brand doing a collection based on a book I thoroughly enjoyed! Does it get any better?

All Laquered Up has a great preview post on it. I'd link to it but I don't think I can on this Blogger IPhone app thingy. What app do you all use to blog on your phone? What's the best free one? But yeah, I want every single one. The one that's inspired by her dress (sorry, forgot the name... Flaming Gems or something like that?) looks like its gonna be a CC Covered In Diamonds-like flaky!! :D. I love flakies.

And the second thing, which has nothing to do with anything, but if you feel like laughing at someone:

You can't really see my makeup too well here, but I thought I made a kickass Black Swan :) Whatever. Yes, this is amateur hour - I am not, not do I claim to be proficient at applying eye makeup. But it was still fun to do :). However, I am now stuck with five different brands and formulas of silver eyeliner, shadow, and pigment that I'm pretty sure I'll never use :p. Anyone want a HC Eye Def glitter shadow in Robot? :p

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  1. WOOOO Hunger Games collection!!! I like your makeup, you should give yourself more credit! It rocks!