Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I bought some polishes yesterday, for the first time in ages...

P.S - I'm trying out Blogger for iPhone. So far I think it SUCKS - can't post photos in between paragraphs!! So I guess the pics of my Kleancolors are all gonna be at the bottom of this post. Do not want. Don't download the free Blogger app, kids - I'm gonna see if I can avoid paying the three bucks for BlogPress and try to find a free alternative. Because while I will pay fifteen dollars for the right bottle of nail polish, I am exceedingly cheap in many other aspects of my life. Except for food and clothes :p. I invest in those.

Anyway, I got an assortment of them, as they were five for $10, and I don't have too many other than the Chubky Holos and a couple random neons...

Okay, yeah. This app sucks. I'll be back with a better one. Since I can't put this below the photo, the polishes are (L-R): Shooting Star, City Never Sleeps, My Valentine, Afternoon Picnic, Salsa Much, Metallic Mango, Metallic Fuchsia (how IS it that you spell fuchsia? I thought it was -cshia, but my iPhone insists its -chsia... Maybe it's. -schia? This is bothering me...), Military Green and Neon Fuschia. Spelled that way :p

I'll be back once I've downloaded a better blogging app :p


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  2. Fuschia. Yeah, that looks right. Thankee :) I'm usually pretty good with spelling, but I think that's one word I just see misspelled so often (especially on makeup and polish) that it's warped my perception :s