Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kleancolor Metallic Fuschia

So, I know that last post is an eyesore. There really ain't much I can do about it until I get my laptop fixed. Which I can't do until I get money, which means dragging my miserable arse downtown to my agency and collecting my cheques. (No, I don't mean welfare... cheeky... :p). Which I can't do until Friday. So we're just gonna have to live with these grating, posting-from-my-iPhone spewings until then, okay? Fml.

Anyway, I wore one of the badly-photographed Kleancolors from the previous post today, Metallic Fuschia. Fuchsia. Fucshia. What-freakin-ever. Not even one of the more exciting ones, but I ended up quite pleasantly surprised!

And it looks nothing even remotely like fuschia here. It's very pretty and glowy and a lot more red-toned than it looks here. Very metallic-looking. It looks like purple cellophane Christmas wrapping. It's freakin gorgeous and I absolutely love it.

Also, Seche Vite completely changed the look of this polish, and for the better.

Before Seche Vite.

After Seche Vite. See how much more liquid and glowy it looks? I dunno why this stupid BlogPress app is turning my pic sideways, but I can't figure out how to correct it :(. Again, picture it much pinker and less blue than it is here. I know that's not helpful. But just trust me, this polish is gorgeous. It's another "purple-version-of-Frostbite" title contender, although TBH I think I even like it better than China Glaze Coconut Kiss, and maybe even Sinful Let's Talk, although this is a lot pinker. I still think it's too purple to be called fuschia though. But you need it. Get it. Especially if you're in the U.S, where Kleancolors can be had for around a dollar in many states. Even if you're in Canada, pretend I didn't just tell you that and shell out the four(!) dollars they're gouging us for these at Urban Planet and Stitches stores (and I think maybe some Garage stores as well...?). At least get this one. I can't wait to try Metallic Mango now. Did KC have a whole collection of these "metallic" ones like the Chunky Holos and the Neons? *off to google

P.S Where do I insert tags on this stupid app...? Anyone else use the BlogPress app?

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  1. i really like klean color's nail polishes i have quite a few myself and they seem to be great they last alot longer then some high end polishes. great mani!