Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Quick NOTD - China Glaze Lubu Heels and Color Club Power Play

Quickly wanted to throw this out there... this is what I wore on my nails Monday when I helped my sis move:

China Glaze in Lubu Heels.  I know the idea of this was to do this on the top and then Ruby Pumps on the underside of your fingernail, so your nails look like Louboutins, but who the hell paints the underside of their nail?  And unless you have Cruella nails, it's pretty much impossible (and y'all know how I feel about super-long nails - great for polish bloggers, bad for life.)  No, I think I'll rock this jelly black with red glitter all on its own  :)  Wear is pretty decent - the end of one nail chipped off after washing some dishes, but that's cuz I didn't use a top coat and my nails are probably in less-than-perfect condition.  This is definitely a winter shade, IMO.

This is what's currently on my toes.  I can't believe I'm posting this - feet are so gross.  Please no perverted comments.

Color Club Power Play.  Another neon purple that comes out matte.  I have four of them now - this, China Glaze Flying Dragon, Sinful Colors Dream On, and a Sally Girl Mini with no name on the bottle (cheap bastards).  I'll swatch them all and compare one day.  This is pretty opaque and matte - not as bad as Flying Dragon, but not glossy.  I just don't care as much cuz its on my toes, and I'm going more for bright colour than finish.  I'll change it soon.  I had CG Shocking Pink on my toes for about 2 weeks, and I loved it every time I looked at it. 

And this was my mani yesterday:

China Glaze in 2NITE.  Denim blue holo.  I mean, wow.  Tons of rainbow holographic sparkle, that shows up even in low indoor lighting.  This might be my favorite from the China Glaze OMG collection.  OMG itself is nice, and I own that, this, L8R G8R, GR8, and TMI  ( I passed on the purple holo cuz I'm getting purple-d out and I own enough already and the pink, TTYL, because I still own a Sally Hansen Nail Prism that looks identical, and the teal one - DV8?  What does that mean anyway? - cuz it just didn't really impress me.)  These CG holos are actually the reason I went back to Secret the other day - to pick up the rest of the collection, especially for later Konad use when I finally get around to ordering a set.  I heard these are great for Konad. 

God I always end up posting way more than I intend to.  Especially for something no one reads.  I need a life.

Haul 01-22-10 from Sally Beauty Supply and NOTD

So, went to Sally Beauty Supply on Friday (drove my ass all the way out to - ugh - Surrey) and got a whole whack of stuff. I meant to post as soon as I got back but it was the weekend and, well, I had better things to do than update a blog that no one reads :( How does one get followers, anyhow? ;...(.........

Anyway (sniff, sniff, wipes nose), wasn't too impressed with the selection at Sally's. The brands they had that I was interested in were the China Glazes, Orly, Finger Paints, Savvy and Nina Ultra Pro, but the selection kind of sucked - a lot of the polishes on my want list weren't there. And everything was sort of overpriced. But anyway, here's what I got...
China Glaze in (top to bottom) Strawberry Fields, Watermelon Rind, Secret Peri-wink-le, Unplugged and Flying Dragon.
Orly in Opal Hope (I blame Scrangie for this one), Swizzle Stick, Plum Noir and Green With Envy.Nina Ultra Pro in Out Of The Blue, Tangerine Dream, Mermaid and Sweet Nothings.
Close up of Mermaid. It's a pale mint green with gold shimmer and a slight duochrome effect.
Savvy Nail Laquer in Totally Teal and Deja Blue.And finally, Finger Paints in (top to bottom) Easel Come, Easel Go, Silver Sculpture, Lavender Highlight and Curator's Coral. I wanted ECEG because I don't own a really foil-like silver, and I'm not paying for Minx (I'd rather invest in some Konad first). I haven't worn it on its own yet, but it looked really really shiny. I like shiny things :p

And now, some skittles swatches:
Thumb to pinky: Orly Green With Envy. Orly Opal Hope, Nina UP Mermaid, Nina UP Sweet Nothings, Nina UP Tangerine Dream (much darker and more coral than in the bottle).Pinky to thumb: Sally Girl Mini nail color in Champagne Kisses (yeah, I totally forgot to take pics of these - I got five mini polishes at Sally's too, cuz, hello, they were 99 cents. I'll post one later), China Glaze Watermelon Rind (love), China Glaze Secret Peri-Wink-Le, China Glaze Flying Dragon (so disppointed in this one. The finish is matte as hell, and the red and blue glitter doesn't really show up, it just makes it appear kind of murky. I wouldn't even call it neon. It's not bright and glossy like I so wish it was. I didn't get the heads up on the matte-ness of the INK collection until after I'd ordered them. Ah well. A super-glossy patent top coat might salvage it...) and China Glaze Strawberry Fields (love love!)

Out of all of them, my faves so far are Watermelon Rind and Strawberry Fields. China Glaze rules with its colours, as usual. I did a manicure on my sis for the weekend in SF. I forgot to take a pic (yeah, I know, get a brain) but it looked amazing. Juicy pink laced with shimmery gold. Drool. I don't own anything remotely like this. I love any polish with a gold shimmer.

I also am loving the formula on the Finger Paints polishes. I wore two of them over the weekend and was impressed with them both all night. You want to hear all about it, don't you? Of course you do ;p Okay fine, I'll keep it brief. Friday night I went to a friend's house to play a game of poker. Looking back, I wish I owned Color Club's Poker collection, with all the poker-inspired names... I play poker all the time and would love a poker-inspired collection.... hmm, note to self for Transdesign order. Anyway, I was wearing a very neutral oatmeal-coloured Fair Isle cardigan and wanted something punchy to brighten it up, but on trend at the same time. Since I live in the 'burbs and we're about a year behind on all trends (with the exception of yours truly, naturally) I decided to go for good ol' purple. Lavender Highlight looked great on my nails all night, and I literally threw it on five minutes before we were out the door. Except for a small smudge on my right thumbnail (from putting on my jacket) it dried pretty fast and was opaque in two thin coats. I didn't bother photographing it though - my app job was that horrible. All over my cuticles that I had to just rim off with my thumbnail in the car. Terribad. But no one but me could tell.

Saturday we just had some friends over and watched a hockey game. I wanted to wear something bright again, and it was Saturday so I wanted a sexier colour (I don't know) so I reached for the Curator's Coral, since it would contrast nicely with the Canuck colours on my jersey (dark blue, green and white, for those unfortunate enough to be unfamiliar with greatness.) Great choice. Just what I wanted. It glowed pretty vibrantly on my nails all night. And since I had to apply it really really fast during first intermission (hence the shite application job, which you'll forgive cuz you love me), it dried fast enough for me to return to the party without anyone missing me (my boyfriend what know right away what I was doing :p) I know, I've become some sort of closet polish junky. I must moderate myself.

Hehe, and on that note, I have another massive freakin haul to show you! Cuz yesterday, I went to Secret Nail and Beauty Supply again! That and probably another random NOTD comin at you, if I can. I did have stuff I wanted to do today - call my mom, pay my phone bill, mail a letter, possibly drive all the way downtown to pick up my cheque - which I'll do tomorrow if I can - and I really really wanted to go to IKEA to get a helmer or even just Wal-Mart to get a plastic drawer storage unit... but I'd rather go to IKEA. Then I could see if they have wall racks for my polish, and I don't care if the bf objects :p Then again, he took the day off today just to take it easy (and to spend it with me, I assume), and since I do love him so, I'll probably put off IKEA to hang out with him if he doesn't want to go. Ah, l'amour.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Crappy Revlon Polish

I don't even know why I waste money on drugstore shit. This polish was like five dollars a bottle too. So not cheap, so not worth it..... even though Midnight Affair, the colour, has been praised online, it still wore like crap.

Those last two pics I ran outside to do. See the little bubbles under my nail and the streakiness? Garbage. And I had OPI Base Coat and Top Coat on, too. Plus I washed about three dishes, and the middle nail peeled almost completely off. Yeah, I'm so done with Revlon polish. I'm seriously giving all mine away. I only have about three or four, but still, so disappointing. I hate wasting my money like that.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mad Men and Off With Her Red!

Making this brief:

So the other night the bf and I went to a Mad Men-themed party. Y'know, they wanted everyone to dress in 1962 clothes and shiz. So what did we do? Hit up Value Village of course! :) I ended up with less of a Betty Draper outfit and more of a Peggy-inspired one, but it worked. Then, it was time to do research online as to hair and makeup!

Hair was a total loss, since I have looong hair and no one, absolutely no one had long hair in the early sixties. It was all bouffants, beehives and poodle perms. Lots of teasing. Ugh. Since I'm not about to cut my hair, I just went for a Veronica Lake 'do, which lost its curl about ten minutes after I curled it. Sigh. Such is my hair.

Anyway, on to the fun part - the makeup. I went with a very simple eye with a nude base and fawn in the crease - all matte of course. I did a very subtle contoured cheekbone in a buff colour, and then lined and filled in my lips with a brick-coloured pencil and applied a really old red CoverGirl lipstick - cuz it was the only red I had. My makeup collection is sad. I've just gotten interested in wearing makeup again. I've never really worn much, but have always enjoyed playing around with it. I like painting :)

So I thought, what else would a sixties housewife wear on her nails for an occasion (and what better to go with my red lips) than a bold, creamy, awesome, fire-engine candy-apple red?
Enter OPI's Off With Her Red! Which I like a whole lot more than I ever thought I would. Its much brighter on my nail than it appears in the bottle - in the bottle, it looks like a muted brick red. On my nails, its more fiery and tomato-y (which is how OPI described it, I think...). Its an orange-based red, so it flatters me more than a blue-red.

Here's my final look. Sorry about the blurriness.Don't I look cute? Note the gross, fallen hair. And you can't even see my white suede Sergio Rossi pumps :p

Ah well. It was lots of fun. Now its time to take the Off With Her Red! off of my nails! (I know, I'm not funny) and decide on what to do next. I don't know what I"m in the mood for and god knows I have lots to choose from. Till later.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

NOTD 01-18 and 01-19

I've discovered that while nail art pens are SO fun to play with, they are also a curse. Putting tiny stripes and dots and god knows what else all over your nails is fun to do, yes, but more often than not looks tacky as hell.

For example, I started off with a simple China Glaze For Audrey mani (one of my fave polishes).
Except on the ring finger cuz I still didn't want to take the nail art off. Then, after some normal tip wear, I decided to do some french tips to cover up with chips. After selecting Color Club Lazer Pink (why?) I ended up with this tacky creation:

Ya see what I mean? Although I do like the blue-and-hot pink colour combo. There's something reminiscient of my youth about it...

Finally I got sick of looking at it and decided to take the nail art off. Which was easier said than done:
Yeah... the base came off, but the Art Club pens stayed on. Plus, look what cheap Sally Hansen remover does to my nails :(
So then I started playing around with mannequin hands shades. I think I may have found my shade:Index finger is NYX Karnak, middle is L'Oreal Sand Castle, and ring is Sally Hansen No Chip 10-Day in Still Standing.
I think Karnak is a pretty perfect match, don't you think? Sand Castle is a touch too pink, although I think it would work as well. And I knew Still Standing would be too shimmery, I was just trying to get away with something less boring. But you know what? I actually like the way this looks on me. I'm gonna wear it one day this spring.

Haul 01-18-10

Try to get all this in on one post...

So at my grocery store of all places (PriceSmart, fyi) I saw, for the first time in years, a display of NYX makeup! I seriously haven't seen this brand sold anywhere around here for years. So I immediately decided to scoop up a couple polishes, since I was by myself and would have infinitely annoyed my boyfriend if I tried to shop for nail polish the next time we were grocery shopping or something...

Here's what I came home with. Left to right, NYX in Dancing Queen, Annie, Mango Cafe and Las Vegas. Ooooh, sparkly forest green... a poor man's Emerald Sparkle?
I also found a couple possiblities for my mannequin hands shade - I know, I said I didn't like it, but I might just find the occasion for it. Left to right, L'Oreal Sand Castle (I remember someone using this shade for mannequin hands on, Sally Hansen 10 Day No-Chip in Still Standing, and NYX Karnak.

Also, I know I said (somewhere) that drugstore brands are ususally too crappy for me, but I spotted this and just had to have it:Yep. Revlon (gasp!) nail enamel in Midnight Affair. I don't have a colour like this, and needed one. I need all the dark colours.

Actually I saw a really great article the other day when I was surfing one of my favorite sites, (sorry, I don't remember how to post hyperlinks, I haven't used html in years and I'm too lazy to go look it up). Yes, the top ten runway-inspired nail polish shades for 2010. If you refer to my last article (ahem), it seems I was bang-on about a couple of the trends. Periwinkle, metallic forest green (yay!), peach (ditto! they even show the Chanel shade I want! Along with Particuliere - yes, I changed my mind about that one too. Me wants...), and "uniform" blue (huh? again? will my Essie Mesmerize from last year work?) chunky gold glitter (yaaay! I love glitter! And how BADLY do I want that RBL Look Rich Be Cheap, but its almost as much as a Chanel polish.. Be Cheap my ass...) (Are all RBL Polishes that expen$ive? I may have to search for dupes...), nude polish (duh - got that covered) persimmon (?) (I may sound extremely obtuse here but how does this differ from coral?) (the example they list is OPI Hot N' Spicy, which I just may check out, but would my new NYX polish in Mango Cafe qualify as "persimmon"?), lavender (of course. I need to find one with no shimmer), mint green (still huge) and what they called "Black and Blue". Yeah. Sometimes I know my wallet wishes I didn't read articles like this.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sephora by OPI I'm With Brad

Sorry I didn't post this yesterday... The Turned Up Turquoise (well, the tip with the Claire's glitter on it anyway) came off after one drive to get a bowl of ramen :p So when I got home, I needed another colour to quickly slap on the eight nails that were turquoise. I was in the mood for dark polish, so the first polish I saw that fit the bill was a Sephora by OPI polish that I had bought around Christmas, but never used.

I'm With Brad, the shade is called (the Sephora by OPI polishes have some of the stupidest names...) I never really gave this shade much regard before, but it really is gorgeous. It's a deep deep coffee brown colour with tiny miscroscopic red and gold shimmer partcles distributed throughout. It looks like a deep wine colour on my nails, but when you look closer its really pretty. Sorry for the bad polish job by the way.

Also, the formula is great. It's a dream to apply, not streaky at all and opaque on the first coat, and I've had it on since yesterday with no top coat and it hasn't really chipped at all.

Since its actually a sunny day though, I'm probably gonna take it off my nails and apply something more light and happy and spring-y. I actually don't even know what I'm gonna do with myself today, but I haven't worn makeup for about 7 days, so I'd really like to actually have a reason to put some on and make myself look at least half-pretty for a change... :p

Friday, January 15, 2010

Nail Polish Trends

Okay, so I've been spending a lot of time surfing the various nail blogs, looking at all the new spring collections the various polish companies have put out, and checking out the polish trends at runway shows. These are a few trends I've noticed for fall:

Mannequin hands: This trend was all over the runways, and a few websites have had lots of articles dedicated to it. This is where you find that perfect "nude" shade of polish that matches your skin tone, and gives you that look like mannequins' nails have - a flesh toned polish that looks elegant and lengthens your hand and fingers. I think its boring. Yeah, it could look okay in professional environments, or among the high-fashion set... but I like colour. At least even a little bit of colour. Besides, why would you want your hands to look like a plastic mannequins'? Some girls even take it to the next level of authenticity and add a matte-ifying top coat overtop, which really gives you that plastic doll hands look. Um, creepy?
Still, will I try it? Probably, yes. I was almost tempted to buy CND's Putty the other day, cuz I thought it looked like a pretty good match. I'll probably pick up a nude polish sometime before spring, just to have it in case I want to follow the trend one day, but I'll keep my top coat shiny. Which brings me to the next trend:

Matte polish - I know this was more last fall, but I'm still seeing it here and there. Matte needs to go. Now. I don't really like anything about this trend. Matte black and dark polishes look like you've coloured your nails with a felt pen. It looks weird, and kind of ghetto. I like my nails to be shiny if I have polish on them. Ugh. It was an interesting concept, but I don't think I'll be purchasing any OPI Suedes or any of that crap anytime soon. Hopefully we won't see anymore for spring...

Fake nails - I dunno if this is so much a trend as a personal preference, but do people really wear press-on nails?
I can't think of anything more tacky and annoying. Don't you ever use your hands to like, I dunno, pick up objects? Not to mention they look horrible. If you really want Evil Tacky Lady nails, grow them out! Or realize that they make you look like a witch and stick with a more natural look.

Mint Green polishes - Essie's Mint Candy Apple, the notorious Chanel Jade, and the like. I luuuuurve. I haven't gotten my hands on one yet. I know, this trend is so last winter as well :p I want any of them. I've passed on buying OPI's Gargantuan Green, or something like that, because I thought it looked more lime and not like a true mint, but am I wrong? Also, I'm lemming for the Refresh-Mint shade from the new China Glaze spring Up & Away collection like NObody's business.... Make that the whole collection.

True Peach - Maybe this isn't a trend, but I'm searching for a true peach shade for spring as well. Having a hard time physically locating one. Will probably end up ordering one. I'm thinking the peach shade from the new Barielle Wildflower collection, Blossom, might be perfect: Or Peachy Keen from the aforementioned China Glaze Up & Away collection. (Or hell, just gimme every shade from both collections :p) Even the nude shade from the new Chanel spring 2010 Les Impressions de Chanel collection (I think its called Inattendu?) could maybe be peach on my nail... but the odds of me spending almost 30 bucks Canadian to find out are slim to none...

Grey/Taupe polishes - Not a huge fan of this trend either. I do own China Glaze's Recycle, which is about as grey as you can get, and I do plan on buying Metro Chic by OPI by Sephora, just because I've planned on getting it since last fall and its a unique, almost landmark shade, but that's it. Seriously. I don't want murky, depressing polish that reminds me of what the sky looks like during this time of year at 3 pm. I wear enough taupes and greys in my wardrobe - if my polish matched, I'd be just a blob of grey blah. Its not pretty. I like polish that's pretty. Or funky. Or something. For example, the new Chanel Particulière polish that everyone's freaking out over, or the OPI You Don't Know Jacques that was so popular last winter. Yeah, you can have them. Give me creamy Easter-egg coloured pastels, or vibrant neons or dark shiny vampish jewel tones, or even beautiful-but-takes-an-hour-to-remove glitters ANY day.

Dark forest green polish - Once again, I don't know if this is on trend exactly, but all the bloggers have been lobbying for more of these and I couldn't agree more. I'm searching for the perfect dark forest green shade. I don't own a single dark green. I have neon green and lime green and that's it. I've been lemming for Emerald Sparkle for awhile now, but aside from that, I want a cream dark, dark green, and a frost. Badly.

Anyone know of any other Spring 2010 nail trends they've noticed?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

NOTD: Playing with my pens...

So I couldn't decide all evening just how to do my nails - I have about a billion ideas, but only ten nails. Wow, I'm such a dork. Anyway, I ended up doing this to my nails:
Yeah, I was just playing around. I'm not really satisfied with the way this looks. I don't think it looks bad, per se, but... I dunno. I did the ring finger as my accent, and played around with a design I copied from the back of the Art Club box.

That was before I put the Top Coat on. Left hand:
The colour on the rest of my fingers is the China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise, with a Claire's Green Confetti glitter on the tips. The Turned Up Turquoise dried unexpectedly matte, which you can see in the second pic before I put on top coat. Some people like this, but I don't particularly care for it (I'll post later about nail trends and what I think of them). The base colour I used for my ring finger is an old L'Oreal Bijou Gems polish in B. Powerful - its a bright, bright coral fuschia, but it looks more orangey-red in this pic. Soon, I promise I'll start taking pics with an actual camera instead of being lazy and using my iPhone camera :p The colours in the little seaweed-ish design are Art Club Pastel Blue, Art Club Mint, Art Club Pink Pastel (side note: my Pastel Art Club set came with TWO Pink Pastel pens - TWO of the exact same friggin' colour, in one set!! What the eff, Art Club?? What a ripoff! The hell do I need two Pink Pastels for??) Art Club Fine Silver Glitter, and Art Club Satin White for the dots. Yes, I got a little carried away, but I think it looks okay.

I also convinced my sister to let me paint her nails, which is pretty unheard of - my latest obsession must be rubbing off on her, as she normally doesn't wear nail polish, and rolls her eyes at my enthusiasm for it - and anything really. Just like a lot of younger siblings, she loves to pretend everything I do or like is so lame, yet she's the first one to copy me and act to her friends like its her idea (or nail polish, or sweater, or joke, or band, etc.)

She first painted her nails with an opaque baby pink creme NYC polish (doesn't have a name, just says 108A) but then was like, "Ew, I don't like this, it looks like I painted my nails with white-out and then coloured them with marker." I was like, and you'd rather it be sheer and see-through? And she was like, "Yes!" And I was like, well, y'know, some people like the opaque, creamy polish... I personally don't mind sheers if you want a barely-there look, but I really prefer polishes that take one, maybe two coats to achieve bottle colour. Anyway, she was going to go for the neon purple Color Club Power Play, but then I ended up doing this:
China Glaze in Afterglow. A really pretty polish. Looks like an iridescent sheer pink, but reflects purple, blue and even green in various lights. My sister was like, "Yes! That's exactly what I was looking for!" I even convinced her to let me paint just one accent flower on the ring finger of her right hand:
I got to practice my flower-painting skills :p They could use some work. Also, I'm aware what absolutely embarrassingly horrible quality these pics are. This one's so blurry you can barely even see the quality of my flower :p Just kidding. It's a passible flower. I need a lot more pratice. Don't tell my sister I said that. It actually does look pretty good. I used the Claire's two-way nail art pen in pink for the flower, Art Club Satin white for the centre and dots, and Art Club Mint for the leaves. OPI top coat over everything, o'course.

We'll see how long my nails stay like this for. Probably till tomorrow morning. Everything but the ring fingers, at least. Well, I guess there's more where that came from...

My Haul - 01/14/10

Yay!!! I overcame my laziness, got off my arse and went to my local beauty supply! (well, not really local, but close enough.) I'm gonna write a Yelp review about this place soon - I'll post the link when I do.

I got some things I'm really excited about:
First and foremost, MINI OPI polishes! From the Alice in Wonderland collection. MINIS! I love mini anything! I know, I know, gag. From left to right: Absolutely Alice, Thanks So Muchness!, Off With Her Red, and Mad As A Hatter.

Secondly, I got a bunch of Art Club polishes!White, primary red and yellow, and orange.Glitters (red, green, blue, gold, silver and crystal). And pastels!

I can't wait to start playing around with these. If anyone has any ideas for designs, send them to me please!

I also got a couple of random polishes:China Glaze polishes in Turned Up Turquoise, and Awakening (I think its discontinued..) Color Club in Sexsea.

And last but not least:They didn't have Seche Vite top coat :( my first disappointment. (They had the base coat, but I haven't heard anything all that great about it, so I didn't see the need to spend 7 bucks on it.) So I got this OPI base and top coat set.

My second disappointment was they didn't have any more plain white Art Club pens :( :( I don't have a white, and white is essential. They had a satin white, which I got. I don't know what it looks like yet, but I hope its opaque enough. Whatever - if its not, I can just dip the brush in my super-opaque Sally Hansen French Tip White polish. I just need the brush, really.

That's all for now! I'm gonna take the tiger stripes off my nails, slap on some of my new OPI base coat and decide what design to try out first! As well as what kind of pizza my boyfriend and I should order for dinner. Mmm... 'za.

Really Really Crappy Swatches

Don't know why I'm posting these, but I gotta get some content up I guess...

This is what my nails currently look like at the moment.

Left hand:
Thumb - Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Blue Me Away, Index: China Glaze For Audrey, Middle: China Glaze In The Limelight, Ring: China Glaze Celtic Sun, Pinky: China Glaze Rose Among Thorns

Right hand:

Thumb - China Glaze Shocking Pink, Index: Color Club Amp'd Up, Middle: OPI Banana Bandanna, Ring: Claire's Mean Green, Pinky: Color Club Power Play

This design was inspired by this Youtube Video: by macNC40.

Okay, time to get off my ass and get to the beauty supply store before rush hour starts! I'm looking forward to posting my haul! (That's what beauty boggers do, right? Go buy a bunch of shit then post pics of it? Sounds awesome :)

Setting Up....

So I'm embarrassingly new to the whole blog thing... well, not a complete noob. I've had a couple blogs but they never seemed to pan out... or hold my interest.

Hopefully this will be different!

Basically the theme of this blog is the various phases my preferences and interests go through. I have a few hobbies - my first, foremost and main love is acting, and anything to do with it, but I also like cooking, reading, celebrities, clothing and shoes and purses and the usual material shit, and lately, nail polish.

Yep. Lately I'm obsessed with nail polish. My boyfriend hates it - he thinks the smell is worse than anything he can imagine. I usually have to tell him to grow up, then go paint my nails in another room :p (And this from a guy who works in a steel shop. And smokes.) But I can't seem to curb this obsession! It involves compulsively surfing various nail blogs, endlessly watching youtube videos with examples and reviews of different polishes and designs, and annoying the shit out of anyone I'm shopping with by veering off every time I see a nail polish display. My collection isn't that huge, but its growing.

I've taken some pics of the various colours I've been wearing the past week or two with the intention of putting them on this blog, but I'm warning you: these are not to be compared to the swatches from any respectable nail polish blog. I don't have a fancy camera, or even proper lighting - all the pics are taken in my bedroom, usually at night right after I'm finished polishing, with my iPhone. Honestly I don't even know why I'm posting these, as you can't even really see the colours in these photos. But you'll excuse me cuz I'm a noob, right? I get some sort of grace period, don't I? :p

As of right now, I'm wanting to go purchase a set of Color Club Art Club nail pens - the only nail art pens I own are from Claire's, and I have black, green, pink and blue. I want white, yellow, red... I want the primary set and the glitters set. And they also have a pastel set. I want the pastels because the design examples they give you are gorgeous, but I don't know if my hand is steady enough or if I have to patience to actually recreate any of them, so they might just be a waste of money. Also, I plan on ordering a Konad set in the next week or two, so I don't want to blow too much cash on these freehand nail art pens, since I'm almost positive I'll get better results with Konad. But yeah. Purchasing these pens requires me driving two cities away, so I'm sitting here debating how much it really means to me...

Plus I'm getting hungry. I'm often hungry. I made homemade chili for dinner last night, and OH-EM-GEE was it good. I'm a damn good cook.