Thursday, January 14, 2010

Setting Up....

So I'm embarrassingly new to the whole blog thing... well, not a complete noob. I've had a couple blogs but they never seemed to pan out... or hold my interest.

Hopefully this will be different!

Basically the theme of this blog is the various phases my preferences and interests go through. I have a few hobbies - my first, foremost and main love is acting, and anything to do with it, but I also like cooking, reading, celebrities, clothing and shoes and purses and the usual material shit, and lately, nail polish.

Yep. Lately I'm obsessed with nail polish. My boyfriend hates it - he thinks the smell is worse than anything he can imagine. I usually have to tell him to grow up, then go paint my nails in another room :p (And this from a guy who works in a steel shop. And smokes.) But I can't seem to curb this obsession! It involves compulsively surfing various nail blogs, endlessly watching youtube videos with examples and reviews of different polishes and designs, and annoying the shit out of anyone I'm shopping with by veering off every time I see a nail polish display. My collection isn't that huge, but its growing.

I've taken some pics of the various colours I've been wearing the past week or two with the intention of putting them on this blog, but I'm warning you: these are not to be compared to the swatches from any respectable nail polish blog. I don't have a fancy camera, or even proper lighting - all the pics are taken in my bedroom, usually at night right after I'm finished polishing, with my iPhone. Honestly I don't even know why I'm posting these, as you can't even really see the colours in these photos. But you'll excuse me cuz I'm a noob, right? I get some sort of grace period, don't I? :p

As of right now, I'm wanting to go purchase a set of Color Club Art Club nail pens - the only nail art pens I own are from Claire's, and I have black, green, pink and blue. I want white, yellow, red... I want the primary set and the glitters set. And they also have a pastel set. I want the pastels because the design examples they give you are gorgeous, but I don't know if my hand is steady enough or if I have to patience to actually recreate any of them, so they might just be a waste of money. Also, I plan on ordering a Konad set in the next week or two, so I don't want to blow too much cash on these freehand nail art pens, since I'm almost positive I'll get better results with Konad. But yeah. Purchasing these pens requires me driving two cities away, so I'm sitting here debating how much it really means to me...

Plus I'm getting hungry. I'm often hungry. I made homemade chili for dinner last night, and OH-EM-GEE was it good. I'm a damn good cook.

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