Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Haul 01-18-10

Try to get all this in on one post...

So at my grocery store of all places (PriceSmart, fyi) I saw, for the first time in years, a display of NYX makeup! I seriously haven't seen this brand sold anywhere around here for years. So I immediately decided to scoop up a couple polishes, since I was by myself and would have infinitely annoyed my boyfriend if I tried to shop for nail polish the next time we were grocery shopping or something...

Here's what I came home with. Left to right, NYX in Dancing Queen, Annie, Mango Cafe and Las Vegas. Ooooh, sparkly forest green... a poor man's Emerald Sparkle?
I also found a couple possiblities for my mannequin hands shade - I know, I said I didn't like it, but I might just find the occasion for it. Left to right, L'Oreal Sand Castle (I remember someone using this shade for mannequin hands on, Sally Hansen 10 Day No-Chip in Still Standing, and NYX Karnak.

Also, I know I said (somewhere) that drugstore brands are ususally too crappy for me, but I spotted this and just had to have it:Yep. Revlon (gasp!) nail enamel in Midnight Affair. I don't have a colour like this, and needed one. I need all the dark colours.

Actually I saw a really great article the other day when I was surfing one of my favorite sites, (sorry, I don't remember how to post hyperlinks, I haven't used html in years and I'm too lazy to go look it up). Yes, the top ten runway-inspired nail polish shades for 2010. If you refer to my last article (ahem), it seems I was bang-on about a couple of the trends. Periwinkle, metallic forest green (yay!), peach (ditto! they even show the Chanel shade I want! Along with Particuliere - yes, I changed my mind about that one too. Me wants...), and "uniform" blue (huh? again? will my Essie Mesmerize from last year work?) chunky gold glitter (yaaay! I love glitter! And how BADLY do I want that RBL Look Rich Be Cheap, but its almost as much as a Chanel polish.. Be Cheap my ass...) (Are all RBL Polishes that expen$ive? I may have to search for dupes...), nude polish (duh - got that covered) persimmon (?) (I may sound extremely obtuse here but how does this differ from coral?) (the example they list is OPI Hot N' Spicy, which I just may check out, but would my new NYX polish in Mango Cafe qualify as "persimmon"?), lavender (of course. I need to find one with no shimmer), mint green (still huge) and what they called "Black and Blue". Yeah. Sometimes I know my wallet wishes I didn't read articles like this.

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