Monday, November 14, 2011

This Blog Is Not Dead

I just wanted to say really quickly - I know everyone must think I've died or lost my love for and interest in nail polish...


Honestly, you know what my problem has been? It's really pathetic - Picasa died on my PC. It just straight up will not work anymore. I can't open it, period. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling - nothing. The program just WILL NOT run on my computer anymore :(. Which has entirely screwed my clueless noob ass, as it's the only free photo-editing software I'm aware of :(

So of anyone can recommend a free program that's easy to use and lets me edit photos, I might be able to start my blog up again...

But I don't want to - CAN'T - let it just die, so for anyone who's still around to read this - you're going to be subjected to iPhone NOTD's. Until I can think of something better. I have a HUGE backlog of photos, but they look like shit and I can't edit them :( So I'm just going to give a giant middle finger to quality photos and content, and just vomit up whatever polish pics I can. And I thoroughly apologize for it :(

OPI Rainbow Connection, overtop of Essie Power Clutch. I highly recommend RC over any dark grey - it allows all the different-coloured glitters to show up and really shine :)

OPI Excuse Moi! I was gonna pass on this one, until Scrangie said it was her favorite :p. far be it for me to ignore the wisdom of Scrange The Wise.

I have more. Wanna see moar? .........really?

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  1. Gimp! I use Gimp for all my photo editing and I love it. You can download it at www (dot) gimp (dot) org (not sure if your blog is set up to automatically mark anything with a link as spam, hence the way the address is written).