Thursday, May 19, 2011

Late For Theme Week Part Two: My Misa Stash

This is the last obnoxiously late Theme Week post I'm doing, I promise!  The lameness will subside.  Also I have to make this quick.... was up all night and now I'm falling asleep :S  It's really not that long, though.... cuz my Misa stash isn't all that big :|  But it's still really nice!  (TWSS?)

I will say this about Misa - they are awesome and I love them and there's about a billion more I want, but they have some of the longest, most annoying-to-type-out names out there :p
I love Misa's bottles.  They're so square and... sturdy-looking?

Here's a closer, more personal look at my fledgling collection:
Bikini With A Martini, Cherry Topping, Love Bite, Lather Rinse Repeat.

A Sunny Smile Makes Me Go Wild, Let's Go Green, The Grass Is Greener On My Side, Blue Over A Boy, Pour Me Something Tall and Strong.

Throw Me Something Purple Please, Decadent Drifter, Fountain Of Youth, Whimsical Wish.

Dance Fever, Confection Section, Ghetto Fabulous, Toxic Seduction.

Aaaaaand that's pretty much it.

And how about some of the only Misa swatches I have?  Yes, my Misa stash is largely untried *hangs head in shame*.  I've never even tried Decadent Drifter - can you believe that?? I want to try that, TMSPP and perhaps BWaM on my toes...

Here were my two picks from the Spring 2011 Wishes collection.  First up, Whimsical Wish:

...which I love. I screwed up the middle finger, sorry - pls to ignore. I thought these were going to be frosty and sheer, but they're acutally very opaque with a pretty, glowy shimmer to them!
Usually pale colours like this on me give me corpse hands, but I like this one! It's a pale cream colour with peach and gold shimmer - it winds up looking like a very very pale, creamy peach.  This is a great Boring Office Neutral for me - just enough shimmer to make it really interesting and pretty :)

And here's my other pick, Fountain Of Youth:

Again, I really, really liked this so much more than I thought I was going to.
Again it's a very pale, shimmery mint green with a blue/green iridescent flash. Again, opaque in 2 coats :) I think I might do a full mani of this - I like it so much better than I thought I would!  The shimmer is very fine, but there's enough interesting stuff going on that it doesn't look frosty and horrible.  I love the slight teal iridescence - these seem to me like a modern update on the classic pale shimmer.  A way to wear light, airy colours with a shimmery finish without lookin like your Grandma!  Sure!

And finally, we have Pour Me Something Tall And Strong:

This came out a couple summers back - Summer 2009, I believe...  and it's a meduim squishy blue jelly.
BLUE JELLY, people!  I think from those two words alone you can surmise how I feel about it :p  But it also applied really nicely - this is 3 coats - and it's one of the best blue jellies out there.  If you like jellies, you absolutely 100% need this!  It's darker and more unique than most blue tones out there, but it's still so bright and vibrant!  I ended up topping it with two different coloured flakies, and... wow... I might show you one day... if I ever get my act together  :-/

So before I dismiss you for the May Long Weekend (in Canada) (for some people... I know others just have Monday off), I have two questions for you (yes, again):

1. Am I missing any must-haves Misas?? I've been hesitant to purchase the much-revered Dirty Sexy Money, cuz I own $OPI Ocean Love Potion and it's a dead-on dupe.... but any others? (I already want a bunch of the d/c'ed duochrome ones - Decadent Drifter is the only one I have, but I will get more, muahaha...)

and 2.) Any of these you'd like to see pics of?  It's embarrassing that I have so many untrieds from such a great brand.  I need to work my way through my Misas.  Anyone?

Okay, this post took a lot longer than I thought it would.  I'll be back with some OPI stuff for OPI week, though, I promise!

Oh, yeah, one last little thing....

GO CANUCKS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Been ages since you posted.. Hope things are ok!

  2. my screen cuts out so many of the nail polishes! Never tried this brand before but you make me want to!!