Wednesday, February 15, 2012

China Glaze Some Like It Haute

This was from the Marilyn Monroe-themed Eye Candy collection that came out in Winter 2011. Scrangie listed this on her Favorites of 2011 post, which might as well be an extra sticker on the bottle saying OMGLEXBUYMENAO!!!

It's pure gorgeousness. Fine silver glitter in a charcoal base with larger holographic hex glitter. Kind of similar to Orly Rock Solid but the charcoal base is deeper.

This polish actually sort of has a story. I got this before Christmas, knocked it off my tv tray that I sometimes use to do my nails, and it broke. Sad face. And mind you I've knocked a billion bottles of polish, both China Glaze and otherwise, off my tv tray before (and much higher things for that matter, like my kitchen counter) and NEVER had one break on me before D: So I searched and searched, and just before I was about to buy on on EBay, I saw it in the local Chatters Salon at my mall. The last bottle left. So this is it :). Cool story bro.

So yeah, Some Like It Haute. Huh... Is "haute" really pronounced like "hot"? I usually pronounce it like "hote", as in rhymes with "oat". Whatever. This is why I blog and not vlog :p just get the polish. If you like dark polishes, greys or sparkly things, you'll like this.

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