Tuesday, February 28, 2012

OPI Did It On 'Em

Did what? On who?

Also, I don't know why the Blogger app is sharting all these stupid HTML characters all over the title of this post, just because I want to use an apostrophe :( Hate this app. Hate.

Anywayyyyy, Did It On 'Em. At first I thought this was too similar to 2010's Who The Shrek Are You? so I initially passed on it until about a month ago... I'm glad I picked it up now! I have them both pictured at the end of this post - DIOE is on the left. They are very very, VERY similar polishes, but DIOE is a touch lighter, has a tiny bit more yellow and is actually a less saturated pea green than WTSAY... I'm not sure which I prefer, to be perfectly honest.

But I do like the colour. I'm all about brights for spring as well as pastels, and this is such a sunny, cheerful, vibrant chartreuse that it just lifts my spirit to have it on my nails. It's funky. It's different. I like it. And I like to think I'm fashionable enough to be able to pull it off and not look tacky (just humor me on this, will ya?). Seriously though, I think it looks amazing with a denim shirt - the green just pops. I really want to try this on my toes - and I'm dying to see what Super Bass Shatter looks like overtop!

Did you guys watch the Oscars? I need to see this Artist movie, apparently... What else is new with y'all? I've been having a really strong urge lately to just say f-k it and make the most obnoxiously annoying of all YouTube videos - the shopping haul :p. seriously. I really want to make a haul video. Do I know anything about making videos or fashion or vlogging? Hell no. Do I have a good camera, a good setup and decent lighting? No, no and no. Will it be terrible? Undoubtedly. Will I get crucified by trolls? Probably. Do I want to do it anyway? Yes! What the hell is wrong with me? More than you will ever know :p. okay, I promise you won't have to hear about that anymore.

I actually ended up really loving this whole Nikki Minaj collection! I like it better than the new Holland one, from which by the way, I have my selections to review. I'll have that up soon :). But yeah, definitely go check out this collection if you haven't already (but of course you have, because you're a polish-minded person like myself. You most likely wouldn't even be reading this blog if you hadn't ;p)

My blog is too wordy :p. bubye!

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