Friday, March 2, 2012

OPI Pink Friday

Pink Wednesday? Meh. Nicki Minaj believes in Pink Fridays, apparently. I'm sure it has something to do with her music or one of her songs or something, but since I am so perennially uncool/behind the times I am not familiar with either. But this colour is pretty.

In my picture it's showing a little more blue-toned than in real life. While I would say it's a cooler-toned pink, it has much less blue in it than some other spring-release pinks like China Glaze Dance Baby. I probably have two or three or twenty polishes like it, but I was just drawn to its pretty pinkness and had to get it. And we already know we have problems with the whole Not-Polish-Buying aspect of our personality :p. It's actually kind of similar to Pedal Faster Suzi! from the OPI Holland collection but without the shimmer and a touch brighter.

So, yep. I like. Pretty, fresh, spring-y, and I've been loving the way baby pink polish looks against a soft grey top or sweater. Or with this spring's most popular colour for clothing - mint green! :). First it was all the rage with nails; two years later, it's made its way to our clothing. But its fine with me - i love mint green, and its more vibrant, bluer cousin turquoise :) Turquoise/aqua has always been one of my very favorite colours, after ultramarine blue :) Try wearing a mint or aqua coloured top with a pop of this colour on your nails for contrast! Later on in the summertime, I love the way coral looks with mint green, or neon yellow :D (yes I need a smiley there. Colours make me happy :D) but for that soft, pretty spring vibe that's more transitional, try the pink/mint green nails-top combo :)

Okay, I've blathered on enough. Happy Friday! Also, are you taking place in the March Photo A Day thingie? I am. It's good to blow the cobwebs outta the creative corner of my brain sometimes :p. even though I forgot to post yesterday's photo anywhere :p

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  1. the pink is kinda boring. it's a nice colour. but some occasions call for simplicity :)
    When will you write more posts??