Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Went To Sadly's: Their Sale + Me Getting Paid = Bad

Yeah.  I'm so horrible.  All that stuff I posted the other day, making it look like I do nothing 24/7 except buy polish - and now, I go and go to Sally's, where they're having a sale, and forget it.  Gone.  My sense of reason, that is  :p

Oh, I got China Glaze.  I got Orly.  I got Nina Ultra Pro, Finger Paints and Sally Girl minis.  And the sad thing is, what I went in there for in the first place (Orly Sweet and China Glaze Up & Away - I still need Grape Pop) wasn't even in stock.  I could very well have turned around and walked out of the store - what I went for wasn't there.  But did I?  Oh no - Sally's is so far away from me, and I haven't been there in so long, so since I drove all this way and I'm already here, I might as well have a bit of a look, and hello what's this ohmygod they're having a sale?!  

So after I drop I'mnotevengoingtotellyouhowmuch, instead of walking to my car and going immediately home, then what does my stupid arse do?  I notice they have a Dollar Giant across the parking lot!  So I duck in, and find all these weird-brand-but-interesting-looking polishes for THREE for a buck!  So of course I stock up there and get every colour I find even remotely interesting, and then a couple more for swap extras, and THEN what do I do??!?  I walk across the parking lot again and go into freaking WalmartAgain!!  For like the second time in a week!  Why, you ask?  On the off-chance they might have that Nicole I wanted, because my local Walmart doesn't!  :p  So when I do find it, what do I do?  I proceed to buy not just that one, but four different Nicoles.  Four.

So yeah.  Now I have about fifty billion new polishes.  And you wanna hear the part that's really funny?  I'm just about to pull the trigger on a massive Transdesign order, which includes the new ChG Poolside collection, the Orly Sweet collection, the ones from the CC Wild At Heart collection that I want, a couple d/c'ed OPIs, and a bunch of Misas... and possibly the ChG Bahama Blues collection - I haven't decided yet.  I'm trying to find the willpower to wait until tomorrow after I get back from the States.

Yeah.  I have a problem :p.  Seriously.  Literally almost all of my disposable income is going towards feeding my voracious polish appetite.  How many of you out there are like me, when it comes to this stuff?  What's your vice?  Alcohol?  Drugs?  Gourmet grocery items?  Shoes?  Critereon DVDs?  Action figures?  Video games?  Comic books?  Necklaces?  All beauty products?  Lipglosses?  Soap?    <---- these are all real-life addictions and collections of various friends of mine.  I know a people who have hundreds of each one of these things (okay, well, not drugs :p), and a lot of these things are a lot more expensive to collect than nail polish.  Sure, there are a few polishes out there, various shades of unicorn piss that command hundreds of dollars on evilbay, but I'm not going to be shelling out for them anytime soon.  I don't even want to pay $30 for Creme De Menthe (I think... :p)  I think my vice is relatively harmless compared to a lot of others out there.

Okay, I think I'm done justifying my stupefying spending habits to myself  :p  Let's see some haulage!

First, the boring stuff:
Orly Bonder base coat and some kind anti-yellowing top coat.  Not sure what brand it is.  I've been wanting to try Bonder - I've heard good things about it on the NB, and I'm forever searching for an HG base coat.

Second most boring: the Nicoles I got.  They are pretty, though.  L-R: Sky's The Limit, Di-Vine Is Divine, Diva Into The Pool, and Let's Get Star-ted.  LGS is the one I was looking for.  Still haven't found Fresh-Squeezed yet, though.  STL and DITP have glass-flecked shimmer, and D-VID is a purpleish magenta with gold shimmer.  I hate Nicoles - how many times do I have to say that - but they keep coming up with such awesome colours... and I've never had a complaint about the formula.  What stupid names, though.

Onto the good stuff from Sally's.

Orlys!  A lot of them!  L-R: Charged Up (blue-purple creme), Passion Fruit (bright neon fuchsia creme), Goth (black with silver glitter), Red Carpet (red with red and silver glitter, wonder how it compares to the SH Xtreme Wear of the same name), Star Of Bombay (dark blackened navy with purple shimmer), Fifty-Four (pink, gold and red iridescent shimmer), Love Each Other (blue, pink and purple iridescent shimmer), Flagstone Rush (bronze shimmer), Glitz (gold shimmer) and Ruby Passion (red glass-flecked shimmer).  Yay!  Growin' mah Orlyyyy collection.....!

The always-popular (with me), always-irresistable China Glaze.  L-R: Solar Power (yellow shimmer), Up All Night (dark blue shimmer), Grape Juice (glass-flecked light purple) and Black Diamond (black shimmer).  With Solar Power, I own almost all of the Ecollection except Hybrid, and Grape Juice adds to my Summer Days collection (still need Raspberry Festival, Cherry Pie and Orange Marmalade... Hmm, might order them from TD).

Savvys in the bottle that's being discontinued.  I like this old bottle, though - so nice and square.  This is Deep Amethyst (which I wanted after seeing it in this post, like so many other polishes :p) and Red Caviar (burgundy with gold shimmer).  I now own four Savvys.  Every time I read this name I hear Captain Jack Sparrow's voice in my head.  "Savvy?"

Finger Paints!  L-R: It's An Original, Aritstic Azure, Magenta Mood and Be A Pal-ette.  I saw they had a new Finger Paints blue collection in stock, unlike every other new collection, but I read on the NB that they're painfully, disappointingly sheer.  So I passed on all but Artistic Azure, which is just a re-release anyway.

Nina Ultra Pro polishes.  I initially got a couple of this brand just to give to my sister (her name is Nina), but I ended up really liking them.  L-R: Molten Gold (beigey-gold shimmer), Molten Ruby (kind of a coppery red-gold duochrome - so cool), Last Call (mauvey purple with gold shimmer), Purple Pizzazz (blue-purple with pink shimmer), and Purple X-ing (purple jelly with holo glitter).

Then I noticed a new summer Nina collection that they had put out in place of the U&A collection:
They all have fruity names!  And they look juicy and fruity and shimmery and delicious.  A lot of them are glass-flecked.  L-R: Pomegranate, Star Fruit, Soursop (uh, what? this is blue...), Tutti Fruitti (okay, that's not a fruit), Dragon Berry (I don't think this actually exists, either), and Guava.  Okay, so the names aren't that great, but the polishes are.  Shimmery glass-flecked goodness!

And a billion little Sally Girl minis!  These are so cute!
 These don't all have names.  L-R: Genie, unnamed dark shimmery purple, unnamed pin with gold shimmer, unnamed lavender creme, Satsuma, unnamed blue-green holo glitter, U Glow Girl (glow-in-the-dark?!), unnamed red with gold shimmer, and unnamed blue with pink and purple shimmer.  Lame.  But for such tiny bottles, there are some pretty nice colours.

Okay, and the rest of these are my Dollar Giant haul.  Anyone ever heard of Billie cosmetics anyway?
 L-R: Sweetness, Elated, Solar and Anxiety.  What's with these names?

L-R: Steel Blue, Alloy, Gold and Iron Red.  Metallic shimmers.
L-R: Fuschia, Purple Haze and Majestic.

And these two Paris collection polishes.  Never heard of this brand either.  Gold glitter with gold hearts!  And a shimmery green colour!  I got two of the green - it's so pretty, someone will apppreciate it.

Aaaaand, last but not least, some swap haul I got in the mail this morning:
OPI At Your Quebec & Call!  And Wet N Wild Blue Moon, which I just got the other day, but that's okay!  Thanks pacificnorthwestocean!

Alright, that's all.  I've spent entirely too long typing this.  I really need to familiarize myself with the concept of a No-Buy. 


  1. I think I've seen the Billie polishes on some nail blog before... the Nina summer collection looks so cute! You have to wear Purple X-ing first, it's AMAZING. Probably one of my top 5 favorite polishes. Darnit... looks like I'm making a trip out to the main shopping street tomorrow xD

  2. I hear you loud and clear lady! Lately I've been telling myself that "I am oversaturated with color" I many blues, purples, reds, pinks, greens, browns, metallics do I need? If I have something even remotely like the color I am looking at in my collection and it is untried, then I just don't make the purchase. I am challenged by a small space so I have already overgrown the original idea by 16x!!! Limited space makes it a bit easier to control ones "accumulation of STUFF" sometimes that sucks, but rocks.

  3. YOU ARE A SHOPPING MACHINE! I wish I had a Sally's store in my town. I am happy to see those Billie polish's are found in your city.... I really like that brand and feature it heavily on my blog ( because they are .99 cents and have really pretty colours)

    So Vancouver has Dollar Giant stores eh?..... have you heard of 'Diaso', there is supposed to be one in Van, its an awesome Asian store with tonnes of cool stuff.

  4. I LOVE haul posts! And I must say, seeing yours lately makes me feel better about mine, is that terrible? Seems like all I do lately is post hauls! I'm totally jealous of the Billies btw.