Thursday, February 11, 2010

TD HAUL: Holy Multicoloured, Free-flowing Fountain of AWESOME!!! :Q......

On to my haul  :)

First off, I got my first Misa polish, in Love Bite.  Dark vampy black-red creme.  I really like this, but I'm afraid its a dupe for my Essie Wicked.  I will do a comparison as soon as I can.  I want to order some more Misas so this one doesn't look so lonely in my drawer.  Any suggestions for colours?  I was going to order Blue Over A Boy, A Sunny Smile Makes Me Go Wild, and Bikini With A Martini, but I have so many neons now... any suggestions?  Anyone?  I'm limited to what TD has in stock...

Next, I got a whole bunch of Color Clubs:

The Poptastic Collection.  L-R: Almost Famous (medium yellow neon creme), Wham! Pow! (dark tangerine neon - like the colour of a safety vest), Poptastic (bright medium pink), Warhol (fuschia), Pucci-licious (blueish purple), Rebel Debutante (supposed to be Twiggie) and Chelsea Girl (bright ocean blue creme).  This is Color Club's spring 2010 neon contribution - the counterpart to China Glaze's Poolside collection.  Fortunately, the two are very different and contain no dupes.  Almost Famous looks similar to China Glaze Happy Go Lucky from the Up and Away collection, and Warhol, Poptastic and Chelsea Girl also look similar to polishes I already own, I think.... comps coming up later.

These are the ones I picked out from the Rebel Debutante collection.  The colours are absolutely mutant in this pic!  Nothin like real life.  Sorry!  L-R: High Society (light grey creme), Uptown Girl (light dusty purple creme), Best Dressed List (light fawn/chocolate brown creme - I thought this was nude from the picture on TD, oops :S ), and Rebel Debutante (neon mint green).  I passed on Gossip Column (too similar to too many blues I already own, nothing about it really stood out to me as being special), Ms. Socialite (I own enough purple cremes), She's Soo Glam (cuz...meh.  Another mod pink creme), Charity Ball (because, yuck!), and Who Are You Wearing (I don't know why!  I want it now... I hate no-buyer's remorse!)  I haven't tried any of these yet... and now I'm starting to wonder if maybe Gossip Column and She's Soo Glam are as similar to other polishes as I originally thought... blerg...  I might end up picking up the rest of the collection (except for Charity Ball).

More Color Club neons:

L-R: Jackie Oh!, Peppermint Twist (I thought this was going to be mint green, but oh well - its a cool, neon purpleish pink), Psychedelic Scene (This one I ordered without seeing the colour either.  Which I thought was kind of fun, but really is pretty dumb of me.  I thought this was new, but this looks familiar... I'm going to have to check my local beauty supply, I think they had this there.  This is a bright neon orange, like radioactive Kraft Dinner...), Pure Energy (neon blue with blue-green shimmer) and Electro Candy (medium neon pink with blue and purple shimmer).  I just swatched Pure Energy on one finger, and wow its gorgeous.. bright and neon but shimmery... I just picture what all these would look like on toes...

Color Club Take Me To Your Chateau.  Light blue creme.  Lighter and more white than CC's Blue Light.  This is the only one I ordered from Color Club's Pardon My French collection.  I don't know if all the others are sheers, but sheers aren't really my thing, so I passed.  I need to see swatches of this collection though...

Now, onto the China Glazes!  :)

My selection from the Up and Away collection! L-R: Something Sweet (very light pink creme), Peachy Keen (duh, peach creme), Happy Go Lucky (sunshine yellow creme), Re-Fresh Mint (minty green creme), Four Leaf Clover (medium green creme), Flyin High (dusty teal creme) and Light As Air (very light lavender creme).  Looking back, I wish I had picked up Heli-Yum, High Hopes and Sugar High as well  :p  I need help.  I'll consider ordering them with my next TD order... or at least Heli-Yum...

Some glitters.  L-R: Cloud Nine (white with mulit glitter), Solar Flare (large chunky gold hex glitter.  I love this - I used to have a L'Oreal polish like this when I was in tenth grade, and I used to layer it over dark red and forest green, and it looked freakin awesome... anyone recall what that L'Oreal polish would have been?  It was in a bottle shaped similar to the Maybelline bottles... it would have been out around 1998 or 99...) and Atlantis (teal blue jelly base with silver and multi holo glitter).  There are a lot more of these to come.  My next TD order, that I really ought to wait until next Wednesday to place but am having to stop myself from placing tonight, is going to be almost ALL ChG glitters... I am ashamed to say I want almost every single one of them.  I intend to order the ones I want the most next Wed (if not sooner  :p)  Most of these I want directly because of Lextard's Flickr page... man I love her Flickr, and taste in polish :)

And last but not least:
A couple Essies :) Van D'Go, Funky Limelight and Mint Candy Apple.  Wow, what a colour combo.  And Funky Limelight is not appearing very funky in this pic at all.  It looks like such a nice, soft, lemony yellow in this pic...  It is not.  It's a bright, screaming highlighter yellow  :)  Probably similar to China Glaze Celtic Sun, but I'll never get enough highlighter colours.  Also, I thought Van D'Go looked similar to Peachy Keen, and MCA to Re-Fresh Mint, so I swatched them and was pleased to discover I was wrong on both counts.
Index to pinky: Essie Van D'Go, ChG Peachy Keen (I smudged the tip- sorry), ChG Re-Fresh Mint, Essie Mint Candy Apple.  As you can see, Van D'Go is much lighter than PK - PK is more apricot, more orange than Van D'Go.  I prefer Van D'Go on me.  And MCA is more blue than R-FM, which is much more of a "true" mint green.

I also thought Color Club Almost Famous and China Glaze Happy Go Lucky looked alike.  So:

Don't even ask me how I took this pic.  It wasn't easy.  Also, I don't know why stupid effing Blogger is rotating all my photos, but I can't fix this one and its making me want to throw my laptop at the wall so I give up, I'm just going to leave it.  And I know the polish job is horrid.  You'll forgive me cuz you love me, right?.....right?... :p  Top is CC Almost Famous, bottom is ChG Happy Go Lucky.  As you can see, they are very, very similar, with AF being a *touch* more golden than HGL.  HGL also applied better, and was much less streaky, although they were both pretty good as far as yellows go.  They're both very opaque and even.  This is just two coats of each.

And now I leave you with some random skittles:

From pinky to index: Color Club Chelsea Girl, Pure Energy (oooh!), Rebel Debutante (sorry again for the polish job - I have a massive ugly dent in my right middle finger.  I probably just need to cut all my nails off.  Not to mention I actually am aware of how scary my cuticles look, and how badly I am in need of cuticle oil :p) and Pucci-licious.  I quite like Pucci-licious, even though I find myself getting bored of purples.  I own so many.  And I don't even really like purple that much.  But so many just look so good on the nail  :p  Rebel Debutante is also quite nice.  Not nearly as mint as I thought, or neon for that matter.  It's definitely a bright, thoughI wouldn't call it lime, though - maybe a bright pastel spring green?  Grass green?  Gahhhh.  My brain is turning to mush from polish fumes  :s

I'm going to decide which of these is going on my nails now.... I still have Color Club Power Play on my toes, too.  That's going to need an updating...  If I'm still awake, I'll try to post a pic.  If not, till tomorrow!  Oooh, the Olympics are starting tomorrow, right outside my door!  Exciting... I wonder how bad millions of people flooding into the city will make traffic?  :p 


  1. Whoa Nellie, what a haul! Awesome!

    Did you look at my Olympic mani???

    Go check it out! Hope you enjoy some of the festivities!

  2. I really want the poptastic collection :) I was actually going to order from Transdesign yesterday but the shipping was $18, so I didn't. That seems extremely high to me compared to other polish sites.

  3. Heather: They offered me a bunch of flate rates for the shipping, but with all that stuff I ordered, I ended up paying only $25 to ship it all to Canada, which I didn't think was bad at all. TD is worth it if you're going to order a bunch of stuff, but yeah, paying $18 for just the PopTastic collection isn't...