Monday, June 14, 2010

Summery NsOTD That I Took Before My Camera Died - Because I Need To Post Something :S Part One: Pinks, Corals and Konad

I feel bad about not putting anything up for the past little while, although I know no one's exactly all broken up about it but me.... but what the hell - this is supposed to be at least an excuse for a blog, so I'll act like a blogger and post already.

Hmmm.... more like act like a Blogger and STOP WORKING already..... why can't I upload some of my pics?!?!  Okay, it seems to only want to let me upload a certain amount right now and the rest are all just little annoying red x's, so looks like this post is going to be broken up into bits again.  I'm destructive like that.  Also, I have nothing to do today  :p  Literally. 

So I shall start off with something simple...

This is Maybelline Coral Cabana, from the Salsa Sun collection.  Pretty standard coral creme.  I was looking for a dupe to MAC Scorcher, since I don't wanna pay so much for a colour that doesn't seem all that unique... 
Needless to say, this was not it.  Not even remotely close.  I don't think I left this on for very long...

This is a Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Mango Motion.  It's a salmon pink creme.  I like these Insta-Dris a lot more than most people, I think - I LOVE the opaqueness of the cremes, and the formula does dry super-quick on most of them.  It's the wide, flat brush that people hate the most (along with the flat, rectangular brush handle that's hard to wipe off and always seems to have globs of polish dripping down it - yeah, it's kind of annoying...), but I can deal with it.  That said, I didn't really care for this particular colour on me at all.  I'll probably reserve it for konading.  It's from what I believe is the newest collection of Insta-Dris - all pastel cremes.  I'll take a pic of the ones I have from it - I say I believe it's the newest collection because, well, I'm in Canada, and our new is everyone else's six months ago  :p

Next, this is CM Hot Spring:

I looooved this one, about a thousand times more than I thought I would.  It was only about a dollar, too :)  Yay frugality!  Indoor pic:

It's a bright pink shimmer with a gold flash.  I HATE pink shimmers, unless it's something pretty like CC Electro Candy.  This definitely qualifies as pretty.  It comes out looking much more peachy on the nails than in the bottle...

Here's the bottle:

Sid, admiring it through the window:
Oh, the poor, opressed life of a spoiled indoor kitteh...  :p

But yes - I really like CM Hot Spring.  I thought it looked pretty good on me :)  And you can't beat that price.

Last (for right now) I have some nail art fun!  I was bored one afternoon, and decided to play around with striping different colours on as a base and then stamping overtop...  You might have seen this type of look lately on sayanythingbr00ke's channel on Youtube, xsparkage's website, and about a billion other places, cuz, well, it looks so freakin cool and is relatively easy to do.  That said, I didn't copy the design exactly, more like did my own, not-as-cool interpretation of it, and my skills are nowhere near as good as either of theirs... that's why they are Youtube nail queens and I sit here blogging away in obscurity, lol.  I also saw a look like this on the nail board done with holos and the BM leaf pattern in black... the possibilities are endless.

Anyway, I got lots of compliments on this look :)  One girl at the checkout at Superstore was like, "Whoa! Your nails!"  I had already complimented her on the shiny blurple polish she was wearing (Joe Grape, she informed me, pointing to the cosmetics section :)

Left hand:

Right hand:
I used konad plate m64, and Color Club Where's The Soiree? to stamp.  For the base I used a whole whack of Color Club neons (and one Misa).

Here's the base, left hand:
Let's see if I can remember what colours I used here: Color Club Lazer Pink, Chelsea Girl, Misa A Sunny Smile Makes Me Go Wild, CC Warhol, Blue Light, Limelight, Rebel Debutante, Wham! Pow! and Puccilicious

Right hand:
I think I used all the same colours on both hands.  And as you can see, I wasn't going for a solid stripe pattern... more like random swipes of colour wherever I felt like it or could fit it.  More so on my left hand, though... with the right I was just trying to get each nail colorful without screwing it up, although the base doesn't have to be perfect at all...  This took forever, btw, and a lot more patience than I knew I had...  but the end result definitely got noticed!  I will probably be playing around with this look a lot more this summer, and I'll probably end up copying the actual "Lisa Frank" look that the Youtubers came up with above.... it's like an easy way to almost get that colourful, rainbowy marbled look without having to actually do a water marble.  Which I'm still gonna try one of these days soon... 

Okay, that's all blogger will let me do for now  :p  I'll be back later with more, though, including my haul from last week :)


  1. I LOVE the rainbow mani! It makes me think of modern art.

  2. ok, um, I adore CM Hot SPring. It's so bright and pretty! And I love the rainbow mani as well! So awesome