Friday, June 4, 2010

Quick HAUL from today!!

Just wanted to put this up there so I don't create a huge backlog of haul posts again.  Which, don't get me wrong, is fun and does give me a little jolt of glee to go through, but isn't really the best format as far as clarity and organization goes.  Ha! *snort*  If you've read more than one post of this blog, I'm sure you're surprised to find that both those words are even in my vocabulary :p  

I'm still really sick by the way, but I had to go to the mall today to go see a doctor, and I felt well enough for about an hour to comb through the mall a bit.  This is a really really crappy pic, since I'm in bed and can't move about to get proper pics (not to mention it's like 4 am :s) but here's what I got at the mall today.  I know you can't see anything, and I'll post proper pics later, but I'll describe it all to you.

A whole whack of stuff.  :) 

Top row:
  •  Revlon Cotton Candy and Bubble Gum (for a swap)
  • Some new kind of Voluminous mascara that I convinced myself to try (all I ever use is regular waterproof Voluminous, ever since I was 13 - it's my HG)
  • Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover, since Sally's is so far away and I can't get out there to get some Blue Cross.  I know you're all sick of seeing my disgusting ragged cuticles.  I plan on really trying to improve my pics.
Middle row:
  • Cover Girl City Lights (for frankening, I think - this is so similar to Fairy Dust.  People say they're different enough to own both, but I don't know if i agree...)
  • Sephora by OPI Sparkle Me Silver glitter topcoat.  I went into Sephora on a whim, and saw a whole "Nails" setup and display, where they were obviously doing a promo for their polishes earlier (which I missed - boo!  I have no idea what it actually was...), and what immediately caught my eye was an empty display stand labeled "Glitter topcoats".  there were five or so empty slots.  I got excited and went to the $OPI display stand, and saw they had the Sparkle Me Silver and Gold For Me topcoats!  Well, they didn't have any more Gold For Me left, but the tester looked strange - just like ChG Treasure Chest, except with Solar Flare-size hex glitter, and the gold is more beigey than TC.  It didn't immediately call to me, but if I see it next time I'm there I'm grabbing it.  Anyway, Sparkle Me Silver is medium-sized bar glitter in a clear base.  The bar glitter is larger than the AliSha one I got from the Dollar Giant, which is the closest polish I have to this... I know not everyone loves bar glitter, but I do. 
  • The L'Oreal "North Fork" collection dupes!!  YAAAAAY!  I have been looking for these for a while!  I can't find the Essie North Fork collection anywhere, and these three are supposed exact dupes.  Which makes sense since Essie IS L'Oreal now.  This is Water's Edge, Ocean Breeze and High Tide, aka Greenport, Shelter Island, and Sag Harbour.  I'm wearing High Tide right now (and got Blondie stuck in my head, inevitably), and it's so gorgeous... if I owned the Essie it would instantly be one of my favorite Essies.  I'll still proabably pick up the Essies if I ever see them.  Yes, I'm stupid  :p  I hope these wear as well as Essies do... we shall see.
  • Two from the Maybelline Salsa Sun collection - which we just got in now.  Pathetic, no?  The only two I picked up were Coral Cabana and Summer Splash.  I'm really drawn to bright corals lately (even though I haven't worn my RBL Coral yet *hides*), and Summer Splash was a no-brainer... although it is reminding me of both OPI Ogre-The-Top Blue and ChG Shower Together/Aqua Baby.  Must go check bottles....
And the bottom row:
  • I went crazy with the Wet N Wild Craze polishes!  These are from the new summer collection - the one with the picture of the brightly coloured Skittle-looking candy on it :)  I was so excited to find these - I got every one in the display.  The two at the far left are two Nocturnals I plan to use for frankening (copying someone's Chanel Ciel De Nuit recipe - hells yes! wish me luck!  I still need to find a couple more of the polishes she used...) but then after that are the new ones.  L-R: Bora Bora (pink flakey shimmer), Cabana (orange shimmer w/ red and gold microglitter), Cozumel (sunny yellow flakey shimmer), Kauai (sky blue flakey shimmer - almost foil-looking...), Maui (bright blue creme), Aruba (medium pinky-purple creme - like $OPI Domestic Goddess?) and Barbados (purple flakey shimmer, with the same almost-foil finish as Kauai).  These are minis, too - the Nocturnals and the regular Craze line are all 10 mL, while these are 6.5 mL.  I know they're cheap, but that's pretty small...  I really don't care though.  I love these fun summer polishes.  I can't wait to swatch and review them all, since the best kind of lemmings are easily fulfilled, 99-cent lemmings  :)
I'll post later with pics of L'Oreal High Tide, and about my previous haul :)

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