Friday, May 7, 2010

Massive Haul Post, part deux

Yep.  I lied.  again.  I didn't post the next day.  I suck at this.  This being life.  I'm sorry.

Also, I want to let everyone know that I have an order from ocnailart coming with some konad plates and white, yellow and blue polish, and an order from Amazon with - yup, you guessed it - BundleMonster plates coming in!!!  And I'm very excited  :)  Hehe  :)  Just wanted to share that.  And yes, I am aware no one cares but me. 

Also, can I say one thing?  Sally Hansen Hidden F*cking Treasure.  It's making me want to blow up every drugstore in the city and boycott the nail board forever.  Okay, not really, not at all actually, but what is with the freaking obsession?  It looks like Nfu-Oh 38 pretty much exactly, as well as the Maybelline Shimmer Girl that I also own.  It's just a basic flakie in a clear base.  People posting photos of it every two seconds with it layered over every polish ever made is fueling this massive frenzied nationwide search.  I do not get it.  I am so waiting until it finally comes to Canada, when nobody cares about it anymore, and just buying it then.  If I absolutely can't stand it, I'll try to swap for it, but I have a feeling I'll be able to stand it.  Jeez!

Okay, now that that's off my chest, on with it!  I'll try to keep my descriptions brief, cuz I'm fairly sure at this point that there's going to have to be a part three to this, as well  :p  This is pretty much everything I've bought in the past couple months.

So I'll start off by continuing my swap goodies.  This is Zoya Erika, Lindsay and South Beach Ice.  Thanks stellalooovesyou!  Erika is a pale pink with gold shimmer, Lindsay is a glass-fleck pink shimmer, and SBI is a mint glitter.

Pure Ices!  Yay!  I love this brand, and we can't get them in Canada, obviously.  And I don't ever waste time going into Walmarts when I'm in the US, because we have Walmarts at home that I can hate.  So I'm so glad I was able to swap for all the ones I want!  Thank you so much thekarend - she also included CC Wild At Heart, and the Essence Pool Party I instantly liked :)  L-R: French Kiss, Heartbreaker, Strapless, Busted and Once Again.  My notes: Strapless I got because it looks exactly like a dense blue Claire's glitter polish I had in 1996... I tried Heartbreaker over SH Grape Going, and it's not a RBL Scrangie dupe like I heard... French Kiss may be similar to Essie Mesmerize, although I hope not - must compare...

Milani holos - I can't remember the names.  One is Hi-Res and one is Hi-Def, and I can't recall which is which...

Now some stuff I got at the beauty supply:

More China Glaze holos now that I'm getting more konad plates :)  L-R: TTYL, FYI, LOL. 

D/C'ed China Glazes.  My BS has a discounted/discontinued China Glaze section, and it is like CRACK - I can't get enough, I must compulsively comb through it for at least twenty minutes everytime I'm there.  And I get the urge to drop in all the time just to see what they have, as it changes all the time.  This particular time I found (l-r) Channelesque, Rainstorm, No Tan Lines and Vampy.  Notes: Vampy and Stroll look very, very similar to me... I heard Rainstorm is painfully, excruciatingly sheer.... like 9-coats-until-it-looks-decent-sheer.

Some OPIs - Midnight In Moscow, Royal Rajah Ruby and Breathe Life.  I wanted a deep shimmery vamp, and couldn't decide between MIM and RRR - so I got both :p  It's bad, I'm getting seriously addicted to OPIs as well - it's almost like I'm just starting to collect them now either because the colour's interesting or it's popular on blogs or MUA, regardless of whether I will ever realistically actually wear it  :p  Yeah.  Must get life.  I will wear these, though - and Breathe Life is very pretty, too, and goes to help fund lung cancer research, which might help all my smoker friends and boyfriend one day, so good for me.

More OPIs.  I didn't get these at the BS, but on sale at the salon where I found the Shreks.  L-R: RRR and MIM again, I don't know why I included them in this pic, but I did, so just deal with it, Brisbane Bronze, Malaga Wine (yes, I got the leopard print change purse, or whatever it was, with these - I gave it to my sister), Dutch Tulips (finally! lemming this for way too long), and The "It" Color.  This pic does not capture the colour of DT at all - it's a deep pinkish-red... or is it reddish-pink...?  I don't know.  Does anyone know?

What else did I get....

Dollar store haul!  LA Girl Disco Brites in Deejay, Disco Ball, Disco Inferno, Dance Studio and Turntable, another cheapo Billie in Electric Yellow and another cheapo Paris Couture with mint stars!  The Disco Brites are supposed to be black-light reflective.  Oooooh... the Marilyn Manson-listening, poetry-writing 13-year-old goth me is intrigued, but I unfortunately probably sold my blacklight at a garage sale sometime in my teens, so I have no way of testing that claim....

These are the new Joe Fresh polishes I got a Superstore.  Most of these (well, probably all) are going to thekarend - she is conducting my Zoya swapping business for me :) and these are to cover the $3.50/bottle charge.  L-R: Grape, Mint, Peacock, Powder Blue, Faded Violet, Fig and Prune.  They're all cremes except for Grape and Peacock, which are shimmers.  I also have another Mint, Peacock and Powder Blue that I'm keeping for myself.  I haven't tried these yet, but Peacock looks very similar to ChG Rodeo Fanatic to me...

And then, look what we finally got in Canada:

Yay.  More than two months after the States got them.  Such a buncha stupid bllsht, mutter mutter mutter...  Anyway, Pink Sophistication and Bubble Gum.  Yes.  My Maybelline Sweet collection now looks like this:

So pwetty!  I have all the ones I wanted - all except Sweet Clementine and Candy Coated.  L-R: Sweetie Pie, Minty, Pink Sophitication, Bubble Gum, Goody Plum Drop and Pie In The Sky.  Looking at this honestly makes me want candy, just like the Orly Sweets.  Then again I probably just want candy all the time.

Some Wet N Wilds - Blazed, Eggplant Frost and Sunny Side Up.  I'm looking everywhere for this new WnW Summer collection everyone on the NB is talking about, but like everything else, it'll probably arrive in Canada ten billion years after the fact...

And last for right now, the dreaded Insta-Dris - Uptempo Plum and Jumpin Jade.  I told you I was gonna buy these.  I can't resist the colours!  I'm still gonna buy Brisk Blue and Blue Blaze, as well, one of these days...  I can't wait to try these!  UP is a dark plummy purple with purple and gold glitter, and JJ is a deep shimmery forest green.  These will look awesome on my shorties  :) 

Here's a short story (pardon the pun, ugh) - my nails are super-ultra-mega-hyper-uber short right now, as well as my cuticles trashed... why, you ask?  Cuz I went on a long, hairy camping trip this past weekend  :p  Why am I going camping at this time of year, when it's still cold and rainy in Vancouver and so NOT camping weather yet?  Well, originally it was my friend's idea for his birthday celebration, but then he had to go away for work, but my friends are all hardy Canadian idiot boys so they still wanted to go, so we did.  We were gone for four days, and although I did make an attempt at a mani that would stay on for the duration (Orly Luxe topped with three or four coats of ChG Medallion), it peeled off within a few hours of me arriving there  :(  I then proceeded to repeatedly wash my hands and then get them dirty again, manage to break, tear or rip off every one of my nails (even though they weren't even that long), and completely suck all the moisture out of my cuticles and hands doing routine camping things.  Camping is so fun, and I love it, and if you looked at the Facebook pictures you could tell we had a blast, but I must admit a tiny part of me was mourning my nails all weekend and cringing at the sight of them nekkid and broken and looking forward to getting home just so I could start repairing the damage and give them some TLC.  I'm such a lame ass :p

Man, I'm so glad that no one that knows me in real life reads my blog.  My friends would all think I was certifiably nuts  :p 

Anyway, I still have more haul to show you!  (Insert eye roll here)

It's coming up soon, as soon as I have the patience to wait ten thousand years for Blogger to upload the photos  :p  Soon!  I promise!


  1. You found LA Girls at dollar store? Which one is it? I want some, lol

  2. I think it was a Loonies Plus store...? I've seen them at a couple dollar stores in my town.

  3. Wowza--you have been hauling! Thanks for grabbing those Joes for me. :)