Sunday, May 30, 2010

NOTDs: China Glaze Bare If You Dare and OPI Flower-To-Flower, with subsequent FKAs (Failed Konad Attempts)

Hi.  Yes, I'm sorry, I know I said I wouldn't post any more fugleh konads, but I feel like I need to warn the world of what your nails will look like if you purchase a konad system and then, like me, proceed to go crazy with it and madly stamp over every single mani you do  :p  Which annoys me as well, because not only am I fooled into thinking what I just wasted an hour doing to my nails looks good enough to walk around sporting for a while (it does not, most of the time), but it makes me wear a polish colour for much longer than I intended to.  Which, when you have a stash of untrieds as vast as mine, is not the smartest idea.  Okay, enough venting.

Also, I've decided to end my stupid habit of massive spam posting, because frankly, it's annoying.  I'd find it annoying if I was a reader.  I'm going to break the spam into nice little bite-sized chunks of hors d'oeuvre.  Call them spamlets, if you will.  Also, I'm going to try to do them every day.  Because, I mean, I change my polish every day, so why not?  I just need to not be so lazy about posting and not get so distracted doing stuff  (like living my life? :p  I keed, I keed.)

So anyway, today I have for you two polishes I wore recently (well, last week sometime).  Both very spring-y, even though we're into summer now pretty much, but whatever.

This is China Glaze Bare If You Dare.  From the Fiji Fling collection (the one that also included Passion In The Pacific, Beauty and The Beach, etc.).  Outdoor light, no flash.  Cuz the flash on my camera is broken.  Cuz my camera sucks.

This is a medium cantaloupe-peach with gold shimmer.  A very warm-toned, orangey peach.  This is kind of similar to China Glaze Thataway, which is another medium peach with gold shimmer, but BIYD is slightly lighter.  I really liked this - I don't know why I felt in the mood to wear a peach shimmer, but this one is very glowy and warm.  The formula was a bit thin and watery, and the polish a bit sheer, like a lot of the Fiji Fling collection.  This was four thin coats.  I know that sounds like a lot, but they were very thin coats and I didn't need to wait at all for them to dry between coats.  And I was happy with the results.  or so I thought....

Here's the inevitable subsequent FKA.  Whenever I keep a polish on for more than a day lately, I've been compelled by this mad urge to try and "practice" my konad skills.  If I screw up, I'm going to take it off anyway, I rationalize.  But then, even if I do screw up, I look lovingly at my hideously ugly stamped-over nails like they're my own children or something and refuse to remove it for at least another few hours.  Ugh.  I don't even know why I take pictures of these, but I do, so I dunno, some of you might find them good for a laugh.  

Oh yes, and I used Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Jumpin' Jade for the vines, a BundleMonster plate, and and Art Club nail art pen in Gold Glitter.  Insta-Dris work awesome for konad - I've yet to find one that didn't.  I went out and bought some of the new Insta-Dri pastels just to use for konading...along with a billion other thigs, as usual....  but that's in the next post.  As usual  :p

And this is OPI Flower-To-Flower, from the new Summer Flutter collection.  I wore this polish and liked it, so I photographed it, but I really don't have too many nice things to say about OPI right now.  I'm sure you all know of what they did to temptalia and the message their legal team sent out to bloggers who write about their products.  So I won't.  I will say three things though:  1.) This is a warm pink with very subtle silver shimmer.  2.) I did really like this.  3.) I wish I didn't  :(

And here's the FKA:

Lolololol!  How tacky is that? XD  But I think therein lies its awesomeness....  I threw a coat of Nfu-Oh 44 overtop (cuz I haz no HT :(  Soon.  Soooooon.....) and then stamped it with Color Club Where's The Soiree? ( a black that works awesome for konading, if you didn't already know.  I get better results with it than WnW Black Creme).  I used konad plate m57.  The result screams Barbie.  Well, it's kinda more Jem than Barbie.  Or tranny hooker.  Depending on your mindframe.

Alright, that's it for now - my friends want to go play frisbee golf :p  A post detailing more of my obnoxious hauling habits is soon to follow :)


  1. I love both. Tacky? Nah. Never tacky.
    I'm going to try to wear my polish a day before Konading. LOL. SUCH a hard thing to do.
    Great post.

  2. what are you talking about, i love the peach one with vines. i saw it and i was like "ooHH" haha :)