Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spamalot: Some Revlons, OPI Cattitude, a random Princessa... and my ocnailart order!

So, as you know, I like to backlog my NOTDs and then bombard you all with them.  Well, no, actually I don't, but that's what always seems to happen.  So here's some!  Yay!  :p

Ideally, I wanted to group these together into themes and post them as a group.... like all the smelly Revlons together as one post... or all the Shreks as one post.... y'know, like the competent bloggers do?  :p  So they're actually easy to find?  But life isn't always ideal....  Besides, doing things "properly" is for conformists and squares.  Or I'm just lazy.  whatever.  Here we go!

First off, this is *sigh* OPI DS Glamour.  I got this in a swap from a lovely MUA member.  I probably would have had to pay out the a$$ for it on ebay had it not been for her.  This is such a gorgeous sparkly deep blue holo - I found it really hard to get a decent pic of it since the flash on my camera is broken :(

China Glaze Up All Night.  This is actually a deep blue shimmer, although it kinda looks creme-ish here.  You can tell if you enlarge the first pic.  This took two coats to be opaque.  It's lovely :)

Nfu-Oh 51.  Sorry for the blurriness.  This polish is rainbowy flakies in a purple jelly base.  I think enough has been said about it by now  :)  I may even have already posted this.  if so, sorry.  I think this is seriously one of my top three favorite polishes.  It's just so rainbowy :)  I must get my sister one of these.

Orly Cotton Candy.  This is a peachy baby pink creme.  It reminds me of piglets  :D  I loved this when I wore it - so happy and springy.  Looks fantastic with a grey shirt.  But of course, I had to go and ruin it with a tacky konad, which I will show you in my next post  :p

This is LA Girl Dance Studio with Pure Ice Heartbreaker layered overtop.  Ignore my pinkie - I had to ruin it by putting Sinful Nail Junky on as well, and it just looked like too much.  It looked much better with just the Heartbreaker overtop.  A green-shimmer-adder :)

This is Revlon Ocean Breeze, from the new Scented collection.  Ignore the failed konad attempt on the first two fingers - the remover didn't take it all off  >:p  This is a shimmery blue-green aqua.  And good thing it doesn't smell like an actual ocean breeze - I don't know what your ocean smells like, but 'round here it smells like, well, fish :p  What it does smell kind of like is cheap cologne - like an old Revlon Cherish perfume or something.  But it still smells okay, and far better than nail polish!  Plus, I like this colour on me far better than I thought I would.

This is Gumdrop, from the same collection.  An opaque lilac creme, similar to OPI Rumple's Wiggin'.  Oooh, I like the way this one smells the best :)  It just smells sweet, like candy.  I kind of think it smells like Pez.  Sid likes it too, as you can see  :)  I love these pale lavender colours, but I'm not so sure they flatter me... 

This is Beach, also from the same collection.  This is a shimmery yellowy green, similar to Nicole's Make Mine Lime.  And this one smells kind of weird.  Once again, a misleading moniker.  It certainly doesn't smell like the beach.  Which is good, I guess, because I suppose you don't want it to smell like Banana Boat and greasy hot dogs....  Once again, it smells better than nail polish, but weird.  Kind of like air freshener or dryer sheets or something.  But okay, I guess.  I thought the colour was pretty gross on me though, and I liked the smell of the other two better.

This is a Princessa polish, Everglade Sparkle.  It's a green-gold foil, and it's sooo shiny and sparkly!  These Princessa polishes are all super-dense and saturated.  I'm giving this one away in a swap - I'm gonna have to go buy a replacement, stat!  How sweet would this look on mah toes? :)  I'm going to swatch some more of these soon :)  I want to try out Colorado Rapid and New Eve At Vegas.

Last but certainly not least, OPI What's With The Cattitude?  This is a pretty sky-blue creme.  Dupey to others - CC Blue Light and ChG Bahamian Escape come to mind.  But I still love it - it's blue, and pretty.  This was a PITA to apply, however - you can still see some bare spots on my nails, and this is three coats.  It was pretty streak-tacular.  I think I like this colour so much partially because of the name - Sid's eyes are a similar colour to this polish, and he's definitely full of Cattitude:
  See?  "Why you takin a picture?  You got a problem with me biting your foot?"

Hehe...  Oh!  Look what came in the mail yesterday!
It's my konad order from ocnailart!  Squeeee!  I was missing a plate (m73.  the cloud one.  the one I wanted most, of course) but Kathleen assured me she'd send it right away.  Such a nice lady :)  I got Konad polish in White and Yellow, Princess Polish in Blue, and plates m60, m69, m70, m63, m64, and m78, as well as the missing one.  I don't know if that's the order they're in in the above pic here, so once again, sorry  :p 

I love konad, I love the concept of it and how it looks when it's done nicely, but here's the reality: I suck at it.  I suck so badly at konad.  And it's so tragic, because I really like it and want to be good at it.  And I'm going to keep trying, no matter how many trips down the river on the FAILboat it's gonna take  :p  So my next post will be a small collection of my konad attempts, the good, the bad and the ugly.  In fact, that's my title right there  :p

Alright, I'm off to go figure out what my next mani shall be... I'm really into spring colours, like pastel cremes lately.  Oh, and I have Essie Funky Limelight on my toes right now, and it is teh awesome!  Feet = gross, but I'll have to stomach it and take a pic when I can, cuz it looks really cute as a pedi colour and awesome in the sunlight!

Okay that's it for now.  til later!  xo


  1. lol, konad's learning curve is so bad. I feel like there are about 20 people in the whole world who can do it perfectly. And it took them like years of intensive konading to learn. lol!!

    And I love those pastels on you!

  2. Absolutley beautiful manicures. Some great colors.
    Glad you got Konading. It is so much fun. I have done 50 of them now.