Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Quick NOTD: China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint

Sorry I haven't posted lately, again. I've been busy with boring, non-nail-polish-related things. I'm posting this from another computer, so I'm gonna be quick (also, I'm watching the hockey game right now... okay, mostly cuz I'm watching the hockey game right now :p), but I do have some things coming up I want to tell you about. I still have a bunch of Zoya polishes on the way :), so I'm looking forward to getting those any day now, plus I'm getting a konad (oh no! you're gonna be subjected to amateur konad experiments! aaah! I'll try to spare you... I think a lot of konad designs are kind of tacky... then again, sometimes my artistic side takes over and I lose concept of good taste - see thisthis, and this :p) AND I got an Nfu Oh hookup! Plus a couple dollar store finds.  Oooh, so much to tell you, so much!.... :)
Anyway, here's my NOTD:
China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint. This is gorgeous, IMO. I loooove mint greens.  My boyfriend, however, said that I had "Colgate nails", but we don't care, do we? :p  Bah.  What do boys know about colour, anyway?  Loooove mint greens.  And I didn't really know of too many before last year.  Thank you, Chanel Jade - now there's only about a billion.  A lot of which I own.  I'm going to do a whole post on just the mint greens I own, I think... 'tis the month for green, after all  :)
Where was I...  Oh yes, Re-Fresh Mint.  From the Up & Away collection, which you probably already know.  This is nice and dense and opaque, too. If my application was better, this could have been a one-coater, almost. That said, as with all opaque pastels, I found it slightly tricky to apply, as it was a bit thick and had a tendency to streak.  A second coat took care of all my mistakes, and, really, it wasn't all that bad.  I'm probably making it sound worse than it was.  I was probably spoiled by NARS Purple Rain's application, which I'd been wearing for about three days before that cuz I just couldn't bear to take it off :p but I'll get to that later.
I'll post as soon as I get home ;o)
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  1. i love mint green too. Especially essie s mint apple is so perfect. I will write about it soon in my blog too :)
    And i dont care about my bf s thoughts too. He loves only red. But i am colorful woman :)

  2. I love Re-Fresh Mint. It is gorgeous!