Wednesday, January 20, 2010

NOTD 01-18 and 01-19

I've discovered that while nail art pens are SO fun to play with, they are also a curse. Putting tiny stripes and dots and god knows what else all over your nails is fun to do, yes, but more often than not looks tacky as hell.

For example, I started off with a simple China Glaze For Audrey mani (one of my fave polishes).
Except on the ring finger cuz I still didn't want to take the nail art off. Then, after some normal tip wear, I decided to do some french tips to cover up with chips. After selecting Color Club Lazer Pink (why?) I ended up with this tacky creation:

Ya see what I mean? Although I do like the blue-and-hot pink colour combo. There's something reminiscient of my youth about it...

Finally I got sick of looking at it and decided to take the nail art off. Which was easier said than done:
Yeah... the base came off, but the Art Club pens stayed on. Plus, look what cheap Sally Hansen remover does to my nails :(
So then I started playing around with mannequin hands shades. I think I may have found my shade:Index finger is NYX Karnak, middle is L'Oreal Sand Castle, and ring is Sally Hansen No Chip 10-Day in Still Standing.
I think Karnak is a pretty perfect match, don't you think? Sand Castle is a touch too pink, although I think it would work as well. And I knew Still Standing would be too shimmery, I was just trying to get away with something less boring. But you know what? I actually like the way this looks on me. I'm gonna wear it one day this spring.

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