Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year, Everyone! Some Pretty Polishes I've Acquired Recently

Hey y'all!  Alright, I know I never did a post with all my Christmas manis, but no one wants to see that by now anyway....  I'm gonna do a New Year Start Off post with some stuff like that in it.  I promise.  I really will  :p

But yeah, lately almost everything I've been wearing is untried and newly acquired, so I'll just show you some of those for right now.  I know I didn't do haul posts when I got some of this stuff, because, well.... I dunno...  I've been feeling lately like haul posts are sort of obnoxious.  Well, coming from me they seem that way, anyway....  Since it seems like that's all I do is haul polish sometimes...  I dunno.  I get really excited when I have a new collection, or a new couple of polishes that I've been really lemming, or an unexpected treasure that I've found without even looking for it... but does anyone else?  Yeah.  More on this later.

Speaking of hauling, also, there's about a BILLION collections coming out very soon that I think I'm gonna need.  First and foremost, there's everything crackle.  Katy Perry, Serena Williams, and the China Glaze crackle collections - I'm gonna need ALL of those.  Seriously.  I need me some crack. I am so excited to wear these that I can't even describe it :D  Then there's the Tronica collection (which I'm kind of on the fence about, since I own all the OMGs except BFF, but I know me and I know I'll end up caving :S), the couple of polishes I want from the Anchors Away collection, and then there's the new Zoya Intimate collection that Scrangie posted - um, drool!  Not to mention I'm sure Orly and Color Club will be putting out spring collections soon, although we haven't heard anything official yet.  So, my wallet is going to be absolutely wailing in agony and I'm gonna have a lot of stuff to post :p

So yeah, here's some stuff I've been wearing lately!

This is Joe Fresh Coral.  I tried putting some CND Gold Sparkle Effect overtop of the ring and pinky, but then decided against it as I could barely see it :(  You know me.  Always gotta be OTT.  Can't just leave a perfectly pretty polish alone and appreciate it by itself....

So since my first attempt was a fail, I was even more determined to make it more flashy and glittery (and tacky :p).  The result was this :p

It is actually kind of pretty.  It reminds me of a goldfish.... I used Inglot 203, one of their blue-green flaky polishes (Inglot flakies are awesome), and then topped that with a coat of Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure, just to see what it would look like.

And now for something completely different....

This is Ardene Grape Times.  This was my post-NYE mani (I'll show you my NYE mani in my New Year's Start Off post.  It's pretty much what you'd expect :p)  THIS, however, is absolutely gorgeous for a tween-store polish...

It's a deep, dark, delicious grape jelly....  mmmm, grape jelly....  But seriously, that's what it is.

It reminds me of watercolour.  Too many coats and it looks blackish indoors, so I just did one coat here. 

But apparently, I've really been into layering lately, so...

I did this.  I added one coat of Sinful Let Me Go, which is a beautiful sheer purple blue-green duochrome.  It looks light purple in the bottle with a strong blue flash, but on the nail it's very blue-green. I received it as a swap extra - I didn't even know it existed- but as soon as I saw it I knew it would look gorgeous over black or darker colours. 

Of course, since it's a duochrome I had to take a million pictures of it...

See the greenish-blue hue to it?

Picture with flash.  I don't use flash very often...

And last and most definitely not least....  lookie what THIS Canadian got her grubby mitts on!

This is the Ulta-exclusive OPI Gift Of Gold  :D  The ONLY reason I own this little beauty is because I whined and pleaded with my aunt (who lives in GA) to please please please CP me this for Christmas!  And she did!  Not only did she get me this, but she also got me Elle's Spell!  And some LA Splash glitters! :D  (Both of which I can't get in Canada), so if by any chance you actually clicked on the link to my blog I gave you, and on the even more remote chance you've actually read this far, Hi Aunt Bonnie!  Thank you for the gorgeous polishes! :D

I wasn't a Nail Boarder when OPI's last Ulta-exlusives came out, Dazzled By Gold and Pink Me I'm Good, so I had no idea those even existed until they were lone gone and super hard-to-find.  So I will make do with this :)

Super close-up so you can see the tiny red microglitter sprinkled in there with all that gold.  Please excuse my horrible, horrible dry cuticles - they are really bad :( This is super-shiny and blingy.  It actually is a really great Christmas polish, but I would totally wear this year-round.  I want this on my toes next, I think (currently China Glaze Cheers To You is still on them).

See how pretty?  Please forgive the chips as well.  This is two days of wear.

Okay, that's all for now.  I'll be back later with my promised posts!

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  1. Good for you being able to grab some exclusives from the US :) There's a chain drugstore on the east coast that has LA Splash, but can't beat the price at Ulta