Thursday, December 2, 2010

Some More Recent Wearings (Wearings?)

Okay, worst title ever, but I have to fire this off pretty quick...

I've been away lately because I've been super-busy, not because I've been sick this time.  Yay!  So that's good, right? 

Okay, yeah, quickly.  Quickly.  I can do things quick.  I think.

Oh yeah, warning in advance: THIS POST CONTAINS FEET!!!!  Just don't bother reading this if a picture of toes is going to make you toss yer cookies or something.  You've been warned.

I'll start off with a mani I can't believe I didn't include before.... my First Snow Of the Year mani:

This is an attempted glitter gradient using Revlon Powder Puff topped with Icing Glamorous, which is a medium-sized holo glitter.  I wanted to do something wintery-looking, because my yard at the time looked like this:

Yes.  Oh yes.  It sucked.  I hate freaking snow.  But I loved the mani :)

Next is a fail:
I don't even know why I'm including this, since it's a horrible picture, but it was a horrible mani, so... This is LA Girls Rock Star Crowd Surfing.  Crowd Surfing is pretty, a light green with gold  and orange flakies, but it's super, super sheer, and I have no idea why I thought it'd be a good idea to try it over white...  Try this over a darker colour, if you have it.  Which you probably already know, if you have it.  I have no business giving people advice with this once, because, as you see, I thought THIS ^^ was a good idea.  Um, yeah, no!

Next, I was gettin experimental:

Do you like this polish?  Do you honestly?
It kind of ate topcoat.... I put on two coats, I swear.  It's like, where did they go...?
The colour is most true-to-life here.  This is actually a nail art pen that I dumped into a regular polish bottle!  It's Jordana Artsy Purple.  It is very pretty, a purple with strong red shimmer, but I have no idea how it manages to make two thick coats of Seche Vite completely disappear.... hmmph....

Next, a crowd favorite:
OPI The Show Must Go On.  This was the last of the Burlesques I acquired.  I freehanded two tips with  OPI Man Of La Mancha on the ring and middle finger, just to see what it looked like - ignore them please :)  This has been shown a million times, so I'm just going to shut up and show the pretty:
In case you didn't know (but you probably do), TSMGO is a really pretty reddish-pink-gold duochrome.  It's similar to MAC Bad Fairy, but a touch lighter pink. 

Okay, foot warning.  FOOT WARNING!!  Didn't you hear me??!?  FOOT WARNINGGGGG!!!!

I hate posting pictures of my feet, and I really, REALLY hate to say this, but you should probably click on the picture to blow it up so you can see the AWESOMENESS that is Inglot 207!!  Seriously.  Just ignore my toes. This is a medium-sized gold holo glitter, and I have two coats of it on here over Orly Luxe.  It.  Is.  Gorgeous!!!  I wore this for days, around lots of people, and I got tons of compliments :)

Next, this is an unnamed Love & Beauty polish from Forever 21.  It's a medium forest green shimmer with fine gold foil-y glitter.  It's pretty.  Application was kind of annoying, though. Very thick.

And last, the first in a series of Christmas manis!!!  Yaaaaaaaaaeeeeeey! (Oh come on, they're fun!)
You like?  Ees preety?  I think so :)
This is another Love & Beauty polish, a dark jelly green, topped with Wet N Wild Prancer.  I kinda stole this idea off a Nail Boarder named beclee :)  Prancer is a clear with small and larger hexagonal red glitter.  It's awesome for layering to create a Christmas mani :)  I wish it came in every colour!  As far as the Love & Beauty polish goes, it's application was a lot better than the other one - I had no real problems, aside from a lot of buildup (like, a lot more than the usual amount) on the lip of the bottle from me wiping the excess off the brush.

Okay, that's all. Expect a lot more Christmas manis coming up soon.  Plus I got a bunch of new RBLs, some Inglots (inlcuding the above 207) and Illamasqua Jo'mina, and a huge Cherryculture order that I haven't even dug into yet!  So many untrieds!  Talk to you all later :)

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