Friday, July 16, 2010

Some More Spam

Hiya.  No, I'm not dead.  I know I've not been posting much, and I'm sorry.  Does anyone really mind though?  Probably just me.  I like writing these posts more than you all like reading them  :p

I posted this earlier on the NB (well, I cut out a lot of it), so if you frequent it, you might have seen most of this already.  Also, I have to warn you - this post contains feet.  You all know how I feel about feet, but I really like this pedi and I've gotten tons of compliments on it, so I feel I have to show you. If that's something that's going to really bother you and give you nightmares, look away now! :p

So here's some of my most recent manis.  Sorry for the general lack of quality, ragged cutes, etc.

Essie Pretty Edgy. I had to nubbinize my tips for work (wasn't happy about it at first, but I kind of like they way they look now...)  Sorry about the dry cuticles.  Also, this pic isn't very colour-accurate.  It looks dusty here, like OPI Jade Is The New Black, but it's actually much lighter and brighter.

Sorry for the HORRIBLE pic. This is Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure overtop of NYC Little Italy, which is a nice, opaque, non-streaky white.  And cheap :)  HT looks great over white - just like an opal.  I was straining and contorting at all different angles to try and capture the different colours reflecting off of it - it would only really show up on camera in low light...

Ulta For Bitten, from the Glam Goth collection. Sorry for the chips - this is how well it held up through a punk/metal concert. Not too bad :)  I love this whole entire collection, but this one is my fave, I think.  I'd say Tainted Love was, but I have Project Runway already so it wasn't anything too special to me.... but I'm so glad they made a dupe that isn't super-exclusive and htf  :p

For Bitten topped with Chanel Illusion D'Or.  Was trying to disguise the chips.  Didn't work.  Blogger is flipping my photos, and I don't know why, and I can't do anything about it  =/  I just spent five minutes trying to fix it, and I can't.  grrr.  You have no idea how much it's bothering me.

Okay, it's time.....

Foot warning! Foot warning! Foot warning!

My current pedi. Basically I just went nuts with some nail art pens. And apparently no one actually paints their own toes 'round here. Everyone asks me where I got it done, and when I say I did it myself, I hear "Oh, it must be nice to have so much time on your hands!" xp Or, "I wish I was talented enough to do that!" It's like, well, can you draw the letter "I"? :p Anyway, I used ChG FFF, an Art Club pen in Orange, SH Insta-Dri Expres-so Yellow (whatta stupid name...), an Art Club pen in Mint, SH Insta-Dri Brisk Blue, and a tiny thin stripe of CC Puccilicious. It draws a lot of stares :)

A kind of crappy pic of SH Silver Lining. This is soooo pretty, and unique among my silvers - it has tiny blue, pink and purple microglitter in it. Which you can't really see here. But trust me, it's there.

Del Sol Electrick! stamped with CC Wild At Heart and konad plate m57.  This changed to seafoam green in the sun, although the change wasn't as dramatic as I would have liked:

See?  You can hardly even tell it changed.  The bottle changed more than my nails  =/

And my current NOTD:
China Glaze Custom Kicks. Which my camera also couldn't capture. Which also looks better IRL. It's a lot more green than here - it's like a brighter Flyin' High with secret gold shimmer. Or a less-bright TuT. Or a more muted, less-frosty Passion In The Pacific. You get the idea. You can kind of see the secret shimmer in the bottle in the first pic, below the "g"....

Bonus Sid pic:
Anyone want a slightly oversized swap extra? lolz

Okay, that's all I have for now.  I need to show you a few of my favorite things that I've gotten lately - inlcuding Kiko Cosmetics polishes, Ozotic Pro polishes, LA Colours Intense sets, a couple of older China Glaze collections, some really old China Glazes, some htf OPIs, new-to-Canada Sally Hansens, new-to-everyone Revlons, and some old Hard Candys!  Including SKY!  Yes, I now own Hard Candy's old Sky! :D  Yes it's a mini, but who the eff cares?!?  It's only, like, my favorite polish that I owned as a teenager! :D  I was a rabid Hard Candy fan back in the day, and recently I was lucky enough to find someone nice enough to swap me an old mini set from the early 2000's!  I can't express in type here how excited I am about this - I just tried three times - so I'll save it for the actual post  :p

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  1. thank you for those swatches! I love every single one of them =) pretty edgy, hidden treasure and the konad are my faves =)