Monday, July 19, 2010

NOTD: Nubar Gem

Hi all! Did you have a good weekend? Mine was.... okay. My no-buy is going rather well so far - :D yay me! :D - but I'm getting paid on Wednesday, which means I'm going to have to pick up the Vintage Vixen colours I want (the entire second set, plus Ingrid). I'm really chomping at the bit for the Orly Cosmix collection as well as the ChG Awakening one for Halloween. I need all of those Orlys :p Oh, and that MAC Venomous Villains collection, as well! Not only am I a sucker for Disney-themed nail polishes (yes, I know, Disney is evil, but dammit I love those movies :p), but they sound so, so awesome from the promo descriptions....

Anyway, this is what I had on my nails all weekend - Nubar Gem. I just recently acquired some Nubars in a swap :) so this brand is fairly new to me. I had it on aaaaallllll weeekend, so please excuse the chips. The wear was actually pretty good considering I was doing stuff with my hands - cooking, digging through things, ripping things open, splashing around in water... major tipwear, but that's because my nails are so short that I have a really hard time wrapping my tips, so I just skip it... This pictures really are quite hideous, but I wanted to tell you about this polish, cuz it really is so pretty...
The base for this holo glitter is sort of a beige-pink duochrome. The glitter is very dense and has a very pronounced prismatic effect. Making this polish a holo. I luuuuuuurve me some holo.

Yeah, I love this polish. It's definitely a winner. Usually I'm not the hugest fan of neutral coloured polishes, and at first I thought this would just be another beige holo like ChG FYI, but the duochrome base and the density of the holo glitter make it very unique. I also received Spark in the swap, and that's more like FYI - the glitter is not the same. They got the glitter just perfect in these Prism polishes -had they decided to put this glitter in a charcoal-coloured base, we would have easily had an original MPJ dupe. I want the rest of these Nubar Prisms - I have only Gem and Jewel. And I need the Sparkle collection. And the duochromes. Man, how did I not own any Nubars before?!

I'll be back later with my "My New Favorite Things" post.  Things of course all being polishes  :p
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  1. hmmmmm... first i did not want it, than i wanted it, than it went off my wishlist and now i want it again....but i just ordered some venetian glass colors....brilliant from the prism collection is also one of those colors that is on my list one minute and off the other..just can't seem to make up my mind :O