Monday, March 7, 2011

Some Random Swatches

Hello all.  This time, I didn't post much because I was having troubles with my camera - I oculdn't upload pics onto my computer for the longest time :(  Now that I can, I'm all backlogged again.  Boo.  I'll probably end up doing two or even three posts.  Then again, I probably shouldn't get ahead of myself  :p

Anyway, here's some recent NsOTD from the past week or so....

OPI Tickle My France-y.  I was working on a certain show about the adolescence of a certain superhero who wears a cape and flies, and needed a very neutral, office-appropriate polish.  This was recommended to me on the Nail Board.  Forgive the chips - it was a long day :p  I'm not sure how this looks on my skintone, either... it is a pretty, soft-looking neutral, but I'm just not drawn to "blah" shades like this....  I kept wanting to jazz it up with a black konad pattern of some sort.

Zoya Pinta.  One of the Zoyas I ordered recently.  This is a gorgeous and very pigmented (two coats here) dark blue-ish eggplant creme.  Yes, it is similar to OPI Sapphire In The Snow, but this one is much easier to find, and I honestly like the application way better.

This is Winmax Diamond Nail Enamel in Black.  Another one of the polishes I got at Daiso.  This one has a TON of silver, pink and blue shimmer.  It's a black polish where the shimmer is actually very. very visible - it almost gives it a metallic sheen.  Like hematite, but with tiny blue and pink flecks.  I don't have another black like this - it's absolutely gorgeous.

Wet N Wild Grey's Anatomy over black.  Gorgeous, gorgeous silver-purple-green duochrome.  I couldn't get the best pics of this - oh well.  I heard this is a dupe to Lippmann Wicked Game, which I'd been lemming for a while.  I think it's hilarious that the only dupe that exists to this $18 polish costs $1.79 :D  Anyway, we just started seeing this collection in Canada, but I'm glad I swapped for this one and Party Of Five Glitter - every display I've seen has been stripped clean of all the ones I wanted already :(  I'll show you the ones I did get in the haul post I'm gonna do next.

SpaRitual Enlightened Soul.  From the SpaRitual Truth collection (remember that mini 4pack and the two others I got back in January? or February? Or two posts ago?  Three out of six of them are now tried :-/ ).  Anyway, this is a standard taxicab yellow creme.  I was hoping for spectacular application, as it's what I usually get and have come to expect from SR, but no.  As you can see from the second, outdoor pic (which is the more colour-accurate pic, btw), it's streaky as fuh :(  But that didn't really matter because...

I was planning on putting China Glaze Crushed Candy overtop of it anyway :D

Did I mention I got the Crackle Glazes?  CUZ I DID :D :D  It took a bit of scouting, an inside tip and my BF almost killing me as I dragged him around looking for this tiny nail supply store, but I FOUNDZ DEM!  Sorry for the caps, but I LOVE crack polish and these are so freaking awesome!

More coming up about the new stuff I've gotten in my next post! :)


  1. The yellow/blue crackle combo is my favorite!

  2. That's a great yellow from SpaRitual. Ever since it started getting warm again, I'm kind of obsessed with yellow.