Sunday, March 27, 2011

Some China Glazes, Essies, Nicoles and More ~or~ Ten Posts Crammed Into One Because I Don't Post Frequently Enough

*EDIT*: WHYYY the EFF is Blogger not posting my photos?!???  I just uploaded the photos three times - I promise they're there, if you click on them it will take you to the pic, but blogger is not showing them in the post for some reason.  It's making me want to pull my hair out,.  I've just spent fifteen minutes trying to fix this, but blogger just won't show them, and I have to go to bed now, so I'm hoping this will just fix itself :( :(  stuff like this makes me want to quit blogging :(

*EDIT #2*: Okay, I think I got it to work.... I just have to paste the photos in HTML form... which I don't know crap about, so if it's all wonky, blame blogger :p

*EDIT #3*: Okay, that didn't work AT ALL.  I so fail at HTML.

*EDIT #4*: Now blogger is going to delete this post altogether?? I had it published, now it's back in my drafts?  WTH?

*EDIT #5*: Yeah.... it is now Sunday evening.  Blogger seems to mysteriously be working again, although it decided to take random photos I was trying to publish earlier and make them tiny little pixels that you can click on to go to a full-size pic.  Which is what it was doing before with all my pics.  Sigh.  I could delete all these edits, but they're entertaining.  At least they will be for me to read later  :p

Good Saturday Evening, all!

Yes, I know this should really be broken up into seperate posts about each colour to maintain everyone's constantly waning interest, but I would actually have to post on a semi-regular basis to do that  :p  Alright, no excuses today - let's just delve right into it, shall we?  Let's!

Forgive my brutal cuticles in all of these, please, by the way.  Winter no likey me hands :(

First off, some crack - China Glaze Medallion topped with Lightning Bolt and Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure.  Not too sure about how this came out...

China Glaze Kaleidoscope Him Out.  Okay, "love" is not a strong enough word for how I feel about this polish.  It's my second favorite blue holo behind DS Glamour.  I lemmed this for soooo long, and finally caved and bought it on ebay - remember I told you I got a good deal on it because no one bid on it due to the fact the seller couldn't spell "kaleidoscope"?  It was listed as "China Glaze hom Out"  XD

Boring old Essie Ballet Slippers.  This is my go to Boring Office-Appropriate Neutral, and has been for some years now.  I can't stand wearing it sheer, though - this is four coats here.

SpaRitual Face Of Destiny.  From the Truth collection.  I don't like this on me at all.  Ugly gramma-ish apricot barf.  Making matters worse: ew, oily skin!  Sorry.  Darn that China Glaze Peppermint cuticle oil!

SpaRitual Eye Of The Beholder.  Again, pardon shiny cutes.  I only have one of the SR Truth collection left to swatch - when I finally get around to it, I'll post them all together.  This colour is okay, a chartreuse-y lime creme, but it doesn't seem horribly unique or exciting to me, although I can't think of a dupe I own...
China Glaze First Mate.  Another one I loved.  Applied great, I loved the shade on me, again I don't know about the uniqeness, but it's a blue so I don't care :)  I'll happily own every blue out there regardless of similarity :)  Okay, that's an exaggeration.  Either way, I loved this on me....

So whyyy did I have to ruin it with this childlike attempt at a gradient?  Seriously.  I love White Cap and everything, it's very gorgeous, but this looks like a smudgy mess.  Like a four-year-old did it.  I should have just left it alone or did a full top coat of White Cap.  I love WC, by the way, and plan on trying it over a lot more things.

My St. Patty's Day mani!  This was China Glaze Emerald Sparkle topped with one coat each of China Glaze Sour Apple and Sinful Green Ocean.  It's a hot green mess, but all I was going for was sparkly and green, so it sufficed :)  God was it horrible to get off, though.  I don't know what it is about the foil method and green polishes, but it all just goes directly underneath my nails when I try to remove it and makes me look like I have dirty green gunk under my nails for days.  Hawt.

Essie Borrowed and Blue, from their Spring 2011 Wedding collection.  Forgive the chips.  Very, very pale blue, paler than CC Take Me To Your Chateau, maybe a touch less pale than Hard Candy Sky?  I'll have to compare.  Application was a tad more annoying than usual, as it the norm with these super-pale cremes - a bit streaky.

Nicole Iceburg Lotus.  Very pretty foil-y teal shimmer with very noticeable pink flash that I could not capture no matter what I did! :(  Trust me when I say it's there, though!  It's totally visible on the nail.  Scrangie was right, though - this is everything I wanted OPI Austin-tacious Turquoise to be :)  Too bad it's in that... bottle...

Aaargh - Nicole, why do you have to be so frigging awesome lately?!  I can't take another one of your horrible, storage-disrupting, Helmer-drawer-fuglifying bottles!  But look what they're packing inside these horrible hideous bottles!  This is I'm A Pool For Love.  I don't get the name (pool?  It's a blackened glitter :p) but yes, it's gorgeous.  A blackened duochrome glitter that's deep blue and purple most of the time, but goes from purple to gold at extreme angles.  Nicole rocks blackened glitters.  Actually Nicole's been rocking everything lately.  I got a couple more the other day besides these two - Nicole's Nickel (another black glitter!  Not blackened, but acutally black, like the one they had at Christmas! Squee!) and Brilliant Idea (a lime green glitter), and there was a holo glitter and a blue with pink flash I was eyeballing as well... but I'll have to wait until Nicoles go on sale for $6 again at Shopper's Drug Mart, which is when I got these - $11 is just waaaay to much for me to justify spending on such an ugly bottle.

I just decided to go count my Nicoles, on a whim....I own FOURTY-SEVEN freakin Nicoles, people.  47!!!  47 of those heinous freaking things, in my house, in my possession...*shudder*... Yeah... Maybe I won't go buy those other ones when they go on sale  :p  ("But," the voice in my head protests, "you love every single one of those Nicole colours...")

Blah.  I'm still not even remotely caught up on posting pics.  Also, I just got the China Glaze Island Escape collection the other day - swatches of those coming up soon!  Plus, ten more random spam posts like this, probably  :p

See you soon!  I should probably go to bed   :p  For some reason I am really craving a pepperoni stick.  Wish I had some of those.

Oh, oh, PS:  I gave my niece (the BF's best friend's daughter - got that? so not really my niece but you get it)a bottle of ChG Black Mesh, and she posted a pic of her crack mani on Facebook saying how much she loves it :D  And all her friends posted comments saying, "Omg, I love it, where did you find it, I can't find it anywhere" etc. etc., since Black Shatter's been sold out around here since the day it came out.  And my niece is all, "Oh, my aunt got it for me, I'll have to ask her.."  HAHA! :D  Who's the best aunt in the world?!??  :D  I love being the nail polish fairy to a fourteen-year old! :D

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