Friday, November 19, 2010

SickPost: I'm Sorry, I've Been Very Ill For A Long Time... But Here's Some Glitter! :D

Yeah, so, I've been very sick  Again.  I've mentioned getting sick before, and it happens to me on a regular basis, and it has for a very long time, and I'm not going to bore you with details...  But this is why this post is going to suck.  It's going to suck a lot.  I'm just warning you in advance....

Okay, fine, I'm gonna bore you with a teeny bit of detail.  Without giving you more information than you want to know, what happens when I get sick is I'm basically in a lot of pain and I need to be administered medicines.  Various amounts of various medicines.  Sometimes repeatedly, until I can sleep.  And sometimes the effects of these medicines last WAY beyond the amount of time I want them to.  I go to sleep and wake up and still feel loopy as hell.  Which is what's happening here.

So, I think to myself, what better time than NOW to do a blog post?!  xp

I'm aware you're probably judging me right now.  That's okay.  I accept your disapproving grimaces of pity.  It's just, for some reason, even when I'm sick or careening around the room on medication or half-awake and barely able to creak open an eyelid, I always want to take out my pretties and look at them, play with them, swatch them...  It's a strange complusion, I know, but it gives me peace of mind, and cheers me up after two long days of being sick and in pain.

So, I took some photos, and.....

Oh balls.  I just realized there's frigging snow on the ground outside my house.  Like, enough that it's actually stuck to the streets a bit.  When the eff did it snow?!? Buggerbuggerbugger.....

Anyway, I took some photos a few minutes ago.  I'm not well enough to actually get out of bed, and it's dark out anyway, so these photos are Lextard-style today!  Well, sort of.  Like, her style except for I'm only using one finger, because  - hey, guess what- I discovered the magical formula for making any nail polish - and I mean any - peel or pop off one one solid sheet!  Yay!  So half my glitter skittles popped off, and I was just glad I had one left of each colour to take a pic of.  These were going to be some glorious, sparkly glitter skittles pics, but in the end I was grateful for one-nail pics  :p 

In case anyone wants to know - to make your polish pop off in one big sheet, use one coat Witchcraft Protein Nail Hardener, one coat American Classics Yellow Stopper (sold at Sally's, by the same people who make Gelous), however many coats of polish (multiple thick coats of glitters recommended), and one thick coat of Seche Vite.  Wait to dry.  Wash your hands with warm water.  Voila  :(  I don't know if its any one of these products, but the combination of them all together never fails  :(


This is Sid, keeping me company and being nosy.... and the ice-pak that was also keeping me company :(  As you can see, he's going "What happened to your pinky and middle fingers...?"  "Oh, you used that combo again?  What are you, a noob?"

So here they are.  These swatches really suck, and I'm sorry for subjecting you to this, but I really want to post something and I don't feel like editing any of my other photsos right now:

This is Nicole by OPI Glitz And Glisten.  It's a medium purple-based pink dense microglitter.  From what I've seen online of this shade, it was apparently released as part of the Nicole Target holiday exclusives?  Then why was I able to buy it in a 2-pack at Shopper's Drug Mart with some other purple shade (whose name I forgot already... but I think was also part of the Target LE's)?  And why did they only give Canada these two colours, and not Pitch-Black Glimmer, or Fell From The Tree, or that blue glitter.... bitchbitchbitch.  Anyway, I did like this one.  Kind of like a microglitter version of Zoya Nova. 

This is one of my recent Asian dollar store finds!  Sorry about the chips.  It's an aqua jelly base with silver, aqua and holo microglitter.  This was actually a striping polish that I decanted into a plain bottle - I need to go back and get another one, because the stiper polish only half-filled the empty bottle, and it's a pain to get the polish, it was only $2 :)  And it's pretty.  Reminds me a little bit of Atlantis, although they are not the same at all.

This is Icing Party Hardy... not to be confused with the kickass China Glaze of the same name.  God, this pic sucks.  I'm sorry.  This is a dense raspberry microglitter, the micro-equivalent of Zoya Astra.  Very shiny and sparkly.  I actually liked the colour of this one better than Nicole Glitz and Glisten - it's less purple, redder, more vibrant.  And it seemed to dry shinier after applying topcoat than the Nicole.  Icing has some great polishes, and this is one of three I've picked up lately - the other two being a holo glitter and a blue/purple glitter, which I'll show you in a second...
This is the worst picture in the entire world of Finger Paints Easel-y Entertained.... which is a beautiful blurple/cobalt microglitter that I'm defacing with this horrible pic....  I'm not sure why I put it up, and I'm not going to go into any more detail, other than you should get this if you don't own it already.  Wow, how much of a fail is this post....? Anyway, almost done...

And this is Icing Bedazzled, the other new Icing I've gotten lately.  Really pretty, dense blue and purple microglitter.  Dense enough to be worn alone.  I'd been itching to wear it over black, but I tried it over a dark blurple and it kind of completely covered up the base.  I know you probably think you've seen a billion blue & purple glitter polishes by now, but this one is so much finer and denser than any other that I've seen.  Check it out, next time you're near an Icing.  This place consistantly churns out great polishes.

And I consistantly churn out awkward, stumbly, subpar, thrown-together blog entries  :S  I promise I have more for you guys.  I have a Cherry Culture order waiting for me at the PO tomorrow! :D :D :D  and I am expecting a SWEET package with my RBL sale orders and some other goodies in it!! :D :D :D  So I'm super-excited for that!  Plus I have a billion NOTDs, some of which I really like, and my post about dollar store finds....  I'mma post it all soon.  Seriously.   Thanks for reading my over-medicated ramblings  :p


  1. take care :D im down with flu too... :( but i hate medicines so... hehe. all the best to me :P

    love the polishes here! :D

  2. I don't judge! I loved this post.

  3. I'm not going to judge, it's a great way to cheer yourself up, I have to say. Get well soon!