Saturday, October 2, 2010

My OPI Collection, In It's Entirety

Okay, so I randomly decided on a whim to count all my OPIs.  I attempted to photograph the entire thing, then I set about identifying each polish.  I'm just going to post the pics, and then all the labels below it.  It's a lot to sort through, but at least if you see a polish and wonder what it is you'll be able to find out.  Or you could just compare it to your own OPI collection.  Or... whatever, fine, you know what?!  I really don't know what the point of me doing this was.  But the point is, I did it, and now I'm going to post it just so I feel like I didn't waste two hours of my life  :p 
OPIs are not my favorite brand of nail polish - probably my second or third or fourth, realistically - but I do own a lot of them because they are so easy to find, and for a while there I really had a hook-up and I was able to buy a lot of the core colours for a dollar or two each :)  So my collection kind of grew.  And I mean, I do love my OPI.  They are good polishes, for the most part.  Certain ones definitely inspire a special kind of lust in me that few other brands can.  And they have created some of the coolest colours of all time.  So even though the company itself is ridiculous and stupid and can go pee up a rope, I do love their polish.  As you will be able to see. 

So... are you ready for this?

Okay.... I'm warning you.  This is ridiculous.  Downright laughable.  I own 181 OPIs!  including minis. wanna see?  You really wanna see my ENTIRE OPI collection?  Well.... okay.... you asked!  :p

This is the main OPI drawer of my Melmer... so far I have one drawer dedicated to OPIs, and the rest just on random stands around my room.  I'm going to have to dedicate another drawer to them soon - in the new Melmer I plan to buy soon, most likely.  You're probably gonna have to click on the picture to see all the numbers, but maybe not.

Also, please excuse the mess that is my room.  I'm reorganizing my closet - it doesn't always look like this, I swear!  :p
1. How To Jamaica Million 2. You Don't Know Jacques - Suede 3. Pearl Of Wisdom 4. Alpine Snow 5. Bubble Bath 6. We'll Always Have Paris - Suede 7. Skinny Dip'n In Lake Michg'n 8. Happy Anniversary 9. Elephantastic Pink 10. Kyoto Pearl 11. Princesses Rule! 12. Meet Me On The Star Ferry 13. Suzi And The Lifeguard 14. Lincoln Park At Midnight 15. Flower-To-Flower 16. Bling Dynasty 17. And This Little Piggy 18. Russian Navy - Suede 19. Wing It! 20. Lincoln Park After Dark 21. Mod About You 22. Black Cherry Chutney 23. OPI Ink 24. OPI Ink - Suede 25. (unknown unlabelled pinkish nude) 26. 18K Ginza Gold 27. Moon Over Mumbai 28. Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow 29. Sweet Heart 30. Don't Know... Beets Me! 31. Purple With A Purpose 32. Jewel Of India 33. Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ 34. You Don't Know Jacques! 35. Light My Sapphire 36. Give Me The Moon 37. Louvre Me Louvre Me Not 38. Russian Navy 39. La Paz-itively Hot - Matte 40. Cozu-melted In The Sun 41. Shim-Merry Chic 42. Manicurist Of Seville 43. Lemonade Stand By Your Man 44. Need Sunglasses? 45. Russian Navy - Matte 46. Yoga-Ta Get This Blue! 47. Can't-a-Berry Have Some Fun? 48. It's All Greek To Me 49. Brisbane Bronze 50. Dress To Empress 51. Bright Lights - Big Color 52. The "It" Color 53. Dating A Royal 54. Jade Is The New Black 55. Dutch Tulips 56. Royal Flush Blush 57. Suzi Skis In The Pyranees Suede 58. Miami Beet 59. I'm Not Really A Waitress 60. Hot & Spicy 61. Banana Bandanna 62. Green-wich Village 63. Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow - Suede 64. Amazing Lazing Lilac 65. Nomad's Dream 66. Holiday Glow 67. Malaga Wine 68. My Chihuahua Bites! 69. In My Back Pocket 70.Suzi Says Feng Shui 71. Gargantuan Green Grape 72. Do You Lilac It? 73. Tickle My France-y 74. Sand In My Suit 75. Royal Rajah Ruby 76. Bogota Blackberry 77. Flit A Bit 78. Midnight In Moscow 79. All-A-Bordeaux The Sled 80. A Oui Bit Of Red 81. No Room For The Blues 82. Sea? I Told You! 83. My Big Break84. I'd LikeTo Thank 85. Hollywood Blonde 86. Have You Seen My Limo? 87. Dim Sum Plum 88. Red My Fourtune Cookie 89. Thanks So Muchness! 90. St. Petersburgundy 91. Witch Arm? 92. Off With Her Red! 93. Glow-Ink In The Dark 94. Tattoo You Want Candy? 95. I Love Mummy 96. (unknown blueish silver) 181. Suzi Says Feng Shui.  Wow, that was ridiculous.  And the last one is 181 because I missed it at first :p

This is random stand #1, where they're playing nicely with Zoyas, Lippmans, Illas and Chanels:
97. Merryberry Mauve Glitter TC 98. Paris Couture For Sure TC 99. Thrills In Beverly Hills TC 100. Glitter Bit Of Music TC 101. Goldilocks Rocks! 102. Merryberry Mauve 103. Vodka & Caviar 104. Got The Blues For Red 105. Maliblue 106. My Fave Wave.

A stand hanging on the wall by my bed:
107. Who The Shrek Are You? 108. Fiercely Fiona 109. Ogre-The-Top Blue 110. What's With The Cattitude? 111. Can You Dig It? 112. Rumple's Wiggin' 113. Funkey Dunkey 114. SRO (Standing Room Only) Silver 115. Damone Roberts 1968 116. She's Golden 117. Fireflies 118. Blonde Date 119. Brand New Skates 120. Baby It's Coal Outside 121. Breathe Life 122. Maine-iac Mauve 123. Ate Berries In The Canaries 124. Sahara Sapphire 125. MPJ (teal flash) 126. MPJ (brown poo) 127. MPJ (holo) 128. (is actually China Glaze Strawberry Fields, not an OPI - oops)

The second stand, on my dresser, completely full:
129. Man Of La Mancha 130. Movin' Out 131. Rent 132. Thoroghly Modern Millie 133. Mamma Mia! 134. That's All Bright With Me! 135. Dress To Empress 136. Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous 137. Ski Teal We Drop 138. Color So Hot It Berns 139. Glitzerland 140. Cuckoo For This Color 141. Yodel Me On My Cell 142. The Color To Watch 143. Lincoln Park After Dark 144. Black Tie Optional 145. Have You Seen My Limo? 146. Sonic Bloom 147. Who Are You Wearing? 148. Ocean Love Potion 149. Peel Me A Gobi Grape 150. Merry Midnight 151. Smitten With Mittens 152. Call My Cell-ery 153. Sit Under The Apple Tree 154. Hey! Get In Lime! 155. Parlez-Vous OPI 156. Done Out In Deco 157. Sand-erella 158. Blue Moon Lagoon 159. Coral Reef 160. You Ottaware Purple 161. At Your Quebec And Call 162. Glacier Bay Blues 163. Rainforest

And the third stand, with my DS and Alice polishes, playing with Anna Sui and miscellaneous others:
164. DS Chiffon 165. DS Reflection 166. DS Reserve 167. DS Tapestry 168. DS Extravagence 169. DS Treasure 170. Mad As A Hatter 171. Absolutely Alice 172. DS Sapphire 173. DS Jewel 174. DS Glow 175. DS Glamour 176. DS Mystery 177. DS Illuminate 178. DS Elegence 179. DS Coronation 180. Ghostess With The Mostess.

Okay, this post was ridiculous.  I don't even really know why I just put it up. Guilt, likely.

*EDIT - I just realized two things.  1.) Even though I said #128 was a China Glaze, not an OPI, I still included it in the count.  Derpderp.  And 2.) I missed an OPI, cuz it was hiding in one of my other purses.  And it's one of my favorite colours - Significant Other Color! So, minus the ChG and including that, the final number is still the same... wow, that was entirely pointless, wasn't it....

So I got my giant swap in, and my TD order, and I haven't really gotten much else that's major in the past little while... I got Essie Sew Psyched and MAC Bad Fairy today - yay! :)  And I plan on getting each and every one of those damn Burlesques when they come out.... which should be any day now.  I have them all on hold at my local salon - they're getting them in any day now and they're calling me when they do :)  And now there's all this NARS madness going on.... gah!  I think I'll hate myself if I have the opportunity to get Zulu and Mash and don't....  oh, my poor poor wallet   :p

Anyway, some day soon I'll post photos of the giant epic swap haul.... plus I have all the Orly Cosmix swatched, which I might as well post.  And all my NOTDs that I've been backlogging, as usual :-/  Oh well.  And coming up real soon will be the Burlesques :)  I'm sure I'll do a trumpeting post on them full of squees the day I get them :)

Okay, it's kind of late, and my friends are all sitting around me talking, and it's kind of distracting, so... good night!

Oh yeah, one last thing - RIP Greg Giraldo.  You guys ever seen the Comedy Central roasts?  That guy was one funny mofo.  I can't believe he's gone.  The roasts are all going to suck now  :(


  1. I love looking at your OPI's! You have quite a few black labels I am trying to hunt down, I feel silly cause I gave away soooooooooo many of my old OPI's! beautiful collection!!!!

  2. woooow, I want many of these. absolutely amazing collection

  3. Hi!

    I like your blog :) I am a new follower!
    Maybe you can follow me back?

  4. Wow! Great collection and I'm jealous!! ;) I have quite a few myself but nothing like this. Let me ask you a few questions. How often do you change your nail color? How long do polishes usually last? and Do you buy at a discount? I can find China Glaze and several other polishes at discounts but it seems I never can find OPI at a discount. I usually buy my OPI from various sites online or at my local grocery store but nothing at a discount.

  5. jbrobek: Thank you! Man, I've given away sooo many polishes over the course of my life that I regret! Streetwears, old UD, Hard Candys.. ugh :p

    hermetic: Thank ya!

    Tessa: Thanks. followed :)

    LizKS48: Thanks so much :) Lesse here: I change my nail colour usually every day, but sometimes if I'm really busy or I really love a mani it'll make it two or three days. How long do polishes usually last - well, do you mean how long do they last in general, or how long do they last me? In general, they last forever and never go bad - there's never any reason to ever throw them out, despite what else you may read. And they last me forever too - I've never gone through an entire bottle of colour :S And no, I don't buy at discount anymore - I used to have a friend with a license who could buy them super-cheap, but not anymore. I usually buy my OPIs online or at beauty supply stores that'll sell to the public. And sometimes at salons.