Wednesday, February 10, 2010

V-Day Mani Week: Nicole by OPI You're An Angel

I was wanting to do a whole week of red and pink nails to celebrate Valentine's Day... which is weird because traditionally, I hate Valentine's Day.  In or out of love, single or not, this day has always sucked for me.  Except the past two years, in which my boyfriend has made the day exceptionally fun and enoyable by doing "anti V-Day" things with me  :)  Anyway, like someone said on the MUA boards, one of the best things about Valentine's Day?  Gaudy mani's!  :)  I wish I owned some Konad, so I could really get into the whole hearts and flowers theme, but I don't (yet..) so I'm bringing you the most Valentine's-y colours out of my collection  :)  Well, not all of them, since I'm kicking this off kind of late, but some.

Today I decided to test out one of the new Nicole polishes I bought the other day.  It's shimmery and pink and seemed V-day appropriate:

This is Nicole You're An Angel.  Of course my crappy sub-camera refuses to capture the real colour of this polish.  It's a deeper pink than it appears in these pics - not too much deeper, a medium pink, but not as peachy as it looks here.  It has a generous amount of gold and dark pink shimmer in it, and it looks very much like a lighter, more candy-pink version of China Glaze's Strawberry Fields.  You can't really see all the gold shimmer, but where all the white, shiny blobs are on my nails - that's shimmery gold IRL  :p  

 Preeeeetty.......  I was pleasantly surprised by this polish.  I did not expect to like it nearly as much as I did.  I mean, of course I thought I would like it, since I bought it and all, but its much brighter and makes a lot more of an impact than I thought it would.  This would be gorgeous on toes for summer.  So pretty and feminine.  They had a red polish with a similar gold shimmer finish, and it makes me almost want to go back and pick that up too...

That's V-Day polish number one.  I'll be back with more tomorrow.  My TD order is supposed to be here Thursday - can't wait!!!  I'm already planning my next order  :)

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