Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Quick NOTD - China Glaze Watermelon Rind, NYX Mango Cafe and China Glaze Wagon Trail

I'm tired.  But I have so many swatches to put up, and I'm kind of planning another trip to SNBS tomorrow.  Yes, I know, I need to seek a polish addiction support group.  So I'm gonna throw up (heh) a couple before I go to bed here....

I present to you: China Glaze Watermelon Rind, one my favorite polishes.

I don't own too many dark greens, so I love this.  I love the jelly base and the gorgeous glitter.  And the name - it reminds me exactly of watermelon rinds (only more sparkly).  This was after a solid 24 hours of wear - excuse the chipped tips.

NYX in Mango Cafe.  My "persimmon" shade.  What I'm hoping will substitute for OPI's Hot and Spicy (until I get my hands on it, that is).  A muted warm pinkish coral.  I think it looks good with my skin tone.  I'm loving NYX polishes so far - a bit pricey at $6 a pop, but nice colours and good formula.  I may have to pick up a few more.  These may be the exception to my drugstore rule.

And, since I have time....
 China Glaze in Wagon Train, with Sally Hanson Salon Project Runway on the pinkie.  Love both these colours.  Wagon Train is dark khaki green with gold shimmer - really noticeable under direct light.  Project Runway is a medium blue-based green with gold shimmer.  I don't know why I painted the pinky different, other than it gives me the ability to put on 2 colours at a time instead on one.  Sigh.  I have issues.

I'll post more of my swatches tomorrow morning, as well as my anticipated haul.  Also, I joined MUA tonight!  :)  :)  I'll post a couple times on the boards, and hopefully I'll start getting some traffic.  Till tomorrow.  G'nite.

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