Monday, February 15, 2010

Mini Sephora Haul - 02/14-10 - Valentine's Shmalentine's... ahh who am I kidding - I had a great V-Day :p Also, V-Day Mani

Traditionally I hate this day, as I said in my last post.  But my boyfriend makes it all okay  ;)  I spent the day combing through the mall, which was actually his idea  :) after we met up with his mom and took her for brunch (because he always does something for his mom for Valentine's Day).  Then I came home, where we watched Canada win its first gold medal on home soil  :)  on the very hill where I learned to ski when I was six (I got goosebumps), and we surfed on our laptops side-by-side on the couch (I know, we're dorks, we do this all the time) him on Full Tilt Poker and YouTube, and I on MUA  :p  And now, I'm typing this post while he makes me a full Valentine's Day dinner - grilled rib-eyes, bacon-wrapped scallops, mashed potaotes and gravy, coleslaw, and mixed green salad, with a 2007 California merlot of some kind (I know ballz about wine, except that I like it).  I'm so spoiled.  I'm the type of girl that makes girls like me hate Valentine's Day  :p

These are the bear and mini roses he got me, along with some adorable little Lindt chocolates that look like miniature desserts  :)  Not shown is the two or three boxes of caramel chocolates he got me earlier in the week  :)  And yes, my cat has already attacked the roses.

So as I was combing the mall, I decided I hadn't been in Sephora in a long time (about two or three weeks - that's a long time) and ducked in.

Sephora is so bloody overpriced.  I'm still not over the $7 I paid  for the Blue Sapphire polish I got from there.  That said, they have so much friggin cute stuff...  :(  I'm conflicted.  I ended up caving and getting a couple of Sephora by OPI polishes:

(L-R): Ocean Love Potion, Go With The Flow-er, Metro Chic.  I got all hyper when I saw they had the Modern Flowers collection.  Then I deflated a little when I saw that they only had a couple of the shades.  Then I was happy again when I saw that they had one bottle of Go With The Flow-er left, since it was the one I wanted most from the collection.  I debated getting Leaf Him At the Altar, but I put it back in favor of OLP and MC.  $OPI polishes are so underwhelming most of the time - I was looking at Mermaid To Order also, but I remember reading that it's not nearly as impressive on the nail as it is in the bottle, so I put that back as well. 

I walked around the store, disppointed in the $OPI stock, itching to spend my money on something else.  I didn't have to look far.  Hello, what's this?

NARS Purple Rain.  I am now the proud owner of one of the most celebrated purples.  I  blame this article, mainly, among others.  This is such a gorgeous purple shimmer with red and blue glitter.  I can't wait to wear it.  Now if only i could find Mash, or Zulu, god help me  :p

Now, I got to go to bed, but some quick NOTDs for you first.  What's Been On My Nails These Past Few Days:

Color Club Pure Energy on the tips.  Loves it.  Looks good with my skin tone.

And excuse the gross toe pic but I need to show it:

China Glaze Ruby Pumps on ma toes... An awesome pedi colour.  Makes me feel like I can just click my heels three times to go home anywhere I want :p  I'm cheesy, I know.  Seriously, though, I fell in love with this polish at first sight.  Looks just like the ruby slippers.  The ultimate red glitter.

More TOTW (Tips of the Week):

China Glaze Her Fabulousness.  Pretty deep pink shimmer.  This was V-Day Mani week Day 3.. or was it 4..?

So pretty.  I didn't go with that for my actual V-Day mani, though.  I'll post that at the end.

This is OPI's Hot & Spicy.  Pretty orange creme - I'd call it "persimmon", sure, why not?  Looks to me like more of a mango, though, or a muted light coral.  This is the second of the HK Collection I've worn for a day, the other being Bling Dynasty for the Superbowl - so far, I liked them both...

Okay... it looks like I am at the end.  I didn't do any more pinks this week?  really?  Oh well.  I still don't have pink out of my system - it's such a pretty spring colour, especially in pastel - although I think I'm good on the reds for now :p  So expect to see a bunch more pinks in the next few weeks still.  Anyway.  So finally, this was my V-Day mani:

This is China Glaze Sexy Silhouette, and on the accent ring finger is China Glaze Something Sweet, Nicole Have A Heart and Claire's Love Struck, and a really old Sally Hansen glitter polish with no name.

Sophisticated?  No!  Tasteful?  No!  Tacky, overdone and juvenile?  Hell yes - its's a V-DAY MANI!  Muaaahahaha!  But seriously, I like this.  It's cute.  I showed it to my boyfriend, and it even made him smile  :)  I'll see how long I can go before I take it off and change my polish again like an addict. The little hearts are so cute.  I can't get enough of those heart polishes.  I want the new Nicole one, and the blue one with the stars!  So getting those this week  :p 

I need to go to bed now.  Goodnight  :)

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  1. wow, love your sephora haul...
    Can#t wait to see the nars polish on your nails