Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Swatchage: Color Club Catwalk Queen collection and random sheer pink duochrome comparison

So I know I'm about a year behind on this, and this collection is anything but new, but its new to me.  And I'm lovin it so far.  Color Club released two Spring collection last year at around the same time - Femme Fatale and Catwalk Queen.  The colours in CQ caught my eye the most, so that was the one I bought, but I am wanting to go back for the FF collection. 

Anyway, these are the three I've worn out of the collection:

Catwalk Queen.  Sorry for the horrible chips, this was after a day of wear.  I wanted to get a pic of it anyway.  This is a very, very pretty deep burgundy purple shade with gold shimmer.  I know now how much it sucks taking photos with an iPhone because this pic does not do it justice at all.  It's very deep, shimmery and sexy, and doesn't look black in indoor lighting.

Runway Muse.  This is very pretty too.  Reminds me of mother-of-pearl or the inside of an abalone shell.  It's a pearly green and pink duochrome.  Someone else said its similar to OPI's Think It's Pink?/Sea The Change? and as I fondly remember that polish as one of my faves, I can agree.  Depending on which way the light hits your hand, indoors and out, the polish looks pink or blue green.  Above, it's showing the greener tone.

Here it's flashing the pinker tone.  You can see the colour change in the bottle too.  Man, it's hard getting that awesome affect to show up on an iPhone.  But my camera doesn't work anymore - it died on me last week.  It was just a Sony CyberShot 7.2 mp.  That's all I want, is just another little point-and-shoot - preferably Canon.  I don't need to own a big, fancy camera.  I consider myself an artist of all sorts, but for some very strange reason, to tell you the truth, I kind of suck at taking pictures.  I always have.  I belong in front of a camera, not behind it ;O  Well, not in front of a still camera.... nm.

  Pinky to thumb: Orly Opal Hope, China Glaze Afterglow, Orly Opal Hope again, China Glaze Rio, and Color Club Ready To Wear.  This is the only pic I have of Ready To Wear, on my thumb.  It's not a great pic, and I'll eventually put one up of my whole hand, but it shows the color difference between it and Runway Muse.  Above it looks more gold....

...and here it looks more pink/orange.  Ready To Wear is more of a gold/red/orange duochrome.  It shows up very warm gold on me.  Also, it seemed a bit more sheer than RM, but that could have been my imagination.  Both required four coats, and there was still a teensy hint of visible nail line (VNL) showing.

On the other fingies, Orly Opal hope needs no introduction.  It's gorgeous.  Opaque after two coats, shimmery, shiny, flashing different colours in different lights, yet pink and girly and cotton candy-ish looking... I'm in love. 

China Glaze Afterglow is also a really pretty polish.  Sheer pink with blue/green duochrome shimmer.  Rio is the darker, neon, more amped-up version of it.  The two polishes are definitely similar - I'd call them cousins - but Rio is a little more striking in my opinion.

Close-up comparison of the two, the bottom being Rio and the top being Afterglow.  Rio looks warmer as well - maybe that's why I prefer it on me.  Warm shades always flatter me more, but for some reason its cool shades that always catch my eye.  Of course.  Usually I say to hell with my skin tone, if it's a pretty colour and I like it, I'm gonna wear it.  Who cares if it makes my hands look like a zombie/corpse/diagram of the circulatory system?  ....anyway, yeah.  These are pretty, and I like Rio better, but I'm still going to wear Afterglow when I want a more girly, feminine look.

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