Saturday, February 6, 2010

Second NOTD: Color Club Revvvolution

Yep, I changed my polish.  Again.  Right after I got home.  I wanted something more edgy and noticeable. 
This fit the bill:

Color Club Revvvolution.  Okay, I freakin' LOOOOVE this polish.  Look at it.  Lookatit!  How could you not love such a sparkly black holo?!  First of all, who else even makes a black holo?  OPI's My Private Jet is the only other one I can think of, and good luck finding that.  This is a gorgeous colour and a great formula. It went on like a dream and the prismatic effect is breathtaking. Lots of rainbow microglitter in this holo. Drying time seemed superfast as well. I can't stop staring at my nails- from far away it looks like a dark grey, but the second any light hits it there's a very noticeable rainbow reflection from the holo glitter. Soooo pretty! Don't even bother with MPJ, just get this instead!

Yeah, I'm in love with these Color Club collections.  Catwalk Queen and Femme Fatale.  I know they're last spring's collections, but they're just so darn wearable.  I have such hight hopes for CC's new spring 2010 collections.  Scrangie has posted swatches of the Rebel Debutante collection on her site, which I had been eagerly awaiting, and I'm glad I ordered the four I did.  I also ordered the PopTastic collection, which she has said she shas swatches of soon, as well as a new glitter collection (!!).  What??  Another one?!  I haven't even gone through my Glitter Vixens yet!  (*shakes with excitement*)

I love Revvvolution, but I have so many beautiful polishes I want to try out, I find myself wanting to remove it already  :p  I wonder what it would look like with a coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust overtop...?

Oh yes, and if you were wondering how my makeup app went, I think the Lise Watier makeup artist, Kat, did a great job.  Lise Watier is, I'm proud to say, a Canadian owned and manufactured company, based out of Montreal.  Which accounts for all the francais names I can't pronounce  :p  The colours were really pretty - I especially like the lipstick she used on me.  I have a really hard time finding lippy shades that don't make me look like one giant pair of lips.  I don't really want to take a pic to show you, because a. I don't want this blog to be full of pictures of my stupid face, and b. my camera's broken, and I know the pretty shadow is not going to show up on my iPhone camera.  So I'll just tell you that on my eyes, she used #117 Ecru Mat as a base, #118 Aubergine in the lashline and crease, and loose powder in Folie D'Opale blended all over the lid and in the corners as a highlighter.  On my lips, she used lipstick in Biscotti.  I'd like to pick that up, or a MAC dupe, preferably.  I've loved my MAC Lipstick ever since sixth or seventh grade  :)  My first one ever was Twig.  I bought it with my best friend when we were twelve.  We shared it  :p  Which sounds gross now but was so not a big deal back then.... yuck....

Side note:  Random thought:  I can't believe I don't own Essie Wicked.  I need to go buy that, as soon as I allow myself....  also maybe Sexy Divide?  And Watermelon?


  1. So Please tell me what ever did happen with that good guy friend of yours. Ive been in that situation before, so I am curious. After reading I cant tell you how much you remind me of myself. even down to the way you talk and your attitude. Its so weird. I hope it worked its self out.

  2. Just wanted to tell you i found you blog today (thanks to Getcha Nails Did) and i love the way you write... its just like what it sounds like in my head!

  3. Baby: I'm embarrassed... I completely forgot about writing all that! I posted that a few years ago, lol! Seems a LOT of people have been in a similar situation before... gahh, I was really going off on a rant there, wasn't I... I've gotta delete that blog :S And um, yeah, that good guy friend ended up being my boyfriend. And still is :) And hey, if you think I sound like you, you should start a blog too. You never know what'll happen. I never thought anyone would read that :p

    jbrobeck: Well, thanks for reading :) And yeah, I kind of just tend to write the way I talk. You either relate to it or hate it :p And I owe Brooke a big one for putting my blog up on her page :)