Sunday, May 9, 2010

Massive Haul Post, part three - The Final Chapter (for a week or so)

The fact that I had to split this up into three parts is sad and somewhat frightening  :p  I went buckwild this one week.  This is the result.

Alright, here we go.  First of all, I have all the stuff I got at the beauty supply store.

Starting off, I picked up the CND "The Look" set.  I think I got a pretty good deal, too, since I've seen this sold online for $18.  I tried to get a pic of the Vivienne Westwood-designed box - it's so cute and really does make me think of candy.  It came with a little booklet with pics of CND polishes in action on the spring runways.  You've probably already seen the polishes by now - Sweet and Sugar Sparkle.  Sweet is an opaque, warm-toned pink that to me looks very similar to OPI Elephantastic Pink, and Sugar Sparkle is white, irreguar shaped flake glitter in a pearly base - it almost looks like a white flakie polish.  I can't wait to try these.

Next is something that I have no idea why I bought.  CND's new Shellac polish in Tutti Fruitti.  The SA talked me into buying it, and I was so excited, only to get home and realize that - duh - I don't own the UV light that is an integral part of the polish application.  Brilliant, Lex.  So I have no idea what I'm going to do with this.  Bringing it to a salon with me so they can put it on seems like such a waste of money, and going in and asking to use their UV lamp would make me feel like an idiot.  Honestly, I don't really know why they sold it to me.  Maybe they assume I own a salon cuz I buy so much polish  XD  Also, now that I look at the brochure and see all the shades again, I wish I'd gotten Fedora instead.  D'oh.

Some boring essentials - a fresh bottle of SV and more CND Ridge Out.  Until I can get Barielle Hydrating Ridge Filler, this will do - it's works and it's so much easier for me to get.  And six bucks ain't a bad price.  I'm halfway through my first bottle.  Even though I don't have ridges, sometimes the surface of my nails gets scratched and peels, and this provides a nice, even, milky white base - especially handy for pastel cremes.

Some OPIs - Got The Blues For Red, Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ, and La Paz-itively Hot - Matte.  All NB recommendations  :)

Color Club Volt Of Light, Tangerine Scream, and What A Shock!  This completes my Electro Candy collection, except for the purple one. 

More discontinued China Glazes! :)  L-R: Orchid Shadow (dusty lilac with gold shimmer), Rapture (hot fuschia pink with holo glitter), China Rain (peachy pink with gold shimmer and glitter) and Go Crazy Red (awesome shimmery red with a gold flash).  These are so pretty.  I wonder why some of these randomly have the silver caps like the OMGs....

More Dare 2 Wears :)  Love these.  L-R: Mint 2 Blue Opal, Tropical Kiwi 2 Metallic Green, another Green 2 Gold Opal (I already have one of these so this'll go as a swap extra), Ashy Gold 2 24K Gold, and one that has no label on the bottom (grrr!) but is a inky blackened greyish green with dark blue and aqua glitter.  It looks so unique.  It might be completely fugly.  I have no idea.  I don't have anymore nail wheels for swatching  :(  Must get more.

Last from the beauty supply place, I got some Princessas for a MUA member who wanted me to CP her some.  Most of these are very shiny, colour saturated, sparkly foils.

Sour Apple, Everglade Sparkle and Champagne Dust.  SA is a glittery sheer with pink duochrome, and the other two have the sparkly foil finish.  CD looks, to me, an awful lot like China Glaze Swing Baby from the upcoming fall 2010 Vintage Vixen collection (which I cannot wait for, btw - yes, I am aware I just got Poolside, lol).
Tan Gerine (huh? it's blue, you weirdos), Tahitian Afternoon and California Sunshine.  TG is a frosty baby blue with pink, blue, green and purple microglitter and purple-pink shimmer, and the other two are foils.

Colorodo Rapid, Silver Hurricane and New Eve At Vegas (again, huh?).  NEAV is a black jelly with irregular silver and holo glitter - so pretty!  Once again, the other two are foils.  Princessa's got some hilarious names - first Stary Stary Night (seriously!) and now these two.  *snort.  These will be going to a lovely MUAer is return for SH HT (yeah, I know, I know, shut up) and hopefully an Illamasqua! :)

Next is stuff from my mall haul:

These are more smelly Revlons: Grape Ice, Bubblegum, Cotton Candy and Orange Pop.  I have them all now except for Peach Smoothie, which I saw on lextard's blog and could tell immediately it would look hideous on me.  I may end up getting it anyway, but hopefully I'll be able to stop myself  :p  I can't wait to try these, though - I really like the idea of nail polish that actually smells half decent :)

Sephora by OPI It's Bouquet With Me.  Wanted this ever since it first came out, passed on it once, and it was sold out ever since.  Until last week  :)  I'm such a sucker for glitter, and I love $OPI's other glitters, so this was a no-brainer.  These polishes are just so hideously expensive though, for what they are.

More Icing polishes.  I think this set is older - it may have been a spring one.  These are all pastel cremes, with no visible shimmer to them.  These sets are really such an awesome deal - you get five good shades for a really low price, and the wear for the money is exceptionally good.  I love Icing's polishes  :)

These are new, I think.  This is True Blue, Casino Green and Sunset.  They're cremes.  This pic is not really capturing the colour - only True Blue is true to life.  TB looks similar to CC Take Me To Your Chateau, except a bit more muted and greyed-out.  Casino Green is much brighter than in this pic, more like muted CC Rebel Debutante, and Sunset is much brighter and closer to a muted OPI Hot & Spicy.  Icing has a bunch of "dupe" sets out right now - they have an OPI Alice In Wonderland dupe set (just like Finger Paints) with an AA and MAaH wannabe glitter and a couple reds.  It looked interesting, and I may pick it up next time just so I can review it :)

Hey!  Look what London Drugs sells now!  (for the ripoff price of six bucks, boooo!)  Still, I'm friggin ecstatic to see Sinfuls in Canada, finally!  now if they would just get a better selection  :p  I will be checking every London Drugs I'm remotely near from now on though to check their selection of Sinfuls  :)  This is Pinky Glitter and Cloud 9 - pink glitter and tangerine with gold shimmer.

Sweet!  The Essie Resort collection I've been lemming so badly!  L-R: Lapis of Luxury, Turquoise & Caicos (which I showed you the other day), Playa Del Platinum and Splash Of Grenadine.  T&C is an instant favorite of mine, and I have a feeling I'll be wearing these this summer more than once.  I'm thinking of putting LOL on my toes, or even PDP - someone on the NB said they had this as their pedi and loved it.  I just love the Mediterranean feel of these colours  :)

And then of course I can't stay away from the Essie discount bin at Trade Secret  :)  This time, I found Decadent Diva and Cool-Lots.  I've had better finds.  What colour is DD exactly?  Is it a shimmery... brown?  Burgundy?  Plum?  I can't tell.  And Cool-Lots, what was I thinking?  It's SHEER!  Sure it has pretty gold shimmer, but it's so SHEER!  Maybe one day I'll find use for it, though, in case I ever actually have to look professional, god forbid  :p

Next, some boring, non-np related stuff.  Wet N Wild eyeshadow palette in Lust, and Maybelline Eyestudio palettes in Sapphire Siren and Irresistibly Ivy. I'm not going to go into detail, since this is a nail polish blog, but I've just recently started buying and wearing makeup again, particularly eyeshadow and lipgloss.  I know drugstore eyeshadows are usually a no-go, but I was sucked in by the pretty ad for these.  And the WnW palette got really good reviews on MUA, which I trust entirely too much these days  :p  I don't know - I still feel overdone and a little silly whenever I wear eyeshadow, though.

ANYWAY, back to the good stuff.

Wet N Wild Craze polishes in Morbid, Glitz, Rustic and Blackmail.  Morbid looks similar to Misa Toxic Seduction - black with teal green shimmer, and Blackmail looks like it was trying to copy ChG Fortune Teller, as it's a black with orange/copper glitter, but sadly it doesn't show up on the nail too well.

More drugstore finds: Wet N Wild Rain Check and Sparked, I finally caved and bought Rimmel Camouflage, and Cover Girl Ruby Twinkle.

And lastly, some random dollar store finds.

Two more Billies in Feeling Blue and Jovile.  Is that even a word?

Two more LA Girl Disco Brites - Phenomenon is a super-dark blackened purple jelly, and Freak is a blue-toned fushcia creme.

Some awesome awesomeness in a weird bottle with no identifiable brand or shade names.  A blue jelly with holo and hex glitter, a sparkly, glittery pink and a super shimmery orange-red with gold flash.  These smell more awful than anything you could ever imagine, as well.  They don't even smell like nail polish.  More like rotting corpse.  I don't even want to know what's in them.  Still, they are awesome, and I kind of like the ink well-style bottle.

And lastly, some more random awesomeness.  Aili Sha unnamed holo bar glitter (squee!), a pale lilac shimmer Paris Couture, some brand called Profound shimmery gold peach, and a silver with a kickass name.

Can you guess why I bought this polish?  :)

And check out the holo bar glitter!  Nice find!

So that wraps up my hauls, finally!  I haven't bought any nail polish (or anything else non-essential for that matter) since.  Okay fine, I did pick up NYX Graffiti when I was at the grocery store today, just cuz it's a long-time lemming, but other than that, I'm good for now!  I'm just going to sit here and patiently wait for my konad and BM plates to arrive, do my Zoya swap, swap the Princessas and try to wear all the polishes I've bought just recently!  I might break my no-buy for new collections if I see them, and I've already put aside $ for my Nouvelle Vague and Illusion D'Or, but other than that, I'm done! 

Oh, and I have to replace my Ruby Pumps - I gave it to my mom today for Mother's Day.  She loved her new purse full of NP that I gave her  :)  It included RP, OPI Yoga-ta Get This Blue and Blue My Mind, and Orly Plum Noir.  When she was here she was admiring my OPI What's With The Cattitude, but only for the name and cuz it matches Sid's eyes :)  She said she'd probably never wear a light blue, but it was pretty anyway.  Which means if I just gave it to her she probably would.  My mom is much more adventurous now that she's retired  :)

So I hope you all had a good Mother's Day as well, and I will be back soon with some recent NOTD's and my latest polish cataloguing project (attempt).  Love, peace and chicken grease.


  1. Such great stuff! Your beauty supply store sure has a lot of good brands. All we have here is a Sally's that never restocks.

  2. WOW, WOW, WOW! I just checked out your three posts about your massive haul all at once and all I can say is I'm OVERWHELMED and want to come help you put them away. OK?

  3. We are lucky to have Sinful in the Maritimes for $4. $6 is such a rip off but yeah, at least now you have access to the brand. Wish it could be cheaper, like in the US

  4. You had a killer haul! *jealous*
    I have never heard of Princessa before - bottles look like OPI....

    I can't believe they are selling the Sinfuls for that!! Last week, I got them for $1.99 ~ buy on get one half!!! Craziness.....

  5. oooaaaa! China Glaze Rapture. I've been looking for it, really have to find more nail polish shops around here, I've only been in Sally B's and drug stores...

    And I like the look of Icing Sunset too! I almost picked up Wet n Wild Rain Checked the other day, but passed. Sparked is super pretty though, and pretty opaque (in 3 coats) for a glitter. I might pick up two of the Revlons, but not sure yet (the peach and the darker purple).

    Nice haul!