Thursday, January 6, 2011

NOTD: GOSH Holographic

Hey y'all... no, this isn't the New Year Start-Off Post I promised, but it'll have to do...  I've been doing so much crap and running around lately :(  Blah.  Plus I'm working the weirdo freaky on-set hours next week (Hellcats this time) so you probably won't hear from me for a few days then... not that that's unusual....

Anywho, who watched Jersey Shore tonight? /guiltily raises hand.  I hate myself for being so addicted to this show :p

Okay, enough,  Here's a couple of the worst pics in the world of GOSH Holographic:
Ain't she purdy?  It was kind of a streaky PItA to apply, but all was smooth after four(!) coats.  I used so much of the bottle though :(  Also, this is with no topcoat.  Topcoat diminishes the holo.  Hence the chip on my index finger :(  Please to ignore.
Now, as far as your silver holos go, this is very holo.  Very very holo.  Holo-er than ChG OMG, I'd say, although I can't find my pic of that at the mo...  I don't own Nfu-Oh 61 (yet) but I hear this is very similar to this.  What I DO have to compare it to is (equally crappy pics of) OPI SRO (Standing Room Only) Silver:

As you can see, I'd say SRO is a tiny bit more scattered - less linear and smooth than Holographic.  I honestly don't know which one I like better...  They are both gorgeous, though.  And obnoxiously hard to find :(  I brought in my bottle of Holographic to Shopper's Drug Mart, where they sell the rest of GOSH's line (everything except Holographic and Rainbow.  the two coolest ones. The eff?) and asked the SA if she knew the deal with the availability, and apparently we might start seeing Holographic in Canada?  Don't quote me on that, though - some SA's have no idea what they're talking about...  I had a lady at a salon downtown tell me that Zoya folded as a company and doesn't make polishes anymore XD I just bit my tongue.

Oh, what the hale - here's a bonus polish that I love, but hate on me:
Essie Mint Candy Apple.  So pretty, but:
Do.  Not.  Want.  Clearly not the best with my skintone :(  Which is sad, because I love mint green, I love blue-tinged cool colours, and Essie's formula wears like no other on me.  But this polish and me were clearly not meant to be...  *wipes tear.  And yet, I can't bear to swap it away.  Le sigh.

That's all for now, guise.  Back later with more.

PS: We're filming a wedding scene over the three days next week on Hellcats, I think.  Wonder what np I should wear? :p


  1. I love GOSH Holographic as well =)
    And I don't think you have lobster hands! Though we are always harder on ourselves than anyone else!

  2. I'll take your Mint Candy Apple off your hands, if you don't want it anymore. ;) LOL